This was posted 11 months 10 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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10% off Apple eGift Cards - Variable Load ($500 Max) @


Not as good as the 15% one previously but might be of interest.

10% off variable load Apple eGift Cards. Offer available from 12/7/23 9am. Limited Time Only. No rainchecks.

Maximum order value $2,500. One order per customer. No order refunds provided. Refer to the ordering gift card T&C’s.

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    Can I buy an iPhone with these at the online Apple store?

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      • Cool!

      • Anyone know what it says on the invoice when paying via gift cards ?

        Ie can you still salary package or tax deduct ?

        • I've bought a Macbook using gift cards loaded into my Apple account.
          I can go online and see that that's how I paid but the invoice shows nothing about payment method, just a total invoice amount.

          • @kdsauer: does it show GST amount?
            I the past i think Apple invoice don't show GST

            • @B612: Yes it shows GST, and I'm pretty sure all the tax invoices I've got from Apple have showed it.

        • The invoice I got for my iPhone 14 last year says credit card.
          No problems with salary sacrifice.

      • how does it work

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          Add GC to your Apple account balance at any time. If you're getting a phone, you might need to buy multiple lots of discounted/promo GC.

          In the Apple Store app, add phone to cart and when you get to the payment screen, apply your Apple account credit to the order.

  • so, can i stack these into an apple edu acc and get discount?

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    Can I use these to pay the man from Microsoft that called me to tell me I have a virus?

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      Can I use these to pay the man from Microsoft that called me to tell me I have a virus?

      Sir, they must be scammers! I am from Microsoft and will assist you to clear out your PC (and bank account). Please let me know your contact number and I will transfer you to my accounts team. (- ‿◦ )

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        are they indian sound ?

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      No, NO you don’t have to do that! You don’t have to redeem!

  • How many gift cards can you stack for Apple Online Store? Might save em for the new iPhone.

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      Wanting to know this aswell.. Is there a max..?
      Also, might gamble and wait for a 15-20%.. does that ever happen?

      • Just read the note on the page. I guess you just load it up on your account meaning no limit? Sounds similar to how you load up gift card to your Amazon account and use for future purchases.

        About these gift cards

        The Apple Gift Card can be used two ways: To purchase products at the Apple Store, bring this email to any Apple Store location before redeeming your gift card. For online purchases, go to to add to your Apple Account Balance.

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          There's a limit of $4999 in you Apple Account Balance in Australia

      • Added the note below.

        How often does that happen though? We're two months away from the new one yeah?

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          Usually the supermarkets (Coles & Woolworths) do a 20x flybuys/everyday rewards points promo on Apple Gift Cards about a month or so before the new iPhone comes out.

        • Yeah cool.
          Just remember seeing a 15% somewhat recently. Think I might get a decent amount now and then price match (Maybe) when new one drops.
          Gambling on that USB C charging tho.

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            @Zuelly: 10% or 20x flybuys (basically the same thing) is usual. 15% is rare but was once earlier this year.

            The other way is to buy ultimate/tcn gift cards when they are 15% off and go buy Apple Cards at JB with them. TCN do 15% off in December.


            • @rpb: Ahh I see, thank you. I think I might do these. Or I might try pricematch at Officeworks as someone else here has mentioned.


              • @Zuelly: No worries. Officeworks will only be different if you want a physical card. Officeworks block payment with Ultimate Home gift cards so you can’t stack the discounts (can’t do Cardception)

                  • @Zuelly: They work at JB but NOT at Officeworks. Officeworks blocks them from buying gift cards (which the Apple Card counts as), I have experienced that.
                    So you can buy those for the effective discount of 13% and go to JB and turn them into Apple Cards (I have comments in that deal about that).

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      You can add your gift cards to your Apple Store balance which bypasses gift card limits

      • Cheers

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        just to remind everyone the online balance can only be used online, not in-store

        • A little silly, isn’t it?! Sucks if you want to price match in store

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            @JutakuHome: I heard you can use your balance to price match over the phone. I've never personally done it.

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              @legelas: You can. Apple will only price match up to 10% off, though.

              • @VantageXL: Does price matching apply on Apple Education too?

        • You can go into the Apple Store & use their computers to buy their products. I went into the Perth store & used my online apple balance & my credit card to purchase the Mac Studio. I didn’t have enough in my Apple account & couldn’t work out how to do it online with my credit card as well.
          One of the staff assisted me.

      • I think the limit for that is A$5k which should be sufficient for most.

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      Not need of stacking, just redeem in your Apple account which works as single amount :)

    • As many as you like, but only 8 cards max on each purpose.

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    Can I use the credit to pay for a maintenance service? I'm booked for a battery change next week.

    • best to call the apple store and let us know :)

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      You can but you have to take the code in. Do NOT redeem in into your apple account you can’t use that instore

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        This is the correct answer. I did this a couple of months ago.

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        Thank you!!

      • Yep, I've made that mistake before. Now I always keep a card spare for these situations

        • Apple support can unredeem them but it takes time

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    Just bought $1500 Ultimate GCs from Coles this morning ($1725 value) to be converted to Apple GCs.. this would have been so much less hassle, but I guess still $52.5 more value than this :)

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      how to convert? Thanks.

      • You can go to JB Hi Fi and buy Apple GCs using the Ultimate GCs as payment methods, but I think you will need the VISA version and not eftpos. There's a lot of useful information here;

        • You can use the eftpos version of Ultimate Kids, Teens and Home gift cards instore at JB Hi-Fi, but I have not seen any of those stocked anywhere for a long time now.

          • @WookieMonster: Hey @WookieMonster (gift card legend) have you ever let JB do split payments for gift cards?
            Like a thought about below:
            I was going to buy two $100 and try to buy $230 of cards from JB and ask them to do split payment but thought they may get sus doing split payment on a gift card purchase

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              @rpb: I used multiple physical TCN cards at JB Hi-Fi to buy a single Apple gift card and they didn't care but some overzealous staff members might. You can always just try again later.

              • @VantageXL: Thank you Sir

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                @VantageXL: Oh yeah cause my other idea is to buy the $200 of ultimate cards using a $200 shopback grocery card that I buy with my Westpac card for $190 ;)

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              @rpb: Yep, a few weeks ago, I was able to purchase an Apple gift card using two Ultimate gift cards at two different JB Hi-Fi stores, and neither of the staff members serving me had any issues with split payments.

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      Don’t worry, your time is free. Or, perhaps, roughly $52.50 per hour

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        Haha, that's more than what my job pays!

    • which one exactly did you buy? There are so many version of Ultimate GCs i.e. Ultimate Everyone, Ultimate Home, Her, His etc.

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        I bought Ultimate Home, as it had Officeworks included in case I decided to buy something else as that would have 5% price beat on top :)

        • So this 15% bonus value is only applicable if you purchase from Coles. I just tried to purchase online from Ultimate GCs website and can't see any 15% bonus. Sorry for asking this as I never purchased these cards before.

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            @usmanhafeez2000: Yep - must be instore.

          • @usmanhafeez2000: Yeah that's right, it's in store only and bonus is loaded upon activation (once you pay) instantly. The variable load is not on offer. I was actually told that the Ultimate Home $100 isn't included in the offer by the self-checkout person because it wasn't in the catalogue but I can confirm it is as the value was loaded onto the card upon activation

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        Get the ultimate Home, people were having issues with some other card not getting the bonus 15%

    • Let me know how you go. I was going to buy two $100 and try to buy $230 of cards from JB and ask them to do split payment but thought they may get sus doing split payment on a gift card purchase

      • I've decided to just use these Gift Cards at Officeworks instead, for example price matching an item, which I think would work out even cheaper than going to Apple directly.

        I will however also buy some of this 10% deal and just load that onto my Apple account

        • Officeworks won't let you buy Apple cards with the Ultimate cards or that would have been the best cardception to use the discounted Ultimate to price match this at Officeworks.

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    Is this website safe?

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      I can check the codes before you redeem if you want.

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        thank you for your service

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        My dumb ass was thinking, "oh, how does he do that?? what a kind person". 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣

    • Interested to know on this as well.

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        Yes it’s trustable I bought two $500 gift cards in 21 March, the card delivered through email within 10 minutes. I used it for an iPhone 14 purchase through Apple Store.

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      It’s Coles.

    • The money came out from Coles, so I wonder if they're backing this company.

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        Not backing, it IS Coles.

  • Can you purchase multiple to get to $2,000?

    The credit is actually with Apple right? So it doesn't matter if goes under?

    Daughter is looking to buy a MacBook Air soon. She's sort of holding out for M3 but her 2015 MacBook is on it's last leg probably can't wait till next year.

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      Redeem cards on your apple account. Buy online.

      • You mean redeem the gift cards immediately? So that the balance in an Apple account?

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          That's what I did last time to have $3500 in my Apple account waiting for me to use.

          • @6828: Yeap. This. I have $2k+ sitting for the iPhone 15 when it comes out

            • @Larsson: There's a limit of 8 Apple GC at their education store checkout.

              If you have redeemed GC to your Apple ID, there will be an option to pay with that?

              So you can workaround the 8 GC limit?

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                @browser: Yes, you can have up to $4999 in your Apple Account Balance.

                You can redeem a maximum of 8 Apple gift cards in one transaction.

                You can however, combine this with other payment methods, with the following combinations accepted in one transaction;

                Apple Gift Card(s) – up to eight
                Apple Gift Card(s) – up to eight + one credit card
                Apple Gift Card(s) – up to eight + Apple Account Balance
                Apple Gift Card(s) – up to eight + Apple Account Balance + one credit card
                Apple Account Balance + one credit card
                You cannot use Apple Pay to pay the difference if you redeem Apple Gift Cards or use your Apple Account Balance in the transaction


  • will we be able to buy iphone15 with these

    • Yes

    • +3

      15, 16, 17… Apple Gift Cards don’t expire

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