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Sapphire Radeon RX 7800 XT 16GB Graphics Card $829 + Shipping @ PC Case Gear


AMD Radeon™ RX 7800 XT 16GB
GPU: Boost Clock: Up to 2430 MHz
GPU: Game Clock: Up to 2124 MHz
Memory: 16GB/256 bit DDR6. 19.5Gbps Effective
Stream Processors: 3840
RDNA™ 3 Architecture
Ray Accelerator: 60

On sale! (normally $899) The Sapphire Radeon RX 7800 XT graphics card features a 2430MHz boost clock, a 2124MHz game clock, 256-bit memory interface, 19.5Gb/s memory speed, AMD RDNA 3 technology, PCIe 4.0 bus standard, 3 x DisplayPort, and 1 x HDMI ports.

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  • +13

    $500USD = $787.28 + 10% GST = $866.008

    So its a little under the Aussie RRP :) I still feel like these should be $800 and under and the 7700XT should be no more then $650 seeing the 6800 has more ram and is like 1-2% faster for less $

    New gen GPU pricing sux.. Nvidia pricing is even worse

  • +14

    Be aware of pccg recent terrible shipping time

    I ordered a case and was not shipped after 3 weeks of wait. Had to refund.

    I would seriously suggest ppl buy somewhere else.

    • +4

      I second this message, had the same experience, if you can buy somewhere else you can pick up from. So much easier.

    • +4

      Just cancelled my order for a case after waiting 7 days for an update - which only said they couldn't tell me when they would be sending it.
      Ordered with Scorptec and it was dispatched in less 5 hours.

    • -1

      In 2007 i ordered a LARGE 25KG Fractal PC Case from PCCG at 8:30am
      It was shipped from Victoria within 30 minutes and and i received it to my office in Sydney - Missions Point at 4:30PM on the same day :)

      Never seen that ever again from any online store ever. :) .. I know Amazon has same day delivery now but same day from another state is a thing of the past.

      • +4

        That's never happened with their Startrak (mostly because Auspost is almost guaranteed to damage, get lost or otherwise take unecessary detours and visits to depots) deliveries for me. In fact the one time I ordered a N200 + a PSU (ozb special) it took about a week or so to arrive (as standard).

        In the past they were the only stockers of high quality thermal paste and thermal pads amongst other niche gizmo's.

        Putting together a cart of 6-7 items was the go to thing because their shipping was so god awful expensive (a stick of thermal paste was $18 shipped to Sydney). Them arranging the delivery was usually 3-4 days of lead time to put the order together, 2-3 to arrive on my doorstep.

        The speed is not great but not bad, the cost of shipping is awful and the customer service is average (calling during the day to one of their physical locations always worked wonders).

        If I lived in Melbourne and could pick up from PCCG I reckon I'd be a happy techie.

        • +1

          I thought they don't do pick-up anymore which was a huge recent gripe with them

      • +2

        that PCCG is long gone.

    • Haven’t ordered from them but varied reports of late, some people have had stuff ship quickly, many not with crap customer service when following up. Blaming moving warehouse but likely stuff not actually in stock?

    • +11

      In 2020 PCCG was acquired by German company Pro Gamers Group, which was part of private equity firm Gilde Buy Out Partners.

      In 2021 Pro Gamers Group was acquired by Dutch investment company HAL.

      Their customer service standards have been adjusted recently.


      Comment from Reddit user who claims that they worked there.

      • +3

        ^^ This ^^

        Such a shame. I remember the good old PCCG from back in the day. Bought a few grand worth of gear from them between 2005-2020. They were never the cheapest but had good stock and a lot of limited edition or hard to find parts. Postage was only a few days or you could get a click and collect order picked up in 1 hour.

    • Wtf is going on???

      PCCG used to be the gold standard

      • Yeah apparently new boss and become shit.

  • +1

    Decent deal. My 6800xt was $1800 when it came out

    • +3

      The 7800 XT is a slightly lower tier card - the 6800 XT even outperforms it in some benchmarks. The latter is succeeded by the 7900 XT, despite the name.

      • +1

        Had a glance at the reviews. Hardly can we say this is a upgrade from 6800xt. Like single digit percentage performance increase..

      • +2

        I'd watch this space as that's already starting to change. At 1440P, the 7800 XT beats the 6800 XT on Starfield, COD MW2/Warzone 2.0, Remnant, Immortals of Aveum, Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart, The Last of Us, Star Wars Jedi Survivor, Hogwarts Legacy with Raytracing on and Ultra detail, A Plague Tale Requiem and F1 23. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-HS0f3cmotM

        Also, just wait until the drivers continue to improve and when FluidMotion is out of beta…

        • +1

          Reviews where the 6800 XT does better (such as Gamers Nexus') is usually because they're comparing a third party overclocked 6800 XT to a reference 7800 XT. The one you linked is reference vs reference which makes a lot more sense.

          • +1

            @Ezio: The big difference in something like this is less the boost from an aftermarket card's overclock, and more the 72 compute units in the 6800 XT vs the 60 compute units in the 7800 XT. If those were matched, the 7800 XT would be running circles around its predecessor.

      • is that so? I wonder why. AMD isn't NVIDIA, they didn't cut memory bus in half and called that improvement

  • I'd recommend buying some discounted Amazon or eBay GCs (~7% discount); I was able to buy a Steel Legend 7800XT for ~$820 out of pocket, similar prices with eBay if you're a Plus member and can take advantage of the recent coupon deals.

    • +1

      Amazon or eBay GCs (~7% discount)
      where can I have these?

      • I got mine from the Classifieds here on OZB, though I'm aware that some may not be comfortable with this; I can provide references if needed.

    • Was this shipped from Amazon AU or international? If the latter, does it still have the normal warranties?

      • International, if I remember correctly that Steel Legend was being sold by Amazon Japan

        Not sure about the warranty situation though

  • +1

    PCCG in the current era lol.

  • +1

    i was hyped at this post for a second before remembering that its pretty much ~ 6800 xt.

  • They mistakenly had the image of the Nitro a few days ago. Would suck to receive the reference model instead.

  • +1

    OK price but honestly wait for Black Friday lads.

    • +1

      Fan of PCCG for small stuff and 1 large monitor in last 24 months delivered ontime for me regionally (within 2 weeks or just over). Sounds mixed though.

      BUT this price - waiting for it to release and drop this particular card almost 12 months! So, tempting…

      BUT BUT what could it possibly get down too realistically with black friday?? Only $800?

  • should i jump the gun and get this one or wait for an eventual sale on the Nitro 7900 xtx?

  • MWave now following suit but for only a few days, and for $10 more.
    Also announced for these cards and higher, and similar gen CPUs, is free new Avatar game

  • This or wait for black Friday sale?

    • Got it (from umart)

  • This is now $820 + shipping from CCPU, but the next one up Pulse has dropped 849 to 825 https://www.ccpu.com.au/show_cat.php?cat_id=ati
    Megabuy & Skycomp Pulse also dropped 831
    7700 xt finally below 700 at https://www.mwave.com.au/product/gigabyte-radeon-rx-7700-xt-…

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