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$50 Bonus after The First Deposit into Your Thriday Business Transaction Account (Sole Traders Only) @ Thriday


Sole trader? Get a $50 bonus after the first deposit into your Thriday business transaction account

Complete registration and receive your first genuine deposit into your Thriday account before 01 November 2023, and we'll credit your account with an additional $50!* Terms and conditions apply

*Terms and conditions:
This offer is made to new Thriday accounts only and is only redeemable by the Thriday transaction account holder with a valid Thriday transaction account that has received a deposit in accordance with the terms of the offer.

If a transaction account is frozen or suspended for any non-compliance with the Thriday transaction account terms and conditions (before or after the offer is redeemed), Thriday reserves the right to claim back unspent offer funds deposited to a Thriday transaction account. This offer is only available for people who complete registration of their first Thriday account and make the first deposit to their Thriday transaction account between 12:01am 18/10/2023 AEST and 11:59pm 30/10/2023 AEST.

No offers will be made for deposits following the first deposit or for subsequent accounts opened. Please ensure that you read all applicable information at https://www.thriday.com.au/legal-and-privacy.

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  • How does this compare to hnry?

    • @buzerk, you can see exactly how Thriday compares to Hnry here: https://www.thriday.com.au/compare/thriday-vs-hnry

      • From your website:
        “Hnry then disperse payments to your nominated bank account, minus any estimated taxes. This means Hnry hold onto the tax money you owe to the ATO until the end of the year.“

        Hnry make weekly PAYG contributions to the ATO on your behalf. Your statement above is simply not true.

        • Does Hnry pay your tax every week?

        • Many businesses prefer to have control over their money and budget for tax accordingly rather than pay it all to the ATO before they even know how much tax they need to pay but you're right, their FAQs state: "as soon as your payment arrives into your Hnry Account, we calculate, deduct and pay your taxes straight to the ATO."

          At Thriday we calculate the tax you owe in real-time, based on both income and expenses, you keep control of your money. You can set up multiple bank accounts within Thriday and easily set aside money for tax GST or anything else you earn if that's how you'd like to budget.

  • Do i need to be a sole trader to use this?

    • Yep, you do.

      Companies coming soon

  • +1

    Thursday + Friday = Thriday???

    • Thursday - Friday = Thriday 😉

      • Wouldn't that be ThursFri being the 'day' is the only part which can be subtracted?

  • What is defined as genuine deposit?

    • Not fraudulent.

      The $50 is an incentive to show you just how much more valuable Thriday is for your business in the long term

  • +1

    “Just $29.95 a month”. Yeah no thanks

    • No problem, it's not for everyone

  • Just $29.95 /month

    Sound too good to be true

    • -2

      I can increase the price for you if you like 😜 what's fair?

      • Jokes aside, $29.95 is a great price and as true as it comes.

  • +1

    As a freelance sole trader software dev who only does a couple invoices on the side a year, the price is a bit expensive to consider switching, especially without option to pay invoices with card or payid. But the product looks good, so kudos for that, will bookmark for the future.

    • We really appreciate that feedback @rldowling03 🙏

      We'll be ready when ou are.

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