[SA] Balfours Custard Tart $0.99 @ Foodland, Morphett Vale


Love me a good custard tart.

Balfours style for 99c.

Best before 31/10 (for the trick or treaters ?)

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Morphett Vale Foodland
Morphett Vale Foodland


  • That's a lot of tarts!

  • +2

    As an ex-South Australian this literally makes my mouth water

    • You denounced your heritage?

      • The custard tarts are literally the only thing I miss …

    • +2

      Any ideas on how I can get these delivered to Vic, partner is an expat and raves about them

  • I loved those when I lived in SA

  • Wish they'd send these and Golden North ice cream to the Eastern seaboard

  • Gonna check my local tomorrow thanks op
    If i had a bigger freezer id drive to mv

  • +1

    There were a few places in nsw who used to sell them (including Bunnings cafe) but sadly haven't seen them anywhere for years :(

  • -2

    isnt there a better name for this Tart? just because of the name i would never try it even for free!!

    • +1

      The brand? Or "custard"?..

    • -2

      Are you referring to Arthur Balfour and the Balfour Declaration?

      Its called Balfours because the founder was named Margaret Balfour. As far as I can tell there is no relation between them. Its not that rare a name.

      Mod: Removed inflammatory statement

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