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100% Cotton Brixton Cable Trucker Jacket: $24.98 Black; $45 Brown (RRP $249.95; Size S, M, L, XL, XXL) + $9.95 Delivery @ MYER


Brown one $45

Fabrication: 100% Cotton
Cast in either canvas or corduroy, the Cable Sherpa Lined Trucker Jacket is one of those pieces that becomes part of your personal identity. The sherpa fleece interior adds impeccable warmth while CF shanks offer a no-fuss closure. Designed with our standard fit.

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    Thanks OP, great price.

  • A shame no click and collect. Looks good though, bought 2 sizes and will return one.

    • +7

      Order 4 for free shipping and return 3


      • +2

        Damn didn’t think of that..

      • +9

        I thought most stores don't allow change of mind returns on clearance or sale items?

        • +139

          Wasn't a change of mind, I decided to shaft them right from the get go.

        • +1

          "Please make sure the item meets with our Returns Policy and that:

          -The return is made within 30 days of purchase

          Items are unworn or in their original condition
          Items are not clearance, reduced to clear or Big & Bulky
          Items are not listed as exclusions in our Returns Policy
          You have acceptable proof of purchase"

        • Ah yes, correct, terms of return state no returns on clearance items.

        • Same

        • +4

          Items are not clearance, reduced to clear or Big & Bulky

          This is on sale. Doesn’t say anything about clearance.

          • +2

            @sween64: Agree 100%
            I see nothing mentioned about clearance, I've screenshot that b@#h.

            • +2

              @seamonkey: Happened to me last time, bought a "sale" item, not the "clearance" one. However, on the confirmation email, it says "clearance". Screenshot the web page, then show it when returning. No problem at all.

      • +1

        Is this item clearance? Do they accept returns in this case?

        • +3

          I’m on mobile and can’t see clearance anywhere? I’m assuming it’s a sale

          Edit: yep it’s in men’s mid season sale category

          • @nubzy: so we can return it?
            because i freaking bought 4 jackets, because i am always in between sizes. 2 of the black and 2 of the brown.

        • It doesn't say it's clearance anyway.

      • +1

        Thought about doing that but not worth $9.95 for the time for me to return it.

      • -2

        Order 4 for free shipping and return 3

        Buy 100 and send 99 back, just for shizits and giggles

        • +2

          Or just buy the one you need, save the butt ache for the sake of $10 and leave some for others to buy, or is that against OB protocol????

      • +1

        You can buy something in regular price with it to make the total to $99, return the regular price item without risk~

      • Low lifes. :)

  • Thanks OPeeee…

  • +6

    Don’t forget cashback ;)

    5% bonus cashback if paying via Westpac card on ShopBack

    • +3

      I forgot cashback

    • +4

      got a massive 2 BUX CASHBACK yeehaw

    • Shame I can’t get it if I want to pay with GC

      • +11


      • Please brush your teeth asap.

    • Thanks! Bought this style instead.

    • Cheers!

  • Cant check out for some reasons.

  • +9

    RRP 249.95. LOL!

  • +16

    Cool, perfect for the record heat & fires coming up this summer!

  • +3

    Cheers, grabbed a black one beacause I'm a tight ass, wonder if it will actually arrive, unlike 90% of my fcuk sale order.

    • +14

      We get you were disappointed, but really, no need for such foul language. Thank you.

    • +12

      Lol, someone negged because they don't know what french connection is.

      • +2

        🤣 take it as a compliment, I always do.
        I know that even on my worst day, someone numpty out there knows less shit than I do. God help them.

    • LOL I spent over a grand on their sale

      • +1

        You must have got all the shirts I wanted 😂

        • +1

          Dw i missed out on a fair bit of what I wanted, also.

          Going to have clothes to last me 3-4 years now IMO.

  • -1

    Normal size chart here. Although my chest is 90cm and I still ordered a small.

  • -2

    I wish these had chains instead of buttons.

  • +3

    Got one. Just in time for El-nino. Thanks OP!

  • Large is out of stock but the Medium was available. Let's see if they can actually deliver it.

    • +1

      I can still order large, lol
      expecting to get a refund/OOS notification later, but still

  • Is it the whole thing 100% cotton ?

    Sherpa fleece lining

    what is sherpa fleece made of typically made out of cotton, polyester, or acrylic fibers—or a combination of the three—sherpa can sometimes be made of wool or even bamboo. Which one ?

    • +1

      wouldn't be a natural fabric in my opinion.

    • +5

      100% cruelty-free sherpa clippings.

    • +3

      Got 2 for birthday presents… can't wait to see brother and dad's expression when they both turn up wearing them at some point next year!

  • +2

    ordered. Let see if this arrives. And actually fit.

  • +2

    I dont think I can pull this off

    • i can pull this one off but a fedora? forget about it lol

      • Crap.. I've spent over $300 on 7 fedoras in the last month.. 😅 Please no discourage me.. 🤣

    • +1

      velocity points and paid anything? terrible

  • -3

    Thanks! Ordered 4 with free shipping in S & M. Will choose one and return the rest for redund. Kind of C & C!

  • I have a feeling that they will cancel the orders lol they cancelled my previous orders a few times in the past without any explanation

  • +21

    Official OzB Winter Jacket of 2024

  • Awesome price. Hopefully honoured

  • Ordered 4, thanks.

    • +3

      I’d get to warm wearing 4 jackets.

  • +9

    Can we get an OzB meet up with everyone wearing this jacket?

    • yeh , i hope everyone will wear them at the opera house meet up.

      the official ozb member uniform

  • Got a black XXL. Thanks OP!

  • I fell like backing out a Kenworth

  • Wonder if instore is the same price, if there's any

  • +1

    Thanks OP, I paid more $20 to take this brow color: https://www.myer.com.au/p/brixton-cable-trucker-jacket-in-br…

  • +1

    Ordered 2. Thank you

  • 2 Black and 2 brown on way. Thanks OP

  • thanks OP

  • -1

    RRP $249.95 for a jacket ?

    • +1

      $249.95 isn't absurd for a jacket - jackets can cost a lot more. It is absurd for this jacket, though

  • +5

    "the Cable Sherpa Lined Trucker Jacket is one of those pieces that becomes part of your personal identity"
    Am I likely to start pining for the perilous windy roads of the Himālaya?

  • thanks op

  • Anyone in Melbourne would like to sell one to me? Size S, black color.

  • Somebody call the fashion police - that brown jacket needs to be eradicated off of the face of the earth - yuck

  • +1

    Why no C&C, $10 shipping kills it for me

  • +1

    Nobody ever paid RRP for this. This design is a rip-off of the Levi's sherpa trucker jacket, and that retails for less than this

  • Over 9000 clicks. Surely they would have run out of stock by now! They must have imported a hundred containers filled only with this jacket from China.

  • Jumped on to buy one but can't remember my MYER account password. Went to change password and:

    "If the email xxx is associated with an account, you will receive an email to reset your password. Please note that it may take up to 24 hours for a password reset email to arrive in your inbox."

    Come on Myer, get it together. Might just have to create a new account.

    • I did the same and the email was instant

      • +1

        Not for me unfortunately. Wanted to login to use some Myer One credit, but I'll just checkout as guest.

        EDIT: You can associate to your Myer One card and use credit on the card even if you checkout as a guest. Interesting, wasn't expecting that.

  • +2

    Great deal, unfortunately i don't look like Jason Momoa so doubt I could rock this

  • +2

    These will be cancelled

  • +7

    Lol. Nearly 5000 sold. Yeah, you ain’t getting them.

  • +2

    Got paypal email and no confirmation email from Myer. Rip.

  • +7

    I felt peer pressured into buying this.

    • +1

      This is your gateway jacket. I wonder what's next in store for you?

  • Cant find when i open through Shopback

  • +1

    Cheers. Got one to wear for my truck exam license. Now just need a bag of weed to blend in

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