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Mounting Dream Rear Speaker Stands (Set of 2) - $99.99 Delivered @ Mounting Dream Products via Amazon AU

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I have been following them for a while and never seen this price before. They usually sell for $200+ @ Amazon AU.
They look ok and can hide the speaker cable. I am hoping they will be good for my new Samsung Q990C sound system .

About this item:

Height Adjustment - The speaker stands with extendable tube allow to adjust the height from 33" to 42" for optimum acoustics. Perfect for your home/theater entertainment system.

Come with Carpet Nails - Heavy duty speaker stands hold most speakers up to 11 lbs. Come with adjustable plastic feet and carpet nails for different floor type such as wood, cement, tile floor and carpet. Adjust the feet to level the base for better stability

Safe & Stable - 9.8" x 9.8" wide base and 4.7" x 4.7" top plate keep your speaker balanced and safe. With the adjustable speaker bracket, the floor stand can work on speakers with mounting hole up to 13 inches height

Create a Clean & Organized Look - The stands elegantly display your speakers while hiding the speaker wires with the help of the hole( 0.8“ W x 1.73" H) for cable management. Warm Tips: Our speaker stands come with multiple attachments available for speakers with different holes. Please check the speaker holes location before purchase.

US Based Customer Support - US based customer service team is always online to provide you with pre-sale & after-sale support as well as consulting service on product use and installation.If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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  • +2

    They've been overpriced for a while in Australia at least. I bought them from Amazon USA several months ago for more than this

    • +2

      Is the base sturdy enough? My current pair have weights on the bottom to keep it steady but i'm looking to replace them.

      • They do have good reviews on Amazon US/AU and can support a lot of different brand speakers. I will get to know in a few days how good they are.

      • +1

        While not cheap, these are what I bought

        Filled with sand and they're rock solid. Just unfortunately no speaker mounts like these, currently using strong double sided tape underneath the speaker

      • I've had mine for three years, they do get knocked and bumped from time to time, have a kitten that likes to jump on the speakers from the couch, but they've never fallen over.

        • Good to know, cheers.

      • The base has plenty of weight in them for my Samsung Q990C rears

      • Looking at the size of the baseplate, I had the same thought. I have some similar with a wider base spread/stance, and even they are prone to being easily tipped once speakers are speakers mounted. They definitely need to be placed well out of potential traffic zones.

  • Not cheap

  • +1

    Doesn't look like you can fill with sand to cut down reverb/vibrations?

    • +1

      No such option in these. These are meant for light weight rear speakers, upto 5kgs approx.

  • +1

    I have them and they are fine for Q950A but I wouldn't say they are exceptional, so should be fine with Q990C. Good price though!

    • +1

      I recently bought a Q930b and looking for something similar. Is it sturdy? Also, Can we run a power cable through the pipe and hide them?

      • +1

        I got these for Q930b and they are perfect with some minor aesthetics gripes. You can run the cable through the pipes to hide them - might take a little effort but doable.

      • +1

        Yes, the power cable runs through the pipe and comes out the bottom. The cables that come with the Q950T are quite short so there's not much on the other end once you've run them through the pipe. I dunno if their newer soundbars have similar length power cables.

    • +1

      Looking at these for Q950A - just wondering if they came with suitable screws or you needed to source these elsewhere - thanks!

  • +2

    Nice find, cheers op, I too have been wanting to get these for about a year, but at over $200 just was not worth it.

  • +1

    I have also been looking for stands for my new Q990C! These look suitable so I might pull the trigger.

  • +1

    HONEY price history shows that these have been $100 for the past 4 months(only shows last 4months), and maybe always have been $100.
    This appears to be their normal price

    • +3

      They are almost never in stock in Australia, these are about the best cheap speaker stands you can buy, there isnt much better options available unless you wall mount the back speakers.

      • Thanks for saving me 😄

  • +1

    Legend been looking for a sturdy pair

  • Paid $160 for these 2 months ago on the US Amazon

  • +1

    Been wanting these for a while, but not at the overinflated price.

    $99 was an instant buy.

    Thanks OP!

  • Had been eyeing the below pair for my Q930B since last year. Has a weighted base and adjusts at a slightly higher height than this for $160. However there doesn’t seem to be mounting options for the $160 product which was one of the main reasons I was hesitant on buying these.


    For a ~38% reduction in price, I’ll bite and grab these instead.

  • Ordered for my Q950A. Thanks OP!

  • +1

    I gave up checking the price on these, as from memory they were always around the AUS $250 mark with shipping.
    Would have gone for them in a heartbeat for my HWN950 surrounds.
    Have these which I am happy with (just not a 100% fit on the speaker base feet, though are screwed in, and secure).

  • what if you just put the base under a couch or similar

  • Cheers, time for an upgrade

  • +1

    best <$200 stands for Q950/990.
    I was eyeing for the same stands from 2021 to 2022 and they were never under $200 delivered. Had to purchase from Amazon US for $191 deliverd.
    $99 is no brainer.

    • Is this also good for the Q930B?

      • +1

        Seems ok according to Amazon US reviews/QA

        Stands can support up to 5kg weight. Q930B is 1.6kg

  • need smashing deal on q990c to justify

    • +2


      Are you the JB ad voiceover dude?

      • +2

        It's Nigel Thornberry

  • Would these fit an AudioEngine A5+?? Just unsure of mounting on the bottom

  • Best method of routing the wires from the receiver to the rear stands?

  • +1

    Great stands for my rear Samsung soundbar speakers. Bought them a few years back for $200+. No regrets though. I do remember having to buy screws from bunnings but they were only a few bucks. Great price!

  • +2

    Has anyone bought longer power cords for their Samsung 930/950/990 rear speakers that they can share?

  • Dumb question, how are these better than my $40 (each) IKEA speaker stands?

    • Thanks for suggesting IKEA, found longer 3.5m power cords, SYMFONISK power cable $10.

    • Does these work well for non-IKEA speakers?

      • +1

        That's what I'm doing.

  • +3

    I bought these three years ago from Amazon US via AU for $78 for my Samsung Q950T rear speakers. I guess the price has gone up since then if this price is a deal.

    It didn't come with screws that fit the Q950T (the manual specs said to use 1/4-20 UNC screws), but I was able to find screws online that worked. No issues other than having to get the right screws, they've been knocked and bumped and never fell over.

  • is it a good choice for HT-A9 Speakers?

    • Yes, thats what people recommend online/in reviews.

  • will it fit sonos 1 speakers?

  • +1

    I bought these for $160 for my Q930Cs. Comes with the screws required too.

  • Gone already

  • Any further question about speaker compatibility with these stands is now rhetorical (TIC) - looks like they are goneski.

  • Was searching for screw size and then it's gone.

  • Anyone recommend something similar for q930's rear speaker? since its all gone.

  • +1

    Absolutely spewing I missed these! I’ve been waiting for a sale for ages haha.

  • Any speaker nerds can suggest a couple of CHEEP 'studio' monitors for me. Budget is best because my username is ozbargain almost spelled backwards.


  • +1

    Dammit, sold out.. I've been eying this for a month but delivery was so expensive

  • +1

    Bought these from Amazon US on my US trip and brought back in my luggage for AUD $119 after conversion and taxes. I had my eyes on these for over a year and they were no where close to the price I paid so $99 is an excellent price. Can confirm these pretty are good quality, can hide the cable (for Samsung atleast) with a bit of effort and ingenuity, however not "fancy" in terms of looks / decor. My spouse doesn't like the look but appreciates the function.

    • +1

      I got mine for $237 a year ago :(

  • +2

    They are fantastic and sturdy. I bought them almost 3 years ago when they were selling them for roughly $90 on Amazon. They got so popular they decided to double the price. Totally greedy scummy company for what they did but damn theyre good

  • +1

    nice find op to bad they are out of stock hope they come back in thats a great bargain find

  • +1

    These are awesome, perfect for the rear wireless Samsung speakers etc (q950a), top quality and functional.

    Got mine from Amazon us for about the same price, with partial refund as one had a tiny scratch and one of the floor spikes was a bit rough ^-^

  • My order got cancelled today - no stock.
    Pity, I was looking forward to receiving these.

  • It's on sale on Amazon US, $64 + $24 shipping - $10 promo credit for adding debit card + $8 GST = USD $85.60 or AUD $134.05. Ordered, didn't want to wait. This is the way, not!

  • Anyone interested in these extended power cables for their rear speakers and stands?

    I need 2 but have to buy 4 to get it for $44 ( 4 x $16 - $10 - $10)
    I have a Citi Mastercard $10 cashback when I buy a $50 JB Hi-Fi giftcard.
    I have a $10 perk when I spend $50 or more at JB.
    I'm in Sydney, can travel to Macquarie Park/Castle Hill area/Eastern Suburbs.

  • +1

    Back in stock, but 1 only. Be quick!

    • Not quick enough! Ha

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