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LG OLED EVO G3 4K UHD TV + LG SN4 Soundbar 65" $3564.60, 55" $2940.60, 77" $5436.60, 83" $7074.60 + Delivery @ Harvey Norman


Price after 22% of same brand TV and soundbar deal which ENDS TODAY. Cheapest these G3 models have ever been according to OzBargain and price trackers. Price also includes an LG SN4 2.1 Channel 300W Soundbar with DTS Virtual:X and AI Sound Pro currently also on sale for $275 ($RRP345). C&C also available for those who can fit these in their vans.

The 65" is the main link in the post. Links for the other sizes:

Unfortunately had to post Gerry instead of JB as these are all conveniently unavailable when the 22% off with soundbar deal is active. Definitely not a coincidence. Actually check the stock in most major cities and you will see this.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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    Haha so true OP.

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    Both JB and TGG have the same deals and the 55 is cheaper than HN. I can’t recall when JB finishes their deal but TGG finishes today.

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      It stated end 16/07 but still showed on their website.

  • Is this worth buying ? I haven’t gone outside the realm of a 65”$1500 TV before.

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      yes. bought the G2 recently and its well worth it

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    Just be aware 83" G3 is not MLA where as other sizes G3 are MLA tech.

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      What's MLA?

      Ignore, Googled it.

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      Excellent point, hold firm, OLED is getting better and better, slowly. In a few years I reckon they'll be completely safe to buy and avoid burn in entirely.

      (If they put out more brightness 'for free' with stuff like MLA, then the actual panel itself is less likely to be driven as high and less likely to burn in)

      • Not really honestly, if you look at OLED five years ago to now, these new MLA panels are the only real noticeable upgrade. They’ll never be safe from burn in as it’s inherent to the panel type (and with the increased brightness they’re likely to get worse not better)

        MiniLED screens are almost doubling their zone counts year on year, soon there won’t be any reason to get an OLED anymore

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          One reason not to buy a MiniLED is that they use twice as much power to run than an OLED.

          • @omblygombly: Rtings show the power consumption of the QN90B and the C2 as being near identical.

        • I can't stand LED panels. (fine for my PC but not my TV)
          I'll only go MicroLED and that is easily 10 years from the living room.

          My plasma might have 2 to 5 left in it at best, she's turned 10 this year.

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          And don’t forget the crapware these TVs come with, the egregious collection and abuse of private information and usage data (they have always-on microphones and front-mounted cameras), and sell and share what they collect however and wherever, to whoever they like.

          Not to mention On screen displays large enough to be read fr miles away, endless popup annoyances, and more malicious apps than you can poke a zuck at, waiting in the appstore.

          • @resisting the urge: This isn't a concern for me, I wouldn't ever consider using a TV without hooking a 'proper device' up to it, rather than the built in junk. I've heard too many bad stories.

            • @hamwhisperer: They actually make it very hard to do this. They want you, your clicks, and they want them all the time.

              Popups, updates, data services- all are withheld unless you agree to their desire to slurp

        • Unfortunately no Led tech will be able to match the contrast to OLED.
          As OLED has control over each pixel (8 million) whereas other Led TV has control over certain number of zones.

          The only tech which is comparible is Microled which is again individual pixel control.

          • @Bleach: Theoretically yes, but practically we are pretty close to the point where people won’t be able to tell the difference. TV’s like the TCL QM8 are getting universal praise with 2500 zones, showing that we’ll get OLED like black performance on LEDs long before we’ll get LCD brightness on OLEDs

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    Is it worthwhile to upgrade from g2?

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      No id wait for the g4 or better tech

      • lmao

    • No, the only difference you would note is the brightness and less reflections from the screen. I normally use them in Cinema mode as I found it too bright anyway, G2 is plenty bright, unless you are putting your TV in a super bright room, then yes, you may consider it otherwise you don't need to upgrade.

  • Really tempted to upgrade from a GX. Anyone with one of these able to comment on whether the ads on this is as infuriating after a few updates?

    One of the examples is on the Youtube app, the LG AI pops up with suggestions to shows in other apps. Obviously they take away the focus so if I'm just about to select something on Youtube, I would accidentally hit their suggestion instead and load another app.

    Can't believe they are trying to ram a few more cents of income on a thousands of dollars purchase.

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    LG G3 or Samsung S95C?

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      S95C 77 drops to about 5100 when on sale. Id geab that

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      LG because of Dolby Vision support.

  • Checked JB and you can still get it. Also can stack discounted gift cards so no deal for Harvey Normal

    • Can get the 77" deal from my local JB in Perth for $5,440 still. Will wait till BF to hopefully see the price hit 5K.

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    anyone know if the tv stand is included with the 65 inch?

    • What's In The Box?

      1x LG G3 4K OLED evo Ai ThinQ Smart TV
      1x Wall Bracket
      1x Remote
      AA Batteries
      1x Quick Setup Guide
      1x Warranty Card
      1x TV Safety Strap
      1x IR Blaster Cable
      (TV stand supplied in separate box)

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      Yes, i just bought from JB and also paid for their wall mounting service only to find out it comes with the stand when they delivered it. The stand comes in a separate box. The TV box just has the wall mount kit in it.

      • thank you

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      I got the 65 from JB with this deal last week - stand was shipped separately, but included in the purchase.

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      originally the G series didn't come with a stand but recently they seem to be shipping both which is handy

  • Does the tv stand give the tv a slant backwards ? Just purchased and seems like it is

  • Went to JB, looked at G3 and picture seems unnatural, cartoon-like and almost garish (it was showing some scenes from the recent Tom Hanks movie on Apple TV+).

    Is this some in-store hyper-saturated display mode? Or is this just what OLED in general (or LG OLED in particular) looks like?

    Some of the much cheaper QNED ones looked more to my taste in the store, but hesitant to jump without understanding why everyone seems to love OLED.

    • My understanding is TV's on display in stores generally make the colours pop as much as possible to make it look more appealing to the average buyer. Once you get the TV you can set it to a mode that is more colour accurate

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    Not sure if this tv has the same issues but I love getting a pixel cleaning message that goes for one hour before I sit down to play.

    Wish I never got an OLED their dog shit.

    • lmao

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      That would also really sick if you need a quick bat

  • If I could sell my 77" C2 for a good price I would jump on it! Very good TV!

  • Can I confirm that this TV has a stand included?

    I've been reading some reviews and they all say that this TV is designed for "wall mounting" and does not include a stand, and the stand is "sold separately"

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    When is the best time to buy oled tv usually? Black friday?

  • "C&C also available for those who can fit these in their vans."

    what does the above mean?

    • It means some of the sizes are quite large and would be difficult to transport to your home yourself from the store with standard vehicles. Not anything about the actual product, just a suggestion.

  • Merged from LG G3 Order Rejected by Harvey Norman

    Anyone had their LG G3 order cancelled from Harvey Norman yesterday? It was on special with a soundbar 22% off.

    So, I bought a 65 inch TV LG G3.

    When I bought it yesterday it had an email saying it was being reviewed, and today morning it said the order was rejected.

    Tried calling and live chat they referred me to a security.online harvey normal email.

    • Try calling a local branch to place order? Could just be a security issue.

      • would they still honour the original prices of the order? since the sale is over now

      • I would agree with going in to a store. If you made your purchase IN the sale period then hopefully they can still honour it, but it depends on so many factors.
        For example, did they give you a reason why it was rejected? Perhaps they ran out of stock, which wouldn't surprise me with such a crazy sale, and often you'll find conditions to the effect of "While stocks last".

        • In this instance your request to purchase has not been accepted and in accordance with section 5 (9) of our terms and conditions.

          5.(9) Harvey Norman Online may, in its sole and absolute discretion, accept or reject any offer made by you for any reason (or no reason), including an error in the advertised price for, or description of, the products on the website, or an error in your Order.

          • @Saints: That sucks!!
            You weren't applying for finance and got knocked back or something like that I presume?
            Short of any other reason they've failed to specify that's just poor form. May still be the case that they ran out of stock but I'd have thought they'd just say that if that were the case.

            • @ansible: There is plenty of stock everywhere when i got denied.

              I paid using Amex with a 30K credit limit on it with a valid address.

              My funds were authorised.

              No finance at all but i asked again to give me a more specific reason and they did not bother to reply

              • @Saints: Wow I'm really sorry to hear that :(
                In that case they're just a-holes then.
                I have a friend who swears by HN however I've never personally been a big fan of them.
                I recently cashed in on this same deal at JB, because even though HN were giving a 22% discount, once you added extended warranty on they actually became more expensive by a couple hundred bucks.

                There will be other sales, just gotta jump in quick without hesitation. And avoid HN 🥴

                • @ansible: Yeah il do my best to avoid them now. hopefully there is a deal soon on those g3

  • Hey guys - wanting to buy a stand off anyone for the 65"

    Ordered it through Harvey Norman and the stand never came - constantly getting ping ponged between LG and HN as to who is organising a replacement. It's been a month and still nothing.

    Decided to ask around here to see if anyone, who mounted their TV, who perhaps want their stand to me - I don't think my stand is ever coming.

    I regularly drive between inland QLD to Brisbane QLD so anywhere around that I can come pick it up.

    Know it's a long shot but please feel free to DM me if you're interested.

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