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Thermalright Phantom Spirit 120 SE Twin Tower 2x120mm 7 Heat Pipe AM5/LGA1700 CPU Cooler $53.29 Delivered @ suomol via Amazon AU

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Close to all time low for the best value twin tower dual fan air cooler - Noctuafanboy confirms it was cheaper on Prime Day
Incredible value compared to Noctua, be quiet and Cooler Master
See previous deal comments here including the differences over the Peerless Assassin

Heatsink Specifications:
Intel:LGA115X/1200/1700, AMD:AM4/AM5
Dimension:L110 mm x W125 mm x H154 mm
Heat pipes:6mm heatpipe x 7 units
Copper Base:C1100 Pure copper nickel plated


TL-C12B V2 FAN Spec:
Dimension:L120 mm x W120 mm x H25 mm
Rated Speed:1500 RPM±10% (MAX)
Noise Level:25.6 dBA
Air Flow:66.17 CFM (MAX)
Air Pressure:1.53 mm H2O (MAX)
Ampere:0.20 A
Connector:4 Pin (PWM Fan connector)
Bearing Type : S-FDB Bearing

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +2

    Bought this on the last listing and it's been cooling my 5700x very well. I don't get above 75C even at full load. It's up there with my D15 at a third of the price.

    • Same.

      Highly recommended for the price.

      Cooling my 7600X adequately.

    • Are you using PBO on your 5700x? How many watts are you at?

  • +10

    Not all time low, both argb and black have been lower during prime day sales: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/786979

    Still an absolutely great value product though.

  • +1

    would be all over this if i didnt have a D14 with arctic p12 fans on it already

  • Great cooler and a great seller. Suomole has been great when I had some issues with one of the brackets.

  • Better price and value than deep cool AK620.

  • Running my 7950x with this cooler and it keeps it at fair temps when gaming and doesn't throttle.

  • +1
  • 7700X here, keeps it at a solid 89deg while stress testing.

    • I give S for the price…it keeps mine 7900x at 89 (Oc), 69(undervolt) at stress testing and it is quite.

  • The D15 and the peerless assassin have 6 heat pipes, this has 7 heat pipes, so Noctua are coming out with 8 heat pipes:


    • +2

      Ah yeah, required because of the position of the CCX's in moddern chips.
      They also have new brackets coming out for AM5 that moves current gen coolers down a few mm's so the existing heatpipes are over the CCX in Ryzen chips.
      Pretty clever those folks.

      • They provide free AM4/AM5 brackets if you already own a D15, only problem is you need to send the proof-of-purchase of the new CPU and then wait.

        • Yes, which is very nice of them, but I'm waiting for the specific AM5 only brackets that were shown at computex; the ones that offset the cooler on the socket.

          • @MasterScythe: We'll probably need to wait for the Thermaltake knock-off, since we're Australian and they don't ship here.

            • @bjt: Really, I'm just being lazy.
              It's a thread on a metal bar.
              A drill, dremel, and 5 minutes at bunnings could make one.

              I haven't even looked that carefully, there might be enough material in the original brackets to oval the stock holes and get 75% of the way there at no cost anyway.

              When I'm in the mood I shall try.

              • +1

                @MasterScythe: Make a dozen, put it on ebay and post it on Ozbargain. Teach those Austrians to ship to Australia.

  • Is the phantom spirit or peerless assassin the better cooler for AM5?

    • Phantom spirit may be marginally better due to additional heatpipe.

  • +1

    literally just bought the PA this morning lol. i could go through the trouble, but i don't think the difference is big enough to bother.

  • +1

    Great cooler, got the ARGB variant for $44 on amazon prime day a few weeks ago and it keeps my 7600X around 65C while being completely silent.

    • +1

      I got the PA for the same price, then this PS went on sale.

      Amazon Prime day is when you save money but still leave angry.

      • Don’t worry, there’s barely a difference between them. The extra heatpipe only gives a 2-3C improvement in temps at the same noise level but you get lower quality stock fans. $44 for a PA is still a great purchase.

        • Didn't know that.

          You know what annoys me about Prime day though, I waited for the count down, and not much was on sale, but I made some purchases, and the purchases changed to "shipping" within hours, and then the next day there was much more stuff selling.

          E.g. I purchased some SK Hynix P41's on sale, and then the following day the Samsung 990 Pro's went on sale. Oh well.

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