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$20 Cashback When You Spend $100 at BIG W @ Citibank (Credit Cards)


Very similar to this deal with Latitude but ending 26/10/2023 with Citibank:

From past experience, this is normally targeted offer. Check Citi AU Mobile app > Offers under "My Cashback"

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    Do BigW sell woolies or wish GCs?

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      yes they do sell wish cards

      • Nice, hopefully I am targeted soon

  • On one citibank accout got $10 and other one is 20

    • btw, do u have 2 primary card? or 2nd account is for additional cardholder?

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        Additional cardholders don't usually have access to these Citi cashback offers.

      • I have two primary cards

  • I can see the cashback but I can't press on anything. Is it automatic?

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      yes, once u got the offer, just need to spend. took them a few days to credit the cashback (as with other bank too)

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      Repeatedly jabbing on the offers usually gets them to open after a long delay.

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    If this for credit card holders only?
    Or do debit holders get targeted offers too?

    • There is even no offers option in my app

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    Nice, i also see $10 cashback for $100 spending at DJ and Special Gift cards.

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      Same here, have big W, DJ and Special GC similar to Latitude offer.

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    I'm thinking this is credit card holders only? I have a debit card but their app has no cashback section

    Edit: Nevermind I seached Citibank's website and found it's for credit card

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      My Cashback gives you more value from your Citi credit card.
      My Cashback is the new simple way to receive cashback on purchases from your favourite retailers. Simply continue to use your Citi Mastercard credit card and you automatically receive personalised My Cashback offers in the Citi Mobile® App every month.

  • Got it in SPOT account

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    There is a QFF bonus point offer to go with this if you link the card to Qantas Shopping.


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      Seems to be targeted? I logged in to my Qantas shopping and can't see Big W, only some unknown stores

    • Awesome! Thanks for this. I had to cancel my old card a couple of months ago after it was hacked and this was a useful reminder to relink it before buying a Wish gift card…

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      I purchased a $100 Wish Gift card and can confirm I got both $20 cashback(from Citi) and 800 Qantas Points.

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        Me too!

    • is there direct link of offer?

      • No. If it's not in app then your card is not applicable.

    • Thanks, it worked - Big W took a week to show up after linkage.

      The points arrived today:

      22-Nov-2023 BIG W +800 Activity took place on 18-Nov-2023

      (I bought a $100 WISH gift card in-store on 18 November.)

  • should be ok to buy GC if same as last?

    • Should be, planning to do it

  • I had this deal when I first saw it get posted, went back and now offers is empty :(

    EDIT: nvm, got it confused with Latitude offer lol

  • Hmmm, I received the offer back on the 30th Oct, subsequently made the purchase a few days later, and have yet to receive the cashback. I've checked the My Offers section in my app and noticed that offer has disappeared. Is that normal behaviour (i.e. offer is removed after taking advantage of the offer), or did the Big W offer get removed from my account?

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      Update - just checked my statement today and I've received the $20 credit.

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    Just used mine to buy Wish yesterday, and now this coming up :(

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    Check Citi AU Mobile app > Offers under "My Cashback"

    I don't even see the offers button in the app. Maybe because I just have a debit card.

  • The offers section showing blank for me today. Not sure it will show up again or finished early. Anyone able to view any offers?

    • Same for me, can't see any offers under Citi Rewards.

    • A forced restart of the app sorted it for me.

  • Can you buy wish gift cards online?

    • Yes, but that would be on Woolworths portal.

    • +1

      don't do that, as above, it wouldn't be recorded as Big W

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    Nice - just found this on my Citi App and going to combine with the 10% extra on Ultimate gift cards

  • Looks like Spot is closing for good as of 16 Jan 2024 onwards :(

  • How long has it taken for the cashback to be reflected?

    • One week, although when the cashback appears it is backdated by three days.

      See below, I purchased last Saturday and the cashback was only reflected this morning:

      18/11/2023 BIG W AUD 100.00
      22/11/2023 *Cashback *bigw Rebate AU AUD 20.00

  • can you take up offer on multiple card accounts ie spot and a Citi credit card or is it just 1 cash back per person?

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