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XFX Speedster MERC319 RX 6950XT Black Gaming Graphics Card 16GB $953.82 Delivered @ Amazon US via AU

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Back in stock. Got one from Scorptec for $40 more yesterday, my luck :)
But local shops include Starfield game code. This probably is not eligible.

About this item
- Chipset: AMD RX 6950 XT
- Memory: 16GB GDDR6
- Cooling: XFX MERC 319 Triple Fan
- Boost Clock: Up To 2368MHz

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  • Could we price match this with anyone locally?

  • Sorry if this is a noob question. How does it compare to Rtx 4070? I am building my first PC. It will be used for light gaming and light 3d modelling. Definitely not on a professional level. But i want to be future proof in the sense that if i do decide to keep it for 3 or 4 years, it wont be too outdated specwise.

    I ll be pairing it with amd R5 7600x and Gigabyte Aorus B650m. 32 gb ddr5 6000, Msi 850w psu.

  • +6

    Not this deal.. hodl still

    • +1

      Crazy that these are still so expensive

    • I went for a 2nd hand 6800xt for 575 as the new deals are alright, but not really compelling to me currently.

    • AMD are stubbornly hodling despite the far lower demand from consumers. It's like $50 cheaper than a year ago

  • I'm inclined to hodl but Jensen has his billions. Who thinks he won't adjust prices and product tiers and just hold out until the market course corrects in his favour?

    • +1

      I'm sure he is correct. He can make a loss until that happens

    • Nvidia is focused on selling gpus to business for AI (so they can analyse all the data people willingly let them steal), jensen gives less than half an F about gpus for gamers

  • Only 2 in stock.

    • Sounds about right. Lol

  • +4

    This is last gen. Would buy a 4070Ti even 12GB over this. DLSS 3.5+ Fake frames are worth it.

    • +5

      fake frames are ass
      input lag is a deal breaker for anyone serious about gaming

      • +2

        Acutally with Fake + reflex it comes down quite a bit. And for sure, it will come down further with future releases. At this point with DLSS 3.5 its apparent that Raster alone is not everything. Just wish that 4070Ti had 16Gigs and 4080 20 Gigs. Am on a 3080Ti and not really a fan of 12 Gigs, but DLSS is good IMO.

        PS: I run an AMD CPU and not an nvidia shill.

        • +3

          maybe in future but right now dlss3 and fake frames is ass.
          nvidia in 2023 and their consumer screw you 12 gb cards is also ass

          you get any card that has 16gb you can afford right now and dont even look at this 12 gb crap
          so if you have $$ just get 4080, thats a great card but price not so, if it gets to under $1500 its a bargain
          no matter what team you root for these are facts

          • @botchie: Why does 16GB matter?
            I was tempted by the ex-mining 16GB RX6800 for $450, but I think I'd rather a new card at slightly more even if its got less GB and maybe a little slower

            • -1

              @choofa: it matters if you play in say 2k and above, if 1080p then no.
              with higher resolution you need more VRAM if you want those ultra textures and smooth experience - I remember last year far cry6 was struggling for people with a 3080 and 6800 xt was working fine.
              textures just wouldn't load in time and you get one huge mess, think Hogwarts is the same this year

              • @botchie: 12GB is not going to be an issue at 1440p ultra for a long time, using the unoptimized mess that was Far Cry 6 is not a good example, go look at titles like CP2077 which even at 4K maxed out with RT on and no DLSS is just below 12GB.

                That said the 6950XT is still good with nice raster performance so not sure the extra cost for the 4070Ti is worth the better RT and DLSS. .

    • -1

      agree. though for DLSS and power consumption not FrameGen.

  • +1

    If your going to spend this much just get a 7900xtx.

    I mean yeah it's 500 more but if you're already spending that much. Might as well get the latest and greatest.

    I think it's rare that you would look back and say gee I wish I hadn't forked out the extra cash and got the last season model.

    I think dollars per game they are about the same. But will leave it to someone a little more learned on these matters (can get the 7900xtx on sale at any 1400)

    • I have 5600x on B550 mobo, AM4 socket. I think its kinda balanced with 6950XT, I may bump up the CPU in a year or two.
      For new AM5 system yea, 7900, but for mine - I think Im good.

  • +1
    • Give me better deal in last 3 months

      • The deal in the link was 10 months ago

        • I know. I was asking you to support your “what a bad price” claim, with a recent link to a better deal.

          • @[Deactivated]: That's clearly what the link is for. It's no cheaper than 10 month ago lol, obviously making the price bad. Do you believe tech should be looked at like residential land and not a depreciating asset?

            • @Jimmy77: good luck waiting lol
              check my trends link above

  • I think I'm going to just buy a 7900xt at a shit price and check out for the next 5 years on GPUS. AMD and NVIDIA are scum, 4k 60fps should be affordable by now.

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