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Bulla Creamy Classics Ice Cream Varieties 2 Litre $5.00 (Was $10.00) @ Woolworths


Bulla Creamy Classics Ice Cream Vanilla 2 litre… $5.00 (was $10.00)



Made in Australia

Other varieties here.

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    So dangerous… can eat a whole 2L bucket in a go

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      So true

      • +5

        Dairy is good for your bones.

        • +7

          My waistline: bro

        • +1

          So it's self sustaining the body really, put on the weight whilst the bones get stronger. It's really a zero sum super food health wise, eat as much as you want.

        • Only for developing bones apparently

      • +2

        If not finished in one sitting you know someone else in the household is just going to do it :).

    • +4

      When I was a kid, a mate of mine's dad was a body builder (won Mr Australia a few times) - he'd eat mutiple 2L tubs of chocolate ice cream daily. It was insane to watch this huge and shredded guy stuff himself with chocolate ice cream. I was always so jealous - we never got offered any.

      • Living the dream

        One of my clients is a former mr australia, the amount of training, dedication and diet work is insane

        • Fascinating how inefficient a human body can become. ..well I guess energy is wasted fighting gravity at a gym.

      • People can eat this much and not having diabetes?

    • Likewise.

  • +3

    Had the chocolate chip one last night. Definitely worth $5 but $10 is a bit pricey when Peters is $6.50 everyday and barely any difference.

    • +10

      $10 is completely ridiculous but fortunately Bulla's on half-price special pretty often throughout the year.

    • +6

      The mint choc one is next level

      • +2
        • Sad times :(

        • +1

          Did you look in the promo section of the freezer?

      • +1

        Mint choc should not be a thing. Fight me.

        • +1

          you are entitled to your (wrong) opinion

          tbh i was the same for like…25 years until i was served some at a friends house and i was like OMG? bulla mint choc is amazing??!?!

          shoutout to the people who say it tastes like toothpaste… brother in christ, what have you been brushing your teeth with lmao

          • @Jimothy Wongingtons: I've definitely tried. It's just…So wong.

            I only wished they'd make matcha/taro/black sesame and the like more mainstream here in Australia.

            • @Munki: where the pandan coconut at

              messina did one for a while and i would smash that by the bucket it was freaking amazing

              • @Jimothy Wongingtons: Pandan's way too niche for 'Straya - especially for an item sold at Colesworth.

                Living in an Asian part of Sydney has its perks, but damn it $5-$5.50 for a scoop gets expensive.

    • +5

      This is so much better than Peters

    • +2

      peter's is technically "reduced fat ice cream"

    • If you mean Peters Light & Creamy those are only 1.8L for your $6.50

      • Even Peters Original in the blue tub is labelled "reduced fat ice cream" (in small print). It doesn't contain enough fat to be qualified as regular ice cream according to the food standards code.

        • And that is why you never see "Ice Cream" printed on the Lid.
          We have standards and standards separate the right from the wrong.

  • -4

    Oh dear! don't post please these, then we have to calculate how many toilet paper rolls need to clean up end product.

    • +5

      And maybe $$$ for a visit to the doctor if that's the side effect for you.

      • -5

        Well, no side effect, general effect for general public worldwide including you, calculate your side effect yourself mate if any.

  • $5 is a good price for a good tasting Ice Cream

    I thought I saw this for $6.50 or $7 everyday special at Colesworth or was it IGA.

    • +2

      I believe they used to be $8 last year at least, I remember buying them half price for around $4 not too long ago

      • +2

        It’s a family stable and the price have gone from $4.25 half price to $5 in less than a year

    • $6.80 as a winter price drop.

      • Thought so.

        So now winter is over, gone back to $10? We’ll unless 50% off every few weeks?

        • Which goes to show the 50% off sale is really $1.80 off.

          • @bamzero: True.. but perhaps Bulla gave them a discounted rate to drop it to $6.80 over winter to increase sales during winter.

            Anyway $5 is a decent price given what a 2L bottle of milk cost.

  • Normally $10!!

    • +1

      Yeah crazy hey!!! Please hand in your OzB membership if you ever pay $10.

  • +1

    Hows it compare to connoisseur?

    • Better imo. Ice crystals must freeze smaller so the texture to me feels creamier. Flavour is on par.

    • +2

      Much worse flavour.

    • +2



    • Can only compare Vanilla. Connoisseur texture is creamier, but both taste pretty good. Can’t go wrong with either.

    • Bulla Cookies and cream is awful

  • Looks like I'm going to see my dealer again soon…

  • +2

    Thanks OP, my wife saw this post and sent me down the store to grab 2x punnets, plus ice magic. Not much change from a $20 but damn does that cookies and cream taste like fresh milk straight from the udder! Yummy.

    • +1

      Never heard of the term punnets used for ice cream before.

      • +1

        Oh true, pretty sure the wife says it in the movie The Castle, when old mates depressed he's gonna lose his house and still tries to compliment her on her cooking for dessert.
        "…ice cream…"
        "But it's what you've done with it…"
        "Scooped it out the punnet"

        • +1

          But I guess it's the vibe.

          “What do you call this?”


  • Am I the only one who prefers Streets Blue Ribbon Ice Cream?

    • +3

      No — but the only one who will admit it publicly

    • i also prefer Streets… Bulla contains Palm Oil.

      • +1

        Is all palm oil bad?

  • -8

    I enjoy it but not a good deal. it is regularly $4.5 at Coles near me. Price history

    • +1

      $4.50? That’s when it goes on half price and that’s before Bulla inflated the rrp to $10

      Iirc, Coles have locked the prices for Bulla at everyday pricing of $6

      • No, that finished a little while ago, up to $10 too now (and was half price last week).

    • +1

      Yoomroo is also my preferred source for dependable hysterical data

  • After salted caramel last week, this vanilla is a real junk. Gone to rubbish bin.

    • Gone to rubbish bin.

      Why didn't you just give away what's left to your neighbour or something? Reduce food waste.

      • I've done that mistake a few times. They would again feed their dogs. They are almost blind now.

        • +3

          I hate it when their heads get stuck in the tubs

    • +1

      Yes, Haagen Dazs is the only supermarket ice cream worth buying. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford it, and they cheap out on nasty alternatives with a laundry list of questionable ingredients

  • Enough icecream to create a movie. Thanks, Op.

  • Bring back the cheesecake flavour

  • Ice cream, peanut butter and milk, then shake shake shake!

  • Ingredients 20% Milk and Cream in a 2 litre tub? What is the remaining 80% of ingredients?

    • I'm reading that ingredients list like the cream is a minimum 20% of the total. It does not include the milk and sugar. (Nor all the other weird ingredients)

    • +1

      Cream is 20%.
      Milk is higher than 20%
      The ingredients are seperated by ,

  • Have Bulla ever made a dedicated strawberry flavour? I purchase the Neo to get 1/3 strawberry.

    • Me too. That shit should be a standalone flavour for sure. Far superior to boysenberry swirl.

  • Easily the best 2L tub ice-cream. This stuff is good.

  • Vannilla all gone local store shows in stock online but not the favour

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