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Corsair RM850x SHIFT PSU $159, EVGA CLC 280 Liquid CPU Cooler $79 + Shipping ($0 C&C) @ Scorptec


Hello, OzBargain. It's been a while.

Got the Tuesday blues? Not quite hump day, nowhere near the end of the week, neither your AFL nor NRL team made the finals…

Let's fix that up with some heavily discounted PC parts!

First off, we have the EVGA CLC 280 Liquid CPU cooler. This is a 280mm All-In-One CPU Cooler compatible with all your favourite sockets. It also comes with RGB lighting on the CPU block to match your setup straight from the get-go.

This cooler will usually set you back $175, but, for today only, we've dropped it all the way down to $79, a crazy saving of $96! This is limited to the first 100 units.

Need a new power supply to go with your new cooler? Good thing we've hooked you up there too, with the Corsair SHIFT RM850x 850W PSU ready to provide all the wattage you need. This is a uniquely designed PSU with its connectors rotated to the side of the unit to enable cleaner, easily managed cabling. This unit is ATX 3.0 and PCIe 5.0 compliant, meaning it's ready to support the latest RTX 40 series GPUs.

This unit will usually go for $229, but for today we've slashed it down to $159, a saving of $70! This is also limited to the first 100 units.

Free click and collect is available at all six of our locations, but we can also post Australia-wide.

Hope you all have a great week and get yourself some deals!

Peace and chicken grease,
- Scorpyboi

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  • +1

    Super prices.
    You guys are my fav PC parts supply shop. I practically built my itx build all from your store

    • Ditto here, except my build is on the larger side of the spectrum. Good value from these guys

      • Anyone bother to read the reviews about this company. https://www.trustpilot.com/review/www.scorptec.com.au

        • -1

          Damn, seems like a few others did not have the smooth experience as some of the people in this thread

          • -2


            the smooth experience as some of the people in this thread

            Maybe Scorptec is so desperate because they have lost too many good clients?

            • @billadm: They're so desperate that they're… checks notes … providing great value products, with a smooth buying and shipping experience. I guess ?

        • Not sure what their problem is, but I bought practically all parts of my PC from here apart from the GPU.
          The PC is working flawlessly.
          They finished a free delivery promo and I emailed them saying I missed it as I'm in a dispute with noctua around a CPU cooler. They not only gave me a free delivery promo. They extended it to everyone.

          Their customer support is super prompt and they are extremely helpful.

          • @maverickjohn: What are there wages and staff benefits like?

          • @maverickjohn:

            Their customer support is super prompt and they are extremely helpful

            They are croocks, scammers and trolls, last time I dealt with them I struggled to return a faulty item but luckily I paid through PayPal otherwise I was still being payed around with their misleading scripts!
            20 years ago Scorptec was good now you can call it Scamtec!

            • @billadm: That sucks about the faulty item and the struggle to return it. But, man, it is hard to take anyone seriously who complains in the way that you do

              croocks, scammers and trolls

              now you can call it Scamtec!


            • @billadm: I'm sorry to hear about your experience with us. Feel free to send me a DM so I can look into your case personally and chat directly to our team who handled it.

              • -3


                your experience with us

                As I said 20 years ago Scorptec was good and I enjoyed my shopping but now it's a different story.
                My last return was painful, Scorptec guys played the scripts while I had an urgent need to return the item AND I was even willing to buy a more expensive one as quickly as possible.
                PayPal fixed everything so they took their time while I already bought what I needed from somewhere else.
                Lesson learned, I moved on, no more Scorptec for me, Scorptec lost a customer and an expensive item that they had to refund.

            • +2

              @billadm: I completely disagree with you.
              I had already opened up and put in my original CPU cooler in my PC and had it in there for a week.. I was able to return it no problems.
              I originally purchased the l9i to cool my 13600kf and it couldn't cool the CPU at all. They happily accepted the return and I upgraded to the noctua L12s.
              I went in store to the Macquarie Park and they also were equally supportive and helpful as the online contact.
              As mentioned they are by far the best store for PC parts and will happily go to them again.

  • +2

    The evga 280 clc was listed as being noisy in reviews, but I've just installed one and it's actually pretty great. Quieter than the coolermaster ml240l v2 it replaced.

    If you've got space for it I recommend it.

    • +1

      The 360 one is undoubtedly the loudest.

    • +2

      I have the 240, it's definitely louder than my other AIOs, but not 'loud' however I think the sound is on an annoying frequency or something, it's grating. Im going to replace the fans, the AIO itself is fine.

    • I've got one from the BPC $50 shipped deal that I am about to use, was worried about the noise so happy to hear it!

      • +1

        Yeah that's where I got mine too.

        I just put my pc through its paces and yeah at full load it gets loud but so does every cooler.

        Plenty of 140mm fans you can swap in if it bugs you.

    • I've got one too and very happy with it. However, I did use the fans that were already installed in my Lian Li case rather than the included ones. The pump is not audible at all, other than an occasional brief hum when powering on the system.

    • You have your computer on your desk?

      • +1

        What a wierdo keeping his CarpetTop computer on his desktop

  • +2

    FYI, corsair atx 3.0 PSU's don't have native 12vhpwr on PSU side, so you can't take advantage of communication between GPU and PSU due to lack of 4 data pins on PSU side. That was the reason why I returned it.

    • Thank you. What do you recommend?

      • +1

        Sorry i am not an expert but i replaced it with thermaltake toughpower 850 and happy so far. Only difference I noticed beside 12vhpwr, thermaltake cables are less stiff, easier to manipulate.

    • Comes with 12VHPWR (12+4) pin
      PCIe 5.0 12VHPWR GPU cables included for use with modern graphics cards such as the NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 40 Series.

      I'm new to here, but I see this in the description, is it a different thing as you commented?
      And I'm after a 6900/6950 GPU, is this PSU Ok, thanks a lot!

      • +2

        There is no difference for Amd GPU's since they don't use 12vhpwr plug. So if u want to go with any AMD GPU (6900/6950 etc.) you can pick anything according to your budget. ( just consider wattage and quality of course)

    • So no big difference between my corsair RM850x(2018)?

      • +1

        The shift has the connections on the side, also they give you a nice 2x8 pin to 12vhpwr connector. That's about it.

    • +1

      I'm not sure what you're expecting from that "communication".

      Of the four pins:

      • SENSE0, required, tells card max power limits, present on passive adapters, cannot be changed while card is 'operational'
      • SENSE1, same function as SENSE0 (used together)
      • CARD_​PWR_​STABLE, optional, card tells PSU if the voltage is outside of limits
      • CARD_​CBL_​PRES#, optional, card tells PSU that it is present and also allows the PSU to count how many cards are connected (in case it needs to reconfigure power limits)

      SENSE0/SENSE1 work fine with a passive adapter for consumers, because you're not going to reconfigure power limits in that environment, it'd just be a fixed value.

      CARD_​CBL_​PRES# likewise doesn't matter, especially with only a single connector on the PSU end. And it's optional, so who knows if any of those PSUs do anything with this.

      Only CARD_​PWR_​STABLE is potentially useful for fault detection if the 12V rails goes out of regulation(??). But it's also optional and it's unclear if any of the PSUs with a 12VHPWR connector actually do anything with this. And I would expect a card that's detected the 12V rails going bad to shut down rather than rely on a PSU to implement an optional spec anyway.

      A workstation or server CPU might make use of those pins (especially the presence detect and configurable power limits) when dealing with multiple cards. Not really relevant to an 850W desktop CPU as in this deal though.

      Where the ATX 3.0 / PCIe 5.0 compliance actually matters is the much increased power excursion requirements. Basically they must be able to deal with transient power demand spikes e.g. 200% for 100µs. Now here there are differing requirements depending on whether there's 12VHPWR in use or not, but I'd argue that whether the PSU modular end uses the connector directly or not shouldn't matter here since the card end is the 12VHPWR connector as supplied and supported by the manufacturer.

  • +3

    My personal experience with the 280 CLC is that it as the loudest liquid cooler I have ever used - pump noise was constant and intrusive even at its lowest setting (about 1900) using the EVGA Flow Software. Fans are loud and when they spin up they are uber loud. It replaced a Coolermaster ML240L (original version) which was barely audible.

  • +1

    Good price!!!
    I am waiting discount for high end GPU, hopefully there will be one soon.

  • +1

    I purchased the EVGA AIO last September for the same price from BPC Tech.

    Yes it's noisy, I replaced the fans pretty much straight away (and added 2 more fans for push/pull).

    FYI, you will need to buy an extra $9 bracket for LGA1700 ($19 back in Sept 2022).

    I currently have it installed on my i7-13700K.

    • Thanks. I was going to pass because I am only interested in 1700.
      Now just need mobo, cpu, ram, m2, case…

      • That's what I did. I got the AIO on sale last year knowing I was going to build a new PC this year. I waited for an eBay sale and picked up the i7-13700k for $629 (gg.tech365) and got a Gigabyte RTX4080 for $1499 (computer alliance) in May.

  • +1

    I followed the advice on a previous deal and replaced the 140mm fans on these with the P14 from Arctic.

    … I haven't installed the AIO, yet, but this is has been a strong recommendation made on various places through the web. The fans are, according to all benchmarks and most reports: very loud. Also to note that you don't have to run the USB connector / custom EVGA software - you are able to connect the pump and fans directly to your motherboard headers and have it controlled through BIOS curves

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