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Antler 83cm Prestwick (Grey) Suitcase $159 or 24,260 Points or Points + Pay Combo, $8/1,200 Points Shipping @ Qantas Marketplace


Just picked myself up this deal through the Qantas Marketplace as I needed a new suitcase.

Price is more than reasonable compared to Strandbags etc.

Postage to Perth was an additional $8 but still a bargain in my opinion.

Other Antler bags are also on sale though it would appear each has their own pricing.

Grey is the cheapest option in large, next being Kahki for a few duckets more.

Points and pay might be an option for those people wanting to bring the price down even further.

Weight 3.2kg
Packing capacity 122L
Padded top and side handle for extra comfort
Protective corner guard
TSA combination lock
Lifetime warranty (previously 10 years)

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    This links to the large I think (83cm) for $159.

    The medium (71cm) is $139 and the cabin (55cm) is also $139.

    • Thanks, fixed the size on the title

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    Damn, just paid $280 for the delsey one.

    • +1

      Which Delsey one?

      • Brochant 2.0 78cm.

  • Beat me to it, I bought the medium grey last week. Recieved a couple of days ago. Really good quality luggage. Way better quality than a strandbags bag.

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    This is an excellent price for what it is. It’s usually around $200 - $230 when it is on sale. (RRP is close to $400 but obviously nobody should/would pay that much).

  • Over 2kg for cabin size, is this on the heavy side?

    • +1

      most cabin size wheelers are 2 to 3kg

    • I havent been able to find a good carry-on myself which is about 1.5kg.
      There's one store, July, but they are too expensive. They do have a store; the lightest carry-on isn't the best design and still 1.8kg.

      • I have the Samsonite 72 Hours, 1.5kg and a great bag, but it's only 2 wheels… and I'm not sure you can get them anymore.

    • My bigger suitcase is 2.8 kg and cabin sized is 1.8kg. I’d say anything under 2kg for cabin sized is a win.

    • Yes considering it's a soft case. Would prefer hard case at 2.2 kg for cabin.

  • -7

    Literally just got one of these for free off Facebook marketplace last night

    • +8

      Probably been used to import drugs

  • -1

    Ugly design

    • +7

      That would be positive, to deter unwanted attention.

      • +6

        Back in the days, a certain well funded demographic would fly over to Europe to do their luxury bags shopping. And when they run out of space to take everything back home, they would purchase a luggage from the luxury bag shop as well. No prizes for guessing whose luggage would often go missing.

        • Well funded demographic…are you referring to Boomers?

          • @gud2cu: I would rather not confirm or deny who they are as that’s not the point. It’s just to convey that a certain group of people did it and they may not be considered as mainstream relative to the general population.

  • -4

    The large one measures 83 x 46.5 x 31cm for a total of 160.5cm. Qantas (as well as other airlines) consider anything exceeding 158cm oversized. I doubt check-in staff would get finicky with a tape measure over 2.5cm, but not sure it's worth the risk.

    • +1

      I usually fly with a bigger total dimension than this and no issues.

    • +2

      My suitcase is as big if not bigger than this and when i first got it. I thought they may pull me up on this. But many flights later all they care about was that i conform to the weight limit.

  • Great design

  • +3

    According to the antler website any purchases after 15th May 2023 come with lifetime warranty.

  • Great deal on the medium for $139! Got the older style Antler and still going strong after 7 years!

    • mine too…
      bought medium 15 years ago and still going strong

  • +4


    • Does work but no discount added

      • +6

        works on points for grey and amount on khaki

      • +1

        It takes 10% off if you pay by points.

    • -2

      Only one upvote for providing the code. Wow.

  • This or samsonite

    • same q. I have a samsonite one very happy with it!

  • One of the lightest luggage you can find on the market. I bought 2 of these back in April and took them to Japan, couldn't be happier.

  • The khaki also comes to 159 if you have Points Club Plus, I'm not seeing any additional discount on the gray one though like another poster mentioned.

    The cabin is 117 with PCP.

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    Is this 20kg luggage, or what is the capacity?

  • +1

    Your Payment has been declined
    Points payment has been declined, please contact Qantas Frequent Flyer Service Team for more details

    Does anyone know why? I tried x3 credit cards

    • Are you on points payment rather than cash (and don't have sufficient points)?

      • points + cash

    • Payment failed for me from my phone but I got it working on the computer. Also maybe try disabling any ad or popup-blockers.

    • Having the same issue, tried different browsers and devices

  • Bought one, thank you OP. It will replace a similar size one (revelation) I bought in 2014 that started to tear on the corners.

    Tried the QANTAS10 from @Downvoter, it was added but no additional discount was applied.

    • +2

      I think might only work on some colours- worked on grey for me and another member.

      Took 10% off points required which I then reduced further with points + pay.

    • +1

      Would you be able to claim warranty if you purchased the original bag in 2014? 10 Year Antler Warranty?

  • so you have to be a member in order to purchase from here. And the joining fee is $99.50 . Does any one knows if we can checkout as a guest.

  • +1

    I get my luggage from Op shops or hard rubbish collection

  • When large is available for 159$, is cabin a good deal?

    • Cabin always looks like poor value in comparison but I got it for 117 (I'm PCP but you can try the QANTAS10 code). I see it as 167 (Inc shipping) for the large and 117 for the cabin (shipping already paid via the large), I think 50 is a reasonable price difference between the two sizes.

    • +2

      Well they're not going to let you bring your large luggage onboard lol so you should really be comparing it against other cabin offerings from other decent luggage brands and you'll find that it does compare well.

  • +2

    I am wondering if this is really a large size and will be sent a medium suitcase. Cause it has been placed in the medium suitcase area of website. Also the other colour as others mentioned is priced differently (including the price before discount).
    The specs reflect a large size though.

    • The other Prestwick 'large' cases are also tagged with the medium category (and at the higher prices), so I don't think it's a problem.

      • +1

        No, if look on Qantas website the khaki one in listed in Home/Luggage/Suitcases/Large Suitcases (original price pre discount $379)
        But the grey is in Home/Luggage/Suitcases/Medium Suitcases (original price pre discount $279)

        • Good Observation. I have checked the product description of both the products(khaki vs grey) and below is what I get for both
          Weight 3.2kg
          Packing capacity 122L

          I have ordered the large in grey(comes under medium category). Fingers crossed as i need a large one for sure.

  • Thanks OP. Bought a grey and a khaki for $341.10 delivered using QANTAS10 coupon (applied only for khaki)

  • The rubber on my not very old antler wheels rotted away. Not a brand I'll be going for again.

    • +2

      Did you contact them about it given its under warranty?

      • nah I shouldve. Too late now

        • Is it over 10 years then!

          • @utsc: its in the tip. I straight up didnt think of warranty. Brain malfunction.

    • I had the same issue with an old Antler carry-on. They replaced them free of charge. Just contact them with proof of purchase etc

  • Low stock large grey

  • +3

    QANTAS10 works for Cabin Grey. Just bought Large Grey and Cabin Grey.

    • +1

      Got a Large Grey and Qantas10 worked as well 😁 Might have done it wrong but decided to do points + pay as worked out that the $/point is slightly better that way.

    • What did do to make the 10% discount work for large ?

  • Got this last week, good delivery surprisingly (not at Amazon level obviously).. The suitcase is super light for its size and if it's anything like my other Antler suitcases it'll last decades.

  • Bought 2 x mediums and one large. Thanks OP!

  • +1

    Sick of hard cases that keep cracking. Hopefully these will be better?

    • +1

      Had one of the Strandbag house brands crack, but after switching to American Tourister we haven't had a problem.(apart for cobblestones destroying wheels) Probably up to 50+ international flights and still going.

      • Now that you say that, I realised my oldest hard luggage is 9 years old now and that’s the only one that hasn’t cracked although it’s been with me every trip too - also American Tourister.

        Since then we’ve had a few other hard cases (Antler, Deslsey and they’ve cracked after one or two trips).

    • +1

      Soft suitcases are definitely better than hard suitcases.

  • Thanks Op! Got a large… now to plan a trip to use it.

  • Is the large close to max capacity for most airlines? I love Antler, but I am always pushing capacity in trips so need the biggest suitcases I can check in

    • +2

      I have never gotten pulled up on the size of luggage. Its always the weight they care about.

  • Medium and 10% off. Thank you.

    19,902 PTS

  • -1

    You have to pay 99 to join qantas to buy this?

    • +1

      You can join for free, with bp

      • Thanks mate. Didn't know that (velocity frequent)

  • +1

    Thanks op, bought one large grey used points.

  • I have bought 2 large ones (1xgrey, 1xkhaki) with around 53,000 points. Now I am thinking that I shows have paid $341 instead of around 53,000 points as I think point worth around $530 (assuming $0.01 per point)

    Is my view correct? Can I change existing order or cancel and reorder?


    • Large khaki is $189 and large grey is $159

      • Have you used 10% off code?

        • +1

          the QANTAS10 code was applied but didn't give any discount for me

          • +1

            @Hudcon: It reduces kakhi to $170 but nothing on grey

            • @ozzbargainer: How did you get $170, is this for large size? I applied the QANTAS10 code but didn't get any discount and shipping is $12, so it's $201 delivered to a Melbourne address

    • Yes that's correct. Wasn't worth using your points for. Also if you were using your points you could have used QANTAS10 code for 10% discount on the points.

      • It seems QANTAS10 code works only with points - I got large for 23xxx points delivered

  • Thanks, I bought a large grey and used 549 points to get a $3.64 discount so ended up paying $163.36 delivered, yay

  • Thank you. Good timing. Our luggage was looking a bit sad and we have an upcoming trip, so ordered 2x of the large ones.

  • +7

    Can't wait to see two dozen of these making their way round the carousel on my next trip.

  • Thanks, Khaki cabin comes down to $133 delivered with QANTAS10. Seems like a resonable price.

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