This was posted 8 years 8 months 5 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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10x AAA Hobbyking Turnigy LSD 900mAh $15.89 USD Delivered


They're back in stock. They don't last long so grab them if you need them. Some people say these are near as good as Sanyo Eneloops. I personally find my Turnigy LSD batteries are as good as my eneloops.

Prices are as follows. Shipping cost is based on weight and explains the jump in price from 15-16 units.

10 9.9 5.99 1.59 15.89
15 14.85 6.99 1.45 21.84
16 15.84 9.99 1.61 25.83
26 25.74 9.99 1.25 32.73

They ship from HK and pay-pal is accepted.

Thanks to Steptoe here are the shipping costs based on weight so you can mix and match AA and AAA.

- - -
International Air Mail($40 limit) 0 - 100gr $2.99
International (Registered) Air Mail 101-200g $5.99
International (Registered) Air Mail 201-300g $6.99
International (Registered) Air Mail 301-500g $9.99
International (Registered) Air Mail 501-750g $14.99
International (Registered) Air Mail 751g - 1kg $17.95
International (Registered) Air Mail 1.5kg $23.59

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    10 9.9 5.99 1.589 15.89
    15 14.85 6.99 1.456 21.84
    16 15.84 9.99 1.614375 25.83
    26 25.74 6.99 1.258846154 32.73

    Does not seems right. Why is shipping fee for 16 is 9.99 while 26 is 6.99?

  • intended as reply … sorry

  • Thanks I got 13 AAA's & 7 AA's for AU$34.14 delivered.

  • BTW, some people day (sic) it's "They're back in stock"… :-p

  • Mass based costing, in case you want to mix AA and AAA.

    International Air Mail ($40 limit) 0 - 100gr $2.99
    International (Registered) Air Mail 101-200g $5.99
    International (Registered) Air Mail 201-300g $6.99
    International (Registered) Air Mail 301-500g $9.99
    International (Registered) Air Mail 501-750g $14.99
    International (Registered) Air Mail 751g - 1kg $17.95
    International (Registered) Air Mail 1.5kg $23.59

  • typical.. just bought the 4xAAA eneloops for $9.95 (plus 4xAA)!

  • Was about to post when I saw you already did… good deal, have been waiting for them to come back on stock. And like others I was about to pull the trigger on the eneloops from shopping sqaure - lucky!

  • How high will this get you, and how long will the high last for?

  • Thanks! Just ordered 10 AAA and 6 AA for US$29.43 delivered

  • But isn't this their regular price, thus not a bargain?

    • Yeah but they always run out quick so worth the post for many people.. Besides, it is a bargain when compared with eneloops.

  • I've bought a of bunch these very recently and am in the process of testing them with my new BC-700 charger/analyser.

    They are rated at 900mAh, and i'm getting numbers around the 920-960mAh mark in general.

    I've also got some eneloops - they're rated at 750mAh but i haven't tested them to the same degree.

    I do wonder whether the extra money i paid for the eneloops was really worth it. Maybe, maybe not.

    • i have a maha mh-c9000 charger (similar to your bc-700) and all my turnigys test at above there rated power, both AA and AAA's. there good stuff :)

  • Can I use my old NiMH battery charger on these? I don't see why not, can anyone tell me otherwise?

    • They are 1.2V NiMH.
      Yes - it will charge them.

      Not to be confused with the 3.7V Li-ion rechargeables - they'll need a different charger.

    • People've said, if it's not a smart charger then you run the risk of overcharging your batteries.

      Batteries being overcharged have one or more of the following problems:
      - do not get to charge as many times
      - hold less charge

  • Not a deal, its normal price for these.

  • I placed an order and can see a buddy code next to the order.

    BuddyPrice Code
    Want to get a refund of $0.30 for this product?
    Send the code below to any of your friends, and if they use the code when adding the item to their cart they will pay only $0.69 plus you will get a refund of $0.30!

    Just copy the code above and send it to your friends!
    Your friends must create an account and be logged in to use the code.

    BuddyCode valid for 14 days after payment received.
    Discount amounts and prices may change without notice.

    Not sure if it works for just qty of 1 or multiple. Might interest those who's yet to order.

  • I'm still waiting on the soldering iron i ordered on 30th May.

    • +1
      I'm close to cancelling the order…..

    • 3 weeks later. H.K. support finally said they accepted my payment from Paypal…wow how slow can they be. Cancelling order now as they said they will order it from their warehouse. Which I assume will take another 3 months.

  • just so everyone knows, these batteries seem to perform well and do last a long time without a charge. Haven't had any issue with these batteries :)

    • I recently tested 4 of them and had one suspect one, time will tell how it will perform as it ages.
      So if bying 10 units I imagine you will loose one.. Too expansive to ship back, so you just wear it.

      • I ordered 26 last time, and they sent 27.

      • my last order was for 22 batteries (17 AAA's and 5 AA's) and every one tested a couple of percent above stated rating. im not sure your "loose 1 in 10" thing is realistic. did you test that one cell again to make sure it wasnt something causing a random error with your charger?

      • My previous order (first one) was for 26 AAA's they all tested to be at least 5% over the rated capacity in a BC700.

        • Maybe I got unlucky, I repeated the test-charge test with the Lecross charger. Battery kept on charging past the spec, all others were perfect. Just sharing feedback dude, no need for -ve feedback ;-)

        • Yeah no matter how good a product is bad ones can always pop up, it's unfortunate you got a bad one, and yeah giving real user feedback is no reason for someone to neg you , I've evened it up for ya.

  • I've been ordering the LSD's for years. Back in the 2200mAh days, the 2300mAh days and lots of new 2400mAh (for AAs, think the AAAs were 700 and 800). Reckon must be way more than 100 for myself and for friends. All perform rock solid. Maybe a couple of the years and years old ones have failed and I probably shorted them out, over charged them, stored them flat, sunk them in water and crashed them into the ground. Awesome performance.

  • Thanks for the heads up OP, these are great!
    Just ordered some now.

  • already had a stack of AAA's from a while back, needed more AA's tho. fitted with 3 grams spare in the bag :)

    17x Turnigy AA LSD 2400mAh Low Self Discharge (ready to use) = $27.03
    8x Turnigy AAA LSD 900mah Low Self Discharge (ready to use) = $7.92

    International (Registered) Air Mail 501-750g $14.99

    Total: $49.94