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[WA] Steak 250g with Chips & Pepper Sauce $7 on Wednesday & Thursday Night in November (Was $20) @ The Village Bar Subiaco


According to Perth Now, $7 steaks extended for the month of November due to the popular demand! 🔥 🥩


On Wednesday and Thursday from 5 pm in November, 2023.

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The Village Bar Subiaco
The Village Bar Subiaco

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    I like how they were honest in the article about why they are continuing it. It made a nice change from the usual corporate spin.

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      I mean, what do you mean you like them being honest? It attracts people into the venue, what else could it be?

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        Typical corpo spin will say they're doing it for the community because times are tough blabla trying to make themself look like a saint

  • I miss when the orient hotel was doing $5 steak and chips with any drink purchase.
    Could grab a pint and meal for $12 during happy hour. Was absolutely magical.

    $7 aint bad either though.

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      Ruinbar on Beaufort Street does a $16 pizza and pint on Sundays, good value. The pizza comes from a pizzeria next door.

      Northbridge Brewing Company used to have $5 pizzas with any drink purchase, this was in the pre Covid era. They still have specials there, but not at that level.

      The Vic in Subiaco used to have a $5 steak on Tuesdays pre Covid, it was a small serve, around 200 grams The hotel has been under tarps for years.

    • $5 Schnitzel isn't quite as good, but it comes close.

  • Edit: form submitted eventually.

    Has the website been OzBargained? Struggling to submit a booking request using the form!

    • Same unable to make a booking

  • And somehow I walk out down $200

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      Thats the perfect example why they offer $7 steak.

  • I'm guessing they are making a loss on the steak and chips but no one is making you buy drinks and additional items so a $7 steak meal is super cheap

  • Is there something similar in Melbourne?

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      Yes but it's usually $38 with a pot of VB crap.

  • anyone manage to get a booking?

    • Need to book for a bar/pub? wth

    • I filled out the form. It said thanks for your request, updates about your booking will be sent to your email.

      • yeah I'm still waiting :(

        • Same, I've heard nothing.

  • Just tried to book a table for 2 and got this reply

    Hi there,

    We are only taking bookings of x4 people and above but will do our best to seat you if you want to walk in.

    Please note that $7 steak night is on every Wed & Thurs from 5pm if you would like to book a table of x4 people and above.


    Ross Westlake
    The Village Bar

    • Sounds like it could be a cluster there in coming weeks, now that this deal has been publicised on PerthNow, 6PR,amd of course here! Just imagine 100+ people all ordering steaks at around the same time.

  • Website is down. Phone is busy.

    Booked this morning and no confirmation email received.

    Can I walk in?

    • Swung by to have a quick look after work, every table is booked and it’s very busy. I’m guessing it’ll be quieter next week and you might get lucky walking in after 7

    • When I rang to make a reservation for next week, they said they're not taking any reservations. It's walk in only. I never received a confirmation or any indication they received my booking when I made a booking through their website. (after I filled out the form, it said updates will be sent to your email but never heard anything)

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    The steak was tiny, tasteless, and unseasoned. Also had to wait almost 3 hours for the steak to arrive. Maybe some of you might get a better experience but it definitely was a waste of my time.

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      3 hours…..

      • If you look up the reviews on google maps there's quite a few people that complained about this. Such a bummer cus $7 is a great deal for steak and chips

        • I had a feeling it was going to be a clusterfarq (see my post above) but I wasn't expecting you'd wait 3 hours. I thought your medium-rare would come out well-done etc and the chips cold. Maybe after ninety minutes. Three hours is beyond extreme. I admire you for waiting. Was it prepayment?

          • @Charlie Dont Surf: Well you’re right about the cold chips and the medium rare steak coming out well done. It was prepayment too otherwise we would have left

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