Smith's Crinkle Cut Chips 380g - Original $4.29 @ ALDI


More chips for your buck! A party of one is still a party 😂

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    Aldi chips are pretty good too but I think this works out cheaper @ $1.13 per 100g.

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      No doubt, made in the same factory.

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      I once got aldi ice cream and regretted it.

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        cool story bro

      • which one thho

        • It was some vanilla chocoalate mix. Its been couple of years and dont remember which one exactly.

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    Just noticed they have the Tim Tam & Mint Slice family pack for $4.99 however I posted these in April 2022 for $2.79.

    That's a massive price jack!!!

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      1c cheaper than Colesworth everyday price. Terrible deal from aldi

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        And you have to take the trolleys from colesworth for that savings.

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    Wow, gonna stock up on this luxury item… potato…

    Not even joking either. The joke is the economy.

    • The fact Woolworths sell potatoes at $6.40/4kg and chip manufacturers argue the price of potatoes is too high so the cost of chips has to increase, is ridiculous

      • Its probably the cost of oil to fry and transport has gone up too. But its a shame the prices of these and other items literally doubled in no time.

        • More the cost of gas I believe.

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      Albo's Australia

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      We’ll soon replace the lipstick index with potato chip index. Interesting times.

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      I wonder what will happen when robots can fully run potato chip factories. How will they justify the prices, how would the big brands compete with new brands who open their own factories and man it with robots? No way will Kettle justify $10 per bag when Kettle Clone can sell for $2 a bag.

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        I would assume factory labour is such a small proportion of the production cost, it won't make any significant difference.

        • Farm labour too. I found an article on ABC News that explains the process of making Smith’s chips in Australia (…). The article mentions that the company contracts 120 million kilograms of potatoes annually from 47 sites ranging from northern Queensland to southern Victoria. The potatoes are grown by farming families who have been supplying potatoes to make Smith’s chips for decades. So presumably it will one day be possible to have robots that can plant, tend to, and grow potato fields one day, freeing up all those families for more productive endeavours.

          • @AustriaBargain: That is probably not gonna make a huge difference. Iirc it costs peanuts to produce milk, it’s the chain that follows that marks up the price in the end.

            • @frugalftw: Well there will be robot truck drivers too. We'll just pay a teenager with a shotgun to sit in the robot truck to stop bandits from stealing the chips.

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    More chips for your buck!

    It is not recommended to feed chips to bucks…

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      Reported to the mods for Dad joke.

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        No, it is a fact…

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      You can always give it to the does 😛

  • $4.29……. what a time to be alive.

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    380g is now a party pack? Back in the day, that was the twin serve.

  • Original is 4.29

    Salt and Vinegar is 4.99

    Same weight. Annoying.

    • It’s a typo. Per gram price is the same.

      • Does not look like it.

        Original shows 4.29 ( 1.13 per 100g )

        Salt and Vinegar shows 4.99 (1.31 per 100g )

        • lol I need new glasses, thanks.

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    I found Salt and Vinegar flavour in store and it was marked and scanned at $4.29 (the same price as Original).

    So it was a typo online. Always strange when a major brand has different standard flavours priced differently.

    • Thanks for the comment. I forgot about this deal already lol

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