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Aeropress Amazon.com $26.32 AUD + $11.13 Shipping (or $25.95 USD + $10.97 Shipping)


Seen this deal around for a while so thought it's time to share it around.

You can save even more by buying more than one or combining with other items.

Total for one unit in AUD on Amazon for $37.45 including delivery

  • 1 unit for: 26.32 + 11.13
  • 2 units for: 52.65 + 16.18
  • 3 units for: 78.98 + 21.23
  • 4 units for: 105.30 + 26.28

Total for one unit in USD on Amazon for $36.92 including delivery (converts to $36.0360 AUD on www.xe.com)

  • 1 unit for: 25.95 + 10.97
  • 2 units for: 51.90 + 15.95
  • 3 units for: 77.85 + 20.93
  • 4 units for: 103.80 + 25.91

Aerobie 80R08 AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker

Product Packaging: Amazon Frustration-Free

Unique coffee/espresso maker uses total immersion and gentle pressure to produce coffee with extraordinarily rich flavor
Makes American style coffee or an espresso-style shot perfect for use in lattes or cappuccinos
Because of the lower temperature and short brew time, the acid level of the brew is much lower than conventional brewers
Micro-filtered coffee so pure and particle-free that it can be stored for days as a concentrate
Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

Combine the Aeropress with the following coffee grinder for an amazing coffee experience:

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    How is the coffee taste like?


      I'll let others comment on this as I don't own one just yet although some espresso drinkers have described the taste as "the coffee tastes like it smells".


      Much better than Plunger, Pod machine, …
      Much better brew than a poorly pulled shot from a commercial machine.
      I have used one in the office for about 3-4 years.

      It is a little picky on the coffee.
      The more expensive vittoria in the bright orange wrapper over extracts/poorer shot than the cheaper vittoria in the bronze/brown wrapper.

      Definitely beats pod machines.

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        real friends don't let friends use supermarket coffee.


          I've been experimenting with loads of different brands of coffee for my breville smart grinder - both supermarket and in house roasted coffee, plus organic coffee. The best recults so far have been with Lavazza Oro beans. Can be bought at your supermarket or greengrocer.


          Lazazza certainly doesnt work in this IMHO…

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    I also came across a good deal for a steel filter (coava disc) which can be used with Aeropress. The steel filter allows more coffee oils into the extraction (to achieve a more espresso-like extraction).

    As soon as I find the best deal for the steel filter I'll post it up.

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    This is a good deal on these……however, as a longtime owner of these I do find them a TAD overrated.

    The thing that people overlook with these is that REGARDLESS of how you try and make the coffee you'll always end up trapping the vast majority of any oils you extract from the grinds IN THE GRINDS when you push the coffee out. This is because the liquid goes out the bottom of the Aeropress…..oils are lighter than water and so sit on top of the brew whilst its inside the press and then when you flip it go to the top….and get pushed through LAST right into the big wedge of grinds.

    Plunger/french press is MUCH superior for domestic use as the oils go to the top and you get the vast majority of them.

    You don't have to be a rocketscientist to realise that the Areopress and plunger/frenchpress work on very similar lines so all things being equal should deliver similar results.

    FWIW most people have BAD perceptions of plunger coffee as it's widely utilised but almost ALWAYS done very badly….e.g stale supermarket coffee that was ground for espresso machine usage, water TOO HOT!!!!, left to steep too long and also too much water used(over-extraction = bitterness)!!!!

    Use a proper coarse grind (on demand of course), ~90-95 degree water and steep for 2mins or under, plus use less water for the extraction but instead top up with hot water AFTER and you'll have a much better french press….which can give almost as good an extraction as espresso but without the hassles etc.

    IMHO the Aeropress (which I used with a coava disk and retired several yrs ago) is best as a travel coffee maker. Decent plunger when used properly whips it for home use. :-)


      Thanks, I often wondered what all the fuss was about with these. Now I know I can just stick with the small plunger I already have - you just saved me 40 bux lol.

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      Mate, you failed rocketscience.
      The plunger/french press strains the water from the grounds at standard atmospheric pressure.
      The aeropress is a large syringe pushing a pocket of air on top of the water (and thus the water, under considerable pressure) through the grounds.

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        yep. pressure plus the air pushing the remaining oils out the bottom of the filter mean it's nothing like a french press. Although Nikko's tips about plunger use are good tips if you're keen on a plunger coffee.

        Aeropress has convenience, ease of use, ease of clean up, and cheapness all going for it on top of the great tasting coffee.

        ps: don't use pre-ground supermarket coffee. Buy a burr grinder, grind fresh daily from beans from a local roaster.


        Hmmmm I do think this is a tad semantic - in that 'atmospheric' pressure vs the pressure one can reasonably apply to an aeropress really isn't going to be what I'd consider significant - especially when you compare to the 15bar pressure in an espresso machine.

        That aside, the general thoughts I've heard is that you really don't want to be squeezing every last drop out of the grounds as you'll tend to get bitterness coming through as by that point they've been well and truly 'extracted'.

        Like I said - I have an Aeropress and I like it, so I'm not saying its a POS - but the hype surrounding them I found largely based on applying proper principles to this type of extraction rather than the Aeropress having an inherent advantage in its design etc.

        I would greatly welcome an explaination from yourself or one of the below posters (who I noted with interest mentioned the 'inverted' brewing method with the AP, which I'm sorry but really only has the real advantage of not having pre-brew drip out the bottom and also minimises the grounds forming a wedge to block the extraction - its again not all it claims)….

        Umm but yes, I would welcome hearing how you feel the AP delivers superior results to a french press plunger? All other things being equal that is……

        Because as I used it and also as I theorise from memory in rough order using inverted method - the process goes a tad like this:

        1. Invert out the approx distance you want - always good to allow a fair bit more so you can 'blow' air through.
        2. Place coffee in and then pour in hot water - mix. Now the thing here is oils are released right away - and they go straight to the top, as they're lighter.
        3. Allow to steep, place your filter or coava disk on….twist on your black end bit.
        4. Flip the unit over onto whatever you want to extract it into - but INSTANTLY all the oils etc go to the TOP of the unit.
        5. Extract and blow the air through and you'll get a decent chunk of the oils, but as they're literally the LAST thing extracted a very significant portion of them don't make it through - and end up in the grounds puck.

        So inverting brewing method doesn't change this as you can only extract one way…and this will always mean the majority of the oils will be amongst the last liquids able to be ejected. I don't see how this could ever alter but welcome feedback.

        Conversely, the grinds in the frenchpress/plunger are pushed to the bottom of the vessel - meaning the oils don't get as easily trapped in them….and furthermore being at the top they're the first thing to be poured out. Again I do not see how this can alter due to the relative weights of oil/water and the mechanics of each device, BUT happy to have flaws in this idea pointed out.

        As ORIGINALLY stated this is a good deal on a good item. So lets not take this personally like you actually invented the AP yourself…..so I'd welcome a rationale discussion on why what I've said is flawed rather than just saying,"You're wrong…the AP tastes better etc."

        If nothing else as stated I completely agree that whatever works for each person is subjective but appreciate a discussion of the relative merits of each methodology. :-)


          When I do the inverted method, I follow your directions but in between step 3 & 4
          3.5: Push plunger up until you see some liquid coming through the screen, which should hopefully contain some amount of the oils

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      I beg to differ, I think the aeropress in a TAD underrated. I have two of them (home and work) and could not be happier with the results I get. I purchase 250gm of coffee a week from a local roaster and grind the beans right before use.

      I use the inverted method which leaves less oil in the puck (grinds). I also keep pushing once I reach the small air pocket at the end. I think it is far superior to a french press, even using your method above. But everyone has different tastes and perhaps yours is more suited to the french press style.


        What's the advantage of the inverted method?


          IMHO as stated the ONLY real benefits to this is that your brew won't start to drip through prior to full steeping time…..and that you don't get the PUCK of grounds forming down the bottom of the unit AS SOON….so easier & more efficient to extract.

          So to say marginally better would be generous to say the least. :-)


        I agree with marcusv. The aeropress is brilliant and I tend to use my other coffee parafernalia rarely in favour of the aeropress (except my grinder - I love my grinder, you NEED a grinder)…

        By the way, I did a bit of research when I bought it and the guy who invented it is a bit like Dyson. I believe he also invented the flying ring frisbee thing, so there you go.

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      pretty good story for a monkey. +1

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        Chuckles. Negged for commenting on Nikko's avatar and giving him a thumbs up for the info he provided. It's been emotional….


    Aeropress is brilliant.
    It's a wonderful intro to quality filter coffee and produces a wonderful brew.

    Usually retails for about $50 locally so that's definitely a good deal.


    been cheaper before according to camel


    I think it's quite good for the price.. i think it's superior to a cheap espresso machine given that you have proper control over water temp as opposed to a cheapie machine that's too cold or too hot etc
    I prefer it to standard plunger because you get a nice clean shot out of it ie no sediment
    i dont have problems pushing the coffee oils out with freshly roasted (within a few days/week) and freshly ground beans, although i havent tried the metal filter or directly compared my beans on an espresso machine so dont take that as gold.. yes old supermarket ground coffee will give you shit all oils.. but it still tastes infinitely better than instant
    i still find i can produce a much nicer, not bitter, and still full flavored coffee than the typical coffee shop can with just the aeropress

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    Need myself a good cuppa to keep me eyes focus on the bargains


    Good deal compared to Australian prices.

    But it looks like its the standard amazon price… ?



      Yes I did know this before posting. But just wanted to point out this deal as some people would have just picked up Australian for $50 without realising they could get if off Amazon for less


      I'm watching this item in camel. $25.95 is it's maximum Amazon price so while I am interested to get one at some stage, I will wait. Seems like May each year was a good time to buy (I guess US Summer) but I won't wait that long :)


        The other factor is the exchange rate though and the AUD has been slowly dropping in value in the last couple of weeks against the Euro and USD at least.


    "extraordinarily rich flavor
    Makes American style coffe"

    isn't that an oxymoron?


    I love my Aeropress. I rate this as a good deal.

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    "Combine the Aeropress with the following coffee grinder for an amazing coffee experience:

    or if you are not an OzB follower, buy the grinder for more from eBay



      and actually, is anyone as astonished as I am at some of the grinders features listed in this particular eBay auction?


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        lol. sounds like a portaloo description or something. I guess both items have brown stuff come out the bottom.


    In case anyone didn't notice, Amazon has reduced the price on the Aeropress. Don't get excited though, it is only a 26c reduction.


    $30 conical burr grinder from BigW
    $25 Aeropress from amazon
    $25 milk warmer/frother from aldi

    = Best coffee I have had in ages.