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Sonos: 40% off any Speaker, Components or Sets (For Existing Customers)


First time post…

Received this email from Sonos. Been wanting a mini sub for a while and pulled the trigger with this offer - came down to $419.40 from $699.

"Enjoy easier control, access to the latest features, and more powerful acoustics when you bring your system up to date. As a longtime Sonos listener, you're invited to save 40% on any new speaker, component, or set.* "

Mod Update: For anyone requesting a code, please use the Code Request Megathread. Do not ask for codes in the comemnts

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  • +1

    Checks inbox hopefully… nope nothing :(

    • Show code or it never happened? 🤣

  • Just signed up - send through another round of codes, Sonos!

  • I tried sharing my code with a friend and didn't work for them so seems one time use only - sorry - hopefully others got the email.

  • -1

    Don't think there's any code involved. They sent an email and attach to your account.

    I logged in now and am only getting 15% off once I add stuff to checkout. No code needed.

  • Damn, nothing here. 40% is insane lol

  • Seems at the moment only OP has received the email.

    Would love to upgrade my Sonos Play 1 if received the offer

  • Has anyone (other than OP) actually received one of these emails?

  • haven't received anything yet, existing customer.

  • Received a 15% off upgrade email. No code, it's attached to the Sonos account.

  • No email for me 😔

  • I've got 2 accounts, one gives me no discount and the other gives 15%. Can't see any 40%

  • Nothing here. I’ve bought 1 x Arc, 2 x Beams, 1 x Sub, 1 x Sub mini, and 3 x One SL’s over the years.

    • +3

      Exactly why u don’t fit in their criteria for the code 😜

      • +1

        Haha, maybe. But it also seems like no one other than OP got the code, so what is the criteria? Seems like an unobtainable deal.

        • It used to be if you had the gen1 stuff you got this discount to upgrade. Maybe this user has one of these devices

  • +1

    I did receive an email from Sonos today but it was just about their new app.
    Logged on to my account and checked the offers section, nothing there.
    I do have 1x 30% and 2x 15% upgrade offers but that's just because my hardware is so old.
    Looks like this deal is a bust for me :(

  • Waiting for the "code"

  • Seems like few and far between. I think OP just got super lucky!

    In saying that, if you got one I'd be happy to test it for you. Please and thankyou.

  • yep i had the save 30% to upgrade old gear

  • Seems like a reward for early adopters

  • +1

    The latest additions to the Sonos lineup have everything you've been wanting. Sign in now and save 15%.

    I got the above

  • Has anyone apart from the OP had a code?

    • I got one for 40%

      • bro have you used yours? I'm in need of it if you haven't.

  • OP did you have any 15% or 30% upgrade credits on your account? If not I wonder if that’s why you got a code and some of us with credits haven’t.

  • You must need to have registered some expensive gear. I don’t think the Roam is worthy of giving 40% discount in their eyes

  • Have an arc for a couple years and have not received any email, would be great to grab some SLs for rears if possible but looks like the code must be for people who have first gen gear?

  • At this point, it's pretty much an unobtainable deal

  • Logged in too to find a discount of 15%. Lame.

  • I own an Arc and two of the Era 100s and didn’t receive any email. Logging into my account I can’t see any discounts.

  • +1

    Sonos account and multiple products.

    No email. No discount code. No evidence OP or anyone else has received an offer or been able to redeem the 40% off.

  • Question for Sonos owners - I have the old Play 1's and a Play 5 and have to use the old app. If I get one of the newer devices like a Beam can I then use the new app to control all ?

    • +1

      Play 1s can use the new S2 app so it can be used with with Beam (I have 2x Play 1s being used as the rears for a Beam Gen 2). The Play 5 depends on whether it's a Gen 1 or 2, the Gen 1 only works with the S1 app I it can't be used on the same app as a Beam Gen 2.

  • Mod Update: For anyone requesting a code, please use the Code Request Megathread. Do not ask for codes in the comemnts

  • Looking for a Sonos code if anyone has one and not planning to use. Thanks

    • Haven't received one yet. Requesting a code if anyone is not looking to use it. I don't have a Sonos so not going to get targeted. Current codes expiry on 31-Oct so if not using then help a brother out.

  • Hello, Please share if anyone has one .. I am happy to use .. Thank you

  • i have the 40% code, what would be a good buy?

    • bro have you used yours? I'm in need of it if you haven't.

  • Anyone got a spare code ? Help a brother out, thanks mate!

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