$20 off Your First Order (Minimum $40 Spend, Excluding Fees) + Delivery Only ($0 with Uber One) @ Coles via Uber Eats


Got this in my letter box, looks like first order with Coles on uber eats.

Stack with recent Paypal And MasterCard uber one offers for lower delivery fee and service fees.

Link from the QR code: https://api.oppizi.com/external-redirect?flyerCode=coles6j2e…

  • Uber app says code expires 31st of december 2023 at 12am however the t&c's say 30th of december 11:59pm.

This promotion is for $20 off your next grocery order from a partici ipating Coles Supermarket via
the Uber Eats app, where the order value is $40 or more (excluding fees) (Offer). Delivery Fee
before promotion
Service Fee applv to orders delivered by Uber Eats and are based on order value
is applied The Offer will be applied as promotion at check kout. Limits may apply to an order size.
This Offer excludes alcohol and pharmaceutical items. To redeem this Offer, open the Uber Eats
then place your order.
app, search for a participating Coles Supermarket, add 1 or more items to your cart totalling $40
or more (excluding fees), check the Offer has been applied at checkout, and
ol accept this Offer, you must successfully compl ete an order redeeming the Offer in accordance
the promo with these terms. Limited to intended recipients only, who have never ordered from any grocery
store via the Uber Eats app before You may redeem this Offer once only. You must apply the
code before you place an order to redeem this Offer. Subiect to stock availability, operating hours
time and availability of participating Coles Supermarkets in your area via the Uber Eats app. Offer can-
not be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotion. Offer may be withdrawn at any
Valid only in Australia where uber Eats is available. Offer expires at 11:59PM AEST on 30 December
2023, unless withdrawn earlier.

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Referral: random (1818)

$0 Delivery Fee on your First Order. Referrer receives something too (Likely free delivery on next order). Cannot be stacked with new user signup codes.

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    For those eligible, pre-load your Uber wallet with 15% off like a true OzBargainer would!

    • I think the GCs with Uber and Uber eats have sold out. The link you provided says it's in Ultimate Him but they're not listed on the GiftCards site.

      The Wiki says Ultimate Everyone (doesn't exist) and TCN Gift (also doesn't exist)

      • +3

        You can convert your Ultimate him into an Uber gc here.

        • Perfect, thanks!

        • you're a legend!

        • Can you convert partial amounts?

    • Wow, so with uber one the 15% off would basically negate the service and bag fees and you're getting groceries delivered regularly for cheaper than you're paying in-store. I guess party's over though when free uber one runs out

  • +6

    "You've already placed a first order from this type of store"

      • Have you ordered groceries/Coles before?

    • +3

      Same error, never ordered from Coles but have put in an order once or twice through IGA.

    • I filled my cart for nothing :(

  • 'First order' should be in title

  • -4

    The groceries prices at uber are more expensive than direct coles ?

    • +6

      No it’s exactly the same now including Specials.

      • +1

        Except it can take them (Uber) up to a day to load new discounts from Wednesday so be careful

  • Code works. First time getting groceries from Uber. There seems to be a $5 service fee in addition, even though I've sub to Uber one trial.

    • They charge 10% unlimited service fee ,minimum of $4.

    • Always pay with discounted GC, that’s the OzB way

  • This Work for me but on the promo section i see another promo $30 off spend $40, but it says currently unavailable.. hmmm.. not sure why…

    • What does the error exactly reads out if you don’t mind me asking?

      • Not error. This 20$ off is fine. But at the bottom i have 30$ off but under heading unavailable. Maybe expired but weird they dont remove it.

  • +1

    I am going to use this tomorrow buy all the bulla ice cream

    • +1

      Carefull… dentist bills… not worth

  • Well i made $41 worth of groceries. After code and fee, free delivery, paid $25.
    One item $3.50 cant be found. Refunded.. total now $21.xx
    One wrong item, took photo and got full refund $5 by uber…
    So… end up paying $16…

    • Did this last time … I asked for light and diet items on nearly everything…. Old mate who picked it didn’t get light or diet items I claimed it all miss picked $40 came down to $17 something.

    • Hey Chi, how long did it take them to get back to you?
      Because my order was coming in at $25 with the promo and in the end it came to $40.33 coz the promo didnt apply..
      Have been waiting 6 hours for a response :(

      • +1

        straight away. it was automated. just took picture and then next and next and boom approved. and yes i got the refund instantly back on my paypal as well

  • +4

    Never ordered with Coles, I did with IGA in 2022 and error stated I shopped with this type of store before when entering the promo code.

    Stupid promo.

  • Once you add it to promo tab, does it say it expires in 14 days?

    • $20 off grocery
      Use by 31 Dec, 2023 12am
      At select grocery stores • $40 minimum order • Alcohol or other regulated items may not be eligible for this promotion

  • +2

    I placed my first Coles order about an hour before this was posted. FML.

  • Just curios, this kind of promo doesnt effect the uber drivers, right? They still get their pay in full?

    • True. Discount is provided by UE. So, Coles or Delivery drivers won't get a cut on their payments.

  • +1

    Ditto never ordered with Coles, message stated I shopped with this type of store before when entering the promo code.

  • -1

    $12 delivery fee and $4.99 service fee for coles delivery unless you are Uber one member?

  • +1

    thanks op :)

  • Can someone snap what it shows in the promo page after adding this code ?

  • Thanks OP :)

  • Is it safe to say, this will not expiry from Uber app, once code is added…. at least before end of this week

    • I want to know too….
      So many deals… doordash…
      But remember we can set future delivery dates

  • +1

    Thanks OP.

  • Looks like some stuff same price in store, but some are higher? I guess the driver pick the grocery?

    P/S no longer drive uber, how do I get not associated.

    • +1

      no longer drive uber, how do I get not associated

      Once a uber driver, always a uber driver

  • +1

    Ordered $41 of stuff. after getting $20 off this deal, my order totalled $25.97 at checkout. Afterwards, I was charged "Adjustments" of $12.5 (That's almost half the order). I would have been better off buying a 4% off Coles gift card and walking to the store.

    • Doesn't sound good. Is the extra amount for substitution?

      I'm undecided to use or not. Only some items are available at Coles through Uber. Most of my shopping list isn't there.

      The new Wednesday sale prices are not updated yet.

      • undecided to use or not.

        its 50pct off, why hesitate surely everyone can find $40 worth of groceries.. that amount wont get us much anyway thanks inflation

        • Can't order yet anyway. Waiting for the new sale prices from today to show up.

          I'm trying to find out more info on what these extra charges are that niknah mentioned. It didn't appear to be 50% off in the end

          • @trixieb: I contacted ubereats and they refunded these "adjustments". Don't know what it was about, it's all good now.

            • @niknah: Great thanks.
              Good it was resolved quickly as there isn't a phone number for customers or live chat support.

      • I thought substitutions don't charge you? Well, I don't know about uber eats but with doordash, I wanted 600g coles branded cream @ 4.50ea but they had none so I got bulla 600g cream @ 6.00ea but they didn't charge me extra

        • Nothing was substituted. I don't know what it was but it was refunded and they gave me a $5 voucher as well.

  • +1

    My order came in 15 minutes of ordering. Pretty amazed at the speed.

  • Another code:- coles6j25do

  • ordered $40.50 after discount + service fees became $24.xx. But due to some items not available , beeing charged $28 for less things.
    Is this normal ?

  • Just received on in the mail with code coles6j2z1y, not sure if they stack

  • Is it just me or do the 1/2 price catalogue specials not apply on ubereats?

    • +2

      Starts on Thurs on Ubereats instead of Wed at Coles. Multi buys don't apply

  • new for coles via uber? 40 spend is after 20 off or before?

  • +3

    Just be aware ubereats grocery service can screw you in the end.

    Months ago I ordered grocery from them for total of $52ish to use a '$30 off $50 spend'promo code. Can't recall the exact figures now but you get the idea. I wanted to maximize the discount so only spend an amount just over the limit to be able to use the code.

    This was for scheduled delivery. I screenshoted the final checkout page just in case. The promo code worked and the final amount was calculated after discount code applied.

    But during the actual delivery day, the shop ran out of one or two things and did not replace it. The final amount before discount fell below the limit needed and so the promo code did not apply. I ended up payimg the full amount with inflated prices minus the 1 or 2 items out of stock,

    I didn't realize this at that time. But after checking I immediately contacted customers service and even provided the screenshot. The response was super slow and after exchanginng multiple emails trying to explain my situation and reasoning for a refund, they just gave several automated reply and finally refused to refund the discount even though it's not my fault they did not replace the items. After this I boycotted their grocery service again. Very risky.

    • Agree with most part but for ur correction the prices in the app are same as in store, even when there are specials etc.. you pay extra on the service u receive for getting ur things delivered

  • The code worked initially but when some credit card issue appeared it got removed from my order and I'm unable to re-apply! I've sent Uber multiple messages to resolve particularly since i purchased a gc to cover the balance. No response since yesterday!! Hope else can i get prompt help??

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