[eBay Plus] $0 Variable Final Value Fee on 1 New Listing (November 2023, No Discount Cap) @ eBay Australia


It's back! eBay seller fee promo for November 2023 for eBay Plus members, with no cap. However, only for 1 sale this month, so make it worthwhile!

Enjoy :)

ISP Notes

$0 Variable Final Value Fees on 1 New Listing

$0 Variable Final Value Fees - November 2023 (Terms and Conditions)

Activation link: https://www.rsvp.ebay.com.au/rsvp/signup/1011823/1vQqoxd_n1M

Promotion details:

  • The promotion runs from 9:00 AM (AEDT) on 1 November 2023 and will be available for a limited time only, for as long as it is advertised on the eBay.com.au site (“Promotion Period”).

  • “Eligible Sellers” means registered sellers who:

    • do not have a current eBay Store subscription;
    • have Australia or New Zealand as their registered address on eBay; and
    • have an active eBay Plus membership. The eBay Plus Terms and Conditions will apply in respect of your membership;
    • have received an invitation from eBay to participate in this promotion;
    • have activated the promotion by accepting these Terms and Conditions by either clicking “Accept offer” on this Terms and Conditions page or clicking “Get offer” under the “promotional offers” section of their My eBay account; and
    • have received confirmation from eBay that “you’ve accepted the offer”.

  • The Promotion entitles Eligible Sellers, who have activated this promotion in accordance with these terms, to 0% variable fees (which is a component of Final Value Fees as defined on eBay.com.au) on the sale of one Eligible Listing sold during the Promotion Period.

  • “Eligible Listings” means item listings that are:

    • newly listed on eBay.com.au during the Promotion Period (i.e. it cannot be a relisted item through ‘Good ‘til Cancelled (GTC) or auto-renewal);
    • listed in multi-quantity or single quantity fixed price or auction format only; and
    • not listed in one of the Excluded Categories (as defined below).

  • This promotion only applies to the variable fees on the Eligible Listing that is sold prior to the listing renewal, whether by auto-renewal or because the listing is GTC. After this, standard eBay fees will apply.


  • Items listed in the following categories are excluded from the Promotion (“Excluded Categories”): Websites & Businesses for Sale (11759), Aircraft (63676), Boats (26429), Caravans, Motorhomes (32633), Cars (29690), Motorcycles (32073), Trucks, Commercial Vehicles (6049), Real Estate (10542), Services (316), Flights (3253), Tickets (1305), Travel (3252), Gift Cards (172009). These Excluded Categories are in addition to any listings or categories restricted by eBay's prohibited and restricted items policies.

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    1 New Listing


  • Is there a price limit? Was going to sell off a watch.

  • +17

    Bloody lame effort eBay.

  • 1…..

    • 2…..

      • More like 0… next

  • +5

    And no 50% off postage labels. Didn't think it was possible, but eBay plus has gone even further downhill

    • The 50% off postage labels only applies to Fashion items but runs to 31/12.

      • +1

        Usually applies for everything

        • +1

          Yes, I know… I was just pointing out that what is there is item specific (fashion) and is valid for two months. Hopefully they will come good with an additional 3 items for everything (just as we had two lots of 3 last month).

          • +4

            @cryptowiz: Yeh gotcha. Might sell some of my things under the wrong category then 😉

      • any link of this?

  • +7

    Last year we had 1$ fees in Nov. those were the days

  • EBay has done good deals for sellers in Dec normally

    • yes because most of them have flocked to fb marketplace

      • FB MP is full of scammers. better not to sell anything than posting in FB mp.

        • lol i have sold and bought a lot from fb marketplace. Just ignore scammers

          • +1

            @truebunny: its either scammers or people who are asking for rock bottom prices or people just ask if its available and disappear. Like a brand new iP 15 pro max 256gb, people were asking for $1400-1500.
            I have had a person turn up to my place to buy a mobile, through FB MP, just to snatch it and run away. got the phone back, but that incident still haunts me.

            • @shanlee: Same goes with gumtree too

            • +1

              @shanlee: Agree with you FB Marketplace is rubbish don't bother unless you got time to waste.

              You might as pay some fee to eBay. Your time is worth more than that dealing with lowballers and scammers

  • +2

    Any other fees to be aware of?

  • +6

    Wow 1 listing, so generous ebay…..

  • +5

    Well, one is better than nothing, but the offers are going down hill rapidly.

    • Yeah all I want to sell just a phone that covers it

  • +1

    Haven't really seen an incentive to reinstate my eBay Plus membership since they introduced the $25 discount cap a few months ago…

  • Is 3 for $25 cap gone?

    • +1


      • +3

        Vote up for you.
        Vote down for ebay if I can find where.

  • +2

    wtf sold something just 2 days ago

    • +1

      Same. Paid $60 fee

  • +1

    Hi folks, I have previously listed an item for sales, if I end that listing and start a new listing with this offer, would it be qualified?

    BTW, I just got a renew deal to renew my Ebay Plus for $9.99

    • +3

      I have previously listed an item for sales, if I end that listing and start a new listing with this offer, would it be qualified?

      Correct. Make sure it is a new listing from scratch and not a "relist".

      • +1

        Cheers for the swift response mate.

        Edit: I renewed the eBay Plus for $9.99 for 12 months. so you might be able to get that.

        • Hi can you share how you renew eBay Plus for $9.99 for 12 months? Was it an email offer?

          • @kcy: there is no email offer on that one, I was just jumping into the renewal pages, initially was planning to just join for a month then cancel it. Then, it just shows me the $9.99 deal at payment page.

            • @Ramennightmare: Are you due for renewal soon? Mine is to be renewed in a week. If I don't get a good deal I am thinking to let it expire.

              • @kcy: I think what I did back in September was, I subscribed for 1 month and then canceled the same day. So in November I am due for renewal. In October, I didn't subscribe for anything

                • @Ramennightmare: Thanks for clarification. It seems that I need to let my membership expires then before I can get any new membership offer.

        • +1

          No worries and likewise mate - thanks for your help - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/808968

      • +1

        Hey mate, just want to get clarification again. Is it the first item I list today will be $0 ? Does ebay automatically pick this up? because I have listed a couple of other item today, I hope that it won't interfere with the most expensive one that I listed which I want it to be $0 fee.

        Or eBay will just go by which one has been sold first? If that's the case I might end listing for the cheaper item

        • +2

          It will go by the one that sells first - which will get the promotion applied.

  • Woo 30% off for store sellers ^^

  • So I can sell my Galaxy S23 brand new condition + Spigen case without an eBay fee?

    That's a solid deal tbh.

    Although seems like it might not be worth it if a buyer tries to shaft me with a chargeback or complaint despite the phone being in brand-new condition…

  • Good but bad I guess haiyaaa

  • Hi beautiful people,
    I saw this offer while scrolling through my eBay plus page, I just tried to activate it and it says I’m not eligible for it.
    I went on customer chat and wasn’t able to chat, I was blocked, probably because I lost my cool with the last customer happiness representative l spoke to at Ebay whom did my head in, then I asked for eBay to give me a call, the customer happiness representative told me that it’s by email invite only.
    Why do they put these offers on our pages if we can’t then activate them?

    • +1

      support is just telling you what they're taught to say, even if its not true.

      Do you have an ebay plus subscription?

      • Yes

        • +1

          Worked on all 3 of my accounts that have ebay plus.
          Might have to sign up for a new account and use the ebay trial, then try activating it.

          • @bargainhunterjacob: Yeah I've never got an email for those selling promos just Click the accept offer from the link and screenshot it. But yeah stuff it sounds like they should open a new account.

          • @bargainhunterjacob: I found out why I can’t accept the offers, because a few days ago I signed up for the free ebay store for 6 months promo.
            I actually spoke to a good customer happiness service representative at Ebay earlier and he was helpful and worked out that that was the reason.
            If you have a store, then you’re not eligible for these type of seller offers, he assured me that it’s better to have the six months free store membership as you only pay around 8% fees and there’s store offers that will come up at different times, so I’ll take his advice and keep the store.

  • +1

    1 only, how stingy….

  • Anyone saw this one for 5 listings? https://www.ebay.com.au/sellercentre/promo/1011556

  • +1

    Only 1, well I better find the highest price point item I have for sale and get that sold.

    • +1

      I just sold my $800 item. Guess that makes my month’s limit 🥲

      • +1

        Yep, then comes the time to list all the small value stuff.

  • this is why i sell on marketplace instead. What a joke.

    • +2

      But with $0 fee lisitng, most of the time can get 10-15% higher price vs marketplace.

  • I have some listings with the $25 cap promotion. I intend to cancel one and use this promotion instead. Quick question…if I cancel and relist, will I be eligible for the promotion? My thought process is how you can add Amazon items to cart from your Wish List and it won't be eligible for cash back. Anyway what are your thoughts? Or should I create a new listing instead?

    • No don’t relist. Create a new listing.

  • Tight..

  • this still means there is a final value fee though?

  • +2

    Thanks for the heads up OP, but eBAy what are you doing?
    So stingy..

    • Yeah… 2 listings would be great.

  • Does anyone know if the item has to sell before expiry date on 31/11/2023, or it just has to be listed before 31/11/2023?

    • Listed before.

    • +2

      Listed before. From experience, I’ve had listings made before the end of month but sold within the following month that received the credit.

      Example: list on 30/10/23 and sold on 8/11/23.

      However there have been reports from some people who have done the same but got charged FVF.

      And then it’s a tug of war trying to get eBay to waive/refund the FVF that has been charged.

      Their CS reps will no doubt claim that it needs to be both LISTED and SOLD within the promotion period.

      • Maggots

  • do i need to apply the promotion to my listing? i have it active in my selling overview. just worried because on the listing under "Promotions" it just has a -
    selling something for 1k so want to be sure

  • +3

    It will get applied to the FIRST item you sell that you have listed "after" activating the promotion.

    You don't get to choose when of your listings you want it to apply to —- it will get applied to the first one that sells.

    So if you have 2 items - a $1k item and a $10 item and both gets listed after you have activated the promotion and the $10 item sells before the $1k item - then the $10 promotion will receive the promotion and the $1k item will miss out.

    What do do here?

    If you have let's say 10 items listed - a $1k item and 9 $10 items, and you want the promo to only apply to the $1k item, what you can do is:

    • List all 10 items (after activating the promo) the 1x $1k item and the 9x $10 items —-> new listings
    • End the 9x $10 items but don't touch the $1k item
    • RELIST those 9x $10 items —-> make sure you use "RELIST" in this case
    • Leave the $1k item alone and don't end it

    This way whenever any of the 9x $10 items sell, the promo will not apply to them since they are "RELIST"

    When/if the $1k item sells, the promo will apply to it - since it will be the "FIRST" item that sells that is eligible for the promo (aka the "RELIST" items are not eligible for the promo)

    • Good idea 💡 🤔 And bump 👌

    • Could you not just list the 9 x $10 items then activate the promo and list the one expensive item?

      • +1

        Yes, unless the promo has already been activated - then the only option is to use the “Relist” trick

    • +1

      Smart. Sometimes I just use an old listing tho and change the entire listing to a whole new product.

  • Do we need the email invite? I only juat signed up to eBay Plus with the sale on, so I havent gotten an invite.
    I clicked the link and it worked, but I want to be sure eBay wont reject my claim on a big sale (no fvf will allow me to drop price a little to get the sale).

  • +2

    I'll never use eBay again, lol.

    Thanks to the last free listing promo, I took the 'safe' option and listed a new phone for sale, sealed, in-box.

    What I wasn't aware of before is eBay refunds any buyer that files an 'item not as described', which is what happened when the buyer claimed the phone was 'network locked to Telstra', while at the same time saying they hadn't opened it (I also provided proof that it was unlocked).

    Auspost just delivered the forced return that eBay support automatically allowed the buyer (with no evidence of a problem), and low-and-behold, an empty phone box was delivered back to me today.

    • +1

      You should have seller protection, and of course its annoying to fight for this. But don't think this warrants a neg. That lowlife scammer will rot and die in hell .

      • +3

        You'd think seller protections were real. Then you go onto Reddit and search for 'empty box scam' and this seems to be an ongoing and long term problem, where eBay always takes the buyers side no matter what and accepts the return without a shred of proof.

        As for the neg, post a Left Wing or Right Wing book deal and it will get 50 negs. At least with this one, I hope at least one person is curious enough to find the post and then decide not to list a $1,000+ product on eBay.

        • Did you take video when you pack the phone and showing the "Seals" on the box? if so, you can fight it as the product wasn't return to you as brand new.

          • @bobokingdom: I took photos with the buyers pre-paid postage and at the post office with the receipt etc. On reddit many posters state that ebay support don't review video links provided.

            Also the buyer stated in the refund request comms that the box was unopened, and I did video receiving and unpacking the return package from the postie.

            • +1

              @dubo1981: Do you have the link for the buyer?

            • @dubo1981: What happens next dubo ? How do you get your $1000 back ?

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