Free Calls to Israel, The Palestinian Territories and Afghanistan (Pre-Paid, Post-Paid Mobiles & Home Phones) @ Telstra


Free calls to Israel, the Palestinian Territories and Afghanistan
We're making it easier to stay in touch with friends and family in the Middle East and Afghanistan.

If you’re a Telstra customer with family and friends in the Middle East or Afghanistan, we know that getting in touch is what’s most important right now, not the cost of the call. That’s why calls are now free from Australia to Israel, the Palestinian territories, or Afghanistan.

From 12:01am AEDT tonight (Wednesday, 11 October), we’ll be providing free calls to Israel, the Palestinian territories, and Afghanistan to help you get in touch with those you care about.

This applies for both pre-paid and post-paid mobiles as well as home phones and will be free until 24 October.

Please keep the comments respectful

I am posting for anyone that might find this useful.

Update: Extended for another month.

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  • +136

    The telephone lines / mobile reception and electricity has been cut to Gaza, how they gonna answer the call? Using telepathy?

    • +36

      That's not the point. You can make the call but whether it will reach or not… is a different story.

      • +9

        What is the point?

        • +92

          Its called corporate virtue signalling

          • -4

            @Archi: So you would prefer they only offered free calls to Israel, and not Palestine.

            • +7

              @odysseus: and where does it suggest this..? which comment..

          • +2

            @Archi: better than having to listen to a 30 second YES23 advert as part of the offer…….

          • +2

            @Archi: At least they didn't pick a side, offering calls to all

        • +13

          When i call overseas and even though the service is not connected on the other end, i am sometimes charged a fee. Now I can try multiple times to reach them without thinking about the fee.

      • What?

        • Mobile towers in Israel near the border will probably have some coverage into Gaza . Any way I think the number of land lines will be small with a high penetration of mobiles, possibly with Israel numbers by those in Gaza

    • +33

      God is on one of their sides so it's possible

      • +44

        Religion has been such a comfort there for centuries.

        • +10

          makes me so comfortable to be wrapped up in my 1200 page fantasy novel

          • +3

            @MrThing: The Old Testament says that the Israelites took the land from the Canaanites, it was occupied before they got there.

            In their own book they were the invaders.

            • -2

              @nathand: The old testament fantasy novel right?

              • +1

                @MrThing: Exactly and even by their own fantasy novel they are the invaders.

            • @nathand: Do you think they should give it back to the Canaanites?

            • +1

              @nathand: Was your history taught by a physical education teacher? During the British mandate, the Palestinian territories themselves were not sovereign. After the establishment of the United Nations, this land was allocated to both Israel and Palestine. At that time, Israel only possessed a quarter of the region. However, on the day of Israel's founding, it was attacked by surrounding countries. In four out of five Middle East wars, Palestinians initiated hostilities, engaging in terrorist acts, hiding in schools and hospitals, using children as shields – a group of cowards. After accepting so many Syrian refugees in Europe, now your children no longer have security. Thieves and robbers are rampant.

              • +4

                @Hi Hi Hi: Is that the same United Nations that have repeatedly condemned the Israeli government for the illegal occupation of Palestinian territories and war crimes?

                Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

                • -1

                  @RecklessMonkeys: In the five Middle East wars, who initiated the wars each time, Israel or Palestine and other Middle Eastern countries? The United Nations has long lost credibility; even authoritarian states like China and Russia are permanent members. Does the UN still have credibility? Look at the Human Rights Council now, filled with the world's least democratic and poorest human rights record countries. Wake up; if you provoke and get hit, it's not because you're weak but because you're a thug.

                  • +7

                    @Hi Hi Hi:

                    United Nations has long lost credibility

                    They lost credibility when they waved through the creation of a state in the middle of Palestine and dispossessed the people who were already living there.

                    Prior to that, the Zionists, not satisfied with displacing the locals, engaged in terrorism to get rid of the British.

                    Israel has a clear responsibility to protect civilians in Gaza. That would not include leveling whole buildings and neighborhoods, destroying ambulances and depriving 2 million people of food, water and medicine. What Hamas did was abhorrent. And what the Israeli government doing is just as bad.

                    • -6

                      @RecklessMonkeys: You repeatedly accuse me of being a Jewish nationalist, but I believe the establishment of Israel has not brought any disaster to the world. Instead, I would consider you a victim of the anti-Semitic propaganda that emerged in 1903, namely the book "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion," concocted by Russians to tarnish Jews. This book portrayed Jews as an evil race manipulating the world through media and bankers and was later used by Hitler as a textbook to promote Jewish conspiracy theories.

                      Almost all your negative impressions now are based on the accounts in this book.

                      Jews did not seize land from the Palestinians. The Palestinian territories were unclaimed before 1947, with no governing body or jurisdiction. While there were Palestinians in the area, there was no organized government exercising authority over the land.

                      Israelis prioritize the protection of their citizens. In Gaza, some Palestinians, particularly extremists like Hamas, control the region. If certain civilians sympathize with or support such a terrorist organization, how can you demand that Israelis protect them while those civilians refuse to distance themselves from terrorism? It's akin to asking the Allies to protect civilians controlled by the Nazis or Japanese militarists during World War II.

                      I recommend reading Dante's Inferno. To borrow a line from Dante: "The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis."

                      • +12

                        @Hi Hi Hi: I've not accused you of anything. Who you identify as is a matter for you.

                        And here we go with the "anti-semitism" of anyone who criticizes the Israeli government.

                        My negative impressions are based on history, not upon a book I've never read.

                        My other impression is that everything you've stated is spin.

                        You'd be well aware of the mass immigration into the region. Those poor souls had to go somewhere - and they did - Palestine. People don't call themselves Palestinian for nothing, do they?

                        Prior to Israel materializing, it was governed by the British, who screwed things up royally. Many diverse cultures co-existed in the region prior to the British.

                        It's akin to asking the Allies to protect civilians controlled by the Nazis

                        You mean like all those concentration camps and things? Of course they tried. You just compared Israel to the Nazis. Think about that for a moment.

                        You finish with the fallacy that this is all black or white. The situation requires that the world calls out war crimes in the hope that more may be prevented. This includes Israel being its own worst enemy.

                        Speaking of The Divine Comedy, though, you should watch the movie Seven.

                        The provocation of a character into committing wrath is applicable to Israel.
                        Actions have consequences.

                        EDIT -

                        I see you've carried on below with more misrepresentations, so that's the end of the exchange.
                        I refer you back to what I've already written. And I'll just add that two wrongs don't make a right.

                        • -1

                          @RecklessMonkeys: I don't see any issue with the British mandate in the Palestinian territories. If you have an understanding of history, please present your arguments and provide evidence to support your points. Also, please do not misinterpret others' intentions; I stated that Hamas is a terrorist organization, not Israel. I did not equate Israel to the Nazis. If you accuse me of making false statements, please provide evidence rather than resorting to angry personal attacks. That's a rather low approach.

                    • -1

                      @RecklessMonkeys: This conflict is not between Israel and all Palestinians but specifically between Israel and Hamas. Other Arab nations in the Middle East, including Palestinians in the West Bank, are condemning Hamas. How can you muddy the waters here and absolve terrorists of responsibility? Additionally, since Hamas took control of the Gaza Strip, there hasn't been a single democratic election; it's been under absolute terrorist rule. Are you excusing Hamas for this?

                    • @RecklessMonkeys: Moreover, you also fail to distinguish between terrorism and conventional warfare. While war inevitably leads to civilian casualties, terrorist acts are undeclared wars specifically targeting civilians – precisely the actions of Hamas. Look at this recent instance: Hamas not only indiscriminately slaughters civilians but also proudly kidnaps civilians from other nations, leveraging this as a threat to the international community. How confused must your mind be to engage in such moral relativism?

            • @nathand: For those who don't know, the Canaanites are the Lebanese.

            • @nathand: so it should be Canaanites Republic then? where are they?

          • +1

            @MrThing: the idiosyncrasies of the isreal-palestine conflict were lost in time as the world slowly graduated into warhammer 40k

        • Yes with all the wars over those centuries, it must be so comforting.

        • +1

          Religion has been such a comfort there for centuries.

          Multiculturism is action!

        • +16

          Sure man, blame it on religion when it was the British (with the backing of every western nation) who forced the Palestinians to give up their land after WW2, and they've been losing more and more land ever since.

            • +2

              @seamonkey: Widely reject hamas? 52% support them in Gaza. 10% in west bank. look it up.

            • +17

              @seamonkey: You are entitled to your opinions about religion. But take that out of the Palestine conflict for a moment. Do you think it is fair for a nation who has been there for centuries, to give up their land to whomever their colonizers want? How would you feel if all the major powers in the world today forced Australia to give up land to the Chinese and create a "two state solution". Or the Ukrainians? Imagine if foreign powers came and forced YOU and your family out of your home and into an open air prison like Gaza.

              Hamas is a reaction to decades of that and more, and quite understandable tbh.

          • @navman: Oh thanks navman. Nobody ever explained it that way before. I had no idea it was so simple!

      • +29

        God of wars

      • +2

        If God is real, why are these things happening?

        • -1

          Faith in god, is only to help you on the journey. Shit can get crazy. The bible doesn’t promise you ice cream and sleep.

          • +7


            The bible doesn’t promise you ice cream and sleep.

            5 people negged you because they wanted ice cream and sleep

        • +1
        • There's a very good explanation for pretty much everything happening in the world.

          Good is real. But he hate us.

          (Stolen quote, forgot from where)

      • +3

        Both sides believe in the same god.

          • +5
          • +2

            @Iwantthatbargain: Yeah, neither of them wields Thunder!

          • +7

            @Iwantthatbargain: Judaism, Christianity and Islam are all Abrahamic religions - they believe in the same God and their respective holy books (Torah, Bible (Old testament) and Quran) contain the same stories with slight variations.
            Ironically in the Quran a discussion between Allah and Moses claims that Allah will forbid the Jewish peeps from the land of Isreal for forty years - which has obviously long since passed. So despite the Quran itself acknowledging the Jewish people as the Children of Isreal they continue to relentlessly attack them for residing in their lands. The reality is religion has nothing to do with the war and they are just using it to try and justify their disgusting actions.

            • +5

              @OpticalCog: Ok, well in the Old Testament it says the land was occupied by the Canaanites and Israelites justified their invasion by being promised by their God. It’s where the term ‘the Promised Land’ comes from. So in the Jewish book they were invaders on the land.

              Religion is dumb.

              • @nathand: Does that justify Hamas's desire to take over Israel?

            • +1

              @OpticalCog: Deny? It's the Isrealis that ethnically cleansed the Palestinians, they claim it's theirs and nobody's else. When it was under Moslem rule, all three religions co-existed and lived peacefully.

          • @Iwantthatbargain: The Jewish religion ended when Christ arrived.

          • +4


            No, the Jewish God and Allah are not same.

            Ignorance level 100

            Allah is juts Arabic for God. Same guy, just different views on Jesus and other things

            • -3

              @1st-Amendment: Ignorance level 101

              The attributes of Allah (as described in Islamic scriptures) differ from the attributes of Jewish/Christian God Yahweh (as described in Judeo Christian scriptures). Trinity is the biggest example. So they can't be same.

              • +3


                The attributes of Allah


                So you completely ignored the part where I said ' just different views on Jesus and other things'

                If you had asked even a single Muslim about this you wouldn't like a complete doofus right now. It's the same God, they have different interpretations on some of the details.

                Ignorance level infinity…

        • -4

          beg to differ. one god REALLY hates gays. the other, kinda sorta hates gays

        • there starts the problem.

      • which god ?

      • +1

        It seems God has granted "Free Calls to Israel" instead of granting "calls to free Palestine?"

    • +3

      Well, as long as you are calling your family and friends in Israel…

    • +2

      Generators and satellite phones ?

      • +13

        From where they getting the fuel, also been cut

        • -1

          They would have small stockpiles all over the place. Plus powerbanks that have been charged.

        • Egypt?

        • +3

          same way they got those missiles into the country….

    • +1

      Nobody care about Gaza,Telstra doing free ads or almost free

      • True they care about the invaders and colonizers

      • +1

        How long have you had foot-in-mouth disease?

      • +2

        you illiterate?

        Please keep the comments respectful

        • -1

          In reality, that’s what happening.

      • must be using the same telco that russia uses to write messages on missiles and sends to ukraine.

    • -2

      Israel, the Palestinian Territories and Afghanistan

      Includes more than Gaza. But stay angry 😂

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