Join eBay Plus for $9.99 for 1 Year (Was $49 Per Year) @ eBay Australia


Just went to sign up for eBay Plus on my inactive account and saw that they are offering $9.99 eBay Plus memberships for 1 year (thanks to @Ramennightmare)

Don't forget your $20 cashback when you click via TopCashback and sign up. Thanks to @MiscOzB

If not using TopCashback, head to the eBay Plus page and try to sign up (either find the banner or just try to sign up as usual). The offer will be there on the payment screen where you select your membership plan.

Thanks to @nicholasv go to this link and accept this offer for a $20 voucher before signing up to the $9.99 deal. You might be lucky and score a $20 voucher, making eBay pay you to be a Plus member. After signing up, find the voucher here. (long-running deal) might not work from reports

For those currently on eBay Plus membership, accept this $30 gift card offer then proceed to cancel your membership. When you sign on to this deal, sometimes eBay will still send you the $30 Gift Card (at a later date). (long-running deal)

A year of eBay Plus for $9.99 - Terms & Conditions

  • This offer commences at 10:00am AEDT on 1 November 2023 and is available for a limited time only, for as long as it is advertised on the site (“Offer Period”). eBay reserves the right to cancel the offer at any time.

  • This offer is only available to Eligible Users. “Eligible Users” means users who have been invited to participate in the offer via email or eBay Message Centre and/or homepage banners on To successfully sign up to the offer, Eligible Users must:

    • accept (or “redeem”) the offer by clicking on the 'Join Now' button shown in the email, eBay Message Centre communication, or homepage banner on; and
    • sign up to an annual eBay Plus membership.
  • This offer entitles Eligible Users to 1 year (“Term”) of an eBay Plus membership for the cost of $9.99 AUD. After the Term concludes, standard annual renewal pricing of $49 per annum will apply. Your eBay Plus membership will automatically renew at the end of the Term for a further term unless you or eBay cancel it prior to the end of the membership period. eBay Plus Terms and Conditions apply.

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  • +3

    thx mate got the offer!

  • +5

    worked for me. There was a banner about half way down the page, select that, and the payment screen pops up with $10 for the first 12 months.

    • +2

      Thanks so much for mentioning having to scroll down to find the banner. I only found it after reading this.

      • on which page you see the banner?

        • i found it on the 'ebay plus' page. there's a link with the little logo next to your username where it says "G'day"

          • @eggboi: I haven't subscribed to ebay plus before, and I only see the option to join with a free trial for a month, and then $5 monthly after that. Perhaps only available to former subscribers?

    • +2

      so theoretically you can score either:
      - $20 top cashback or
      - $20 voucher or
      - $30 voucher

      With the $20 top cashback is the most likely. Either way $10 for a year is good deal.

  • +8

    Fantastic, my plus was about to renew on the 26th last month and I cancelled it, and they offered a 30% discount to keep it. So glad I didn't blink and pay em.

    • Same, I did have to pay for another month temporarily on my main accounts (just to sell) so hopefully this offer is still available next month.

    • Same, and very happy with that decision.

      • Same, and very happy with that decision.

        Would you mind to explain in plain language the decision? :)

    • they offered a 30% discount to keep it. So glad I didn't blink and pay em.

      Wait, I am confused.
      What is the best deal - keep the membership and accept $30 instead of cancellation or cancel and signup again?

      • Highly unlikely to get that offer if you are already ebay plus member unless you have gotten it on another account, so 30%/$30 gift card better than the usual $49. I got the $30 gift card offer which I took.

  • +5

    I got the $5 offer last year and it was absolutely worth it!

    • @Nefe

      Same here, my year is nearly up expiring this month.

      Anybody know if we can prepay early for another year with this offer before expiry of current subscription?

      • There use to be an offer of some description if you went through the process of cancelling before the renewal date. Not sure if it still exists or how much it was.

        • Thanks!

          My subscription expires end of this month. Going to cancel so they dont hit my card up if I forget to cancel.

          Will see how it goes and would hope ebayplus remains keen on retaining subscribers. :)

          • +2

            @zztrader: I took the $4.99 deal last year (1 month free then $4.99 for 12 mths). I cancelled it a couple of months later so it would not auto renew. Auto renew was cancelled but still ran for the full 12 mths ends 22 Dec. I've been getting the $5 off each month plus the free delivery. I just checked but I don't have any new offer as yet otherwise I would certainly take it again.

            • +3

              @biteme: @biteme

              I cancelled mine today leaving 28 days left, but I did get the $30 voucher offer if I kept auto renew on.
              Decided to pass on the $30 and hope the $9.99 would still be there by the 30th of this month in which I sure would take up the offer again. If its not available then Ah well, that's life.

              Am hoping some alternative offer comes along though. I don't spend much on eBay so might just do the $5 a month when I needed. Wish there was more listings involved with ebayplus though as still lots of value out there depending what your in the market for.

              Good luck with that and hope they throw us both a 2nd chance come back promo of some sort to keep us subscribed should they be into that! Cheers 😀👍

  • Could try to stack with SB $15 cashback (they say only eligible if it's your first sign up though).

    • +5

      Try with TCB, I was able to get the $15 Cashback even though I had a subscription before

      • +3

        And even better now - $20 cashback. Should add this to the post too @I Smell Pennies

        • Thanks, will do!

        • +1

          FFS. I should really read the whole thread before jumping in. Signed up through the $20 voucher link but did not go through Topcashback. Fail.

        • Thid is for new subscriptions, not for renewing your current/expired one though. Unless and expired subscription counts as a new one?

        • +2

          Is the $20 cashback for new customer of TCB or new customer of eBay Plus?

          • @Future Kids: Can someone please confirm this? @I Smell Pennies

            • @virhlpool: Please reach out to TopCashback customer support to enquire. Sorry but I do not work for or affiliated with TopCashback.

            • @virhlpool: @Future Kids Just wondering if you had contacted the TCB rep regarding meaning of new customer - is it of TCB or eBay Plus? Thanks

              @TopCashback AU Rep Can you please clarify as I can't find in T&Cs of meaning of new customer? I'm already a member of TCB and have an expired eBay Plus membership. Would I be eligible for the $20 cashback with TCB? Thanks

              • @trixieb: Sorry, I didn't contact. I didn't pull a trigger because I wasn't sure about this.

              • @trixieb: No, I have not reach out to TCB.
                The terms are really confusing, it says not eligible on free trials and existing ebay plus customers.
                Should I re-join after the free trail, but then will I be treated as a new ebay plus customer?

                • @Future Kids: I've contacted the rep but no response yet

                • +1

                  @Future Kids: @virhlpool TCB rep sent this message today:

                  Hi there,

                  So sorry that it's taken us a while to get back to you. Just to note, it's better to contact us directly via our site as we're able to get back to you quicker.

                  According to eBay Plus, because you had signed up before, you wouldn't be classed as a new customer and so you wouldn't be eligible for this cashback offer.

                  • @trixieb: That is so dodgy, there's no way eBay is reporting back to TCB that the account has previously had eBay plus.

                    • +1

                      @CodeXD: I was offered $9.99, took the risk and just signed up via TCB yesterday.
                      A few people mentioned they got the cashback previously although they are not 'new' customers.
                      Will report back if I get the cashback or not

          • @Future Kids: Can anyone clarify this? A new user will get a "free trail" (i created a new account to be safe) which also seems it will invalidate…. Anyone figured this out?

        • When I click on the link … then it takes me to ebay and ebay shows: $4.99/ month
          without the link …. ebay shows: $9.99/year

          did this happen to anyone?

          • @MarkJason: Happened to me, but at checkout it goes to 9.99

  • I still can't get over the $50 voucher loss

    • +1

      I got the $50 voucher after multi chats with eBay customer representative .

      • You drew the gun before me then, they have made their mind up already

  • This offer is only available to Eligible Users. “Eligible Users” means users who have been invited to participate in the offer via email or eBay Message Centre and/or homepage banners on

    This means it's targeted.

    • +1

      eBay always say that, most of us never end up getting an email about their promos yet the promo still applies. Doesn't mean it's fully targeted.

      • So how do I get this? My current sub runs out in 19 days. Do I have to hope that the offer works for me? I took up the $30 voucher to stay, so haven't actually cancelled yet. My worry is that if I cancel I won't get the $30 voucher and this offer won't work for me.

  • +14

    Should be able to sign up with this to get a $20 voucher with your $9.99 annual subscription. Comment above was deleted because OzB thought it was a referral

    • +1

      Thanks will add on post!

    • OMG, I have renewed before I saw this, any chance I can still get the $20? when I clicked on that link it just says error page.

      • You can message support but it is hit or miss. I managed to get it last time when I messaged them but took about a month to be issued

    • Any indicators to say that I will be getting $20 voucher if I sign up with that link?

      I get message
      "You have previously enjoyed a free trial of eBay Plus so your membership will be charged immediately.
      Your membership will auto-renew at the end of the term using the payment method shown below. You can cancel at any time.

      AU $9.99 for your first year"

      • +2

        No indicators, just depends if it gets issued because it is a discounted yearly plan

      • +12

        Signed up after clicking on the $20 voucher link but no voucher issued yet.

    • +2

      can we still do this if we are already a member and paying monthly?

    • +2

      Thanks, both the $20 offer and the $9.99 membership showed up for me as a lapsed plus member. Any idea where I can find this voucher?

    • +2

      Can't see the voucher tho I used the link…

      Any idea when it will be issued?

    • Min. spend $50 for that $20 voucher

      • $20.01 min spend for $20 voucher
        $50 min spend for monthly $5 voucher

        • yep, my bad, i was blinded by the deal

    • +5

      Didn't get the voucher. Chatted to support and they said only available if you sign up for $49

  • +1

    No banner but when I clicked "try it free" (even though I would not be eligible as I've had eBay Plus before) it shows the price.

  • +1

    I've only used ebay plus twice in the last year so for $10 its a decent deal I guess

  • +1

    What. Need to pay this year. Need a 50 voucher deal

  • +3

    Last year I sign up to eBay plus you could get an $80 plus the $20 voucher. Wonder if they'll do it again 🤔

  • +1

    Had a $80 voucher last year haha

    • Yeah ~ that $80 voucher offer was great.

  • This is a better deal.

    Got the $5 joining deal last November, which will expire soon, so I went to cancel it. Was tempted into accepting a $30 eBay gift card to keep the subscription.

    I wondering if I can renew on $10 instead.

    • +3

      Accept the $30 gift card offer, and then go back to cancel the subscription. I do it all the time and still get the $30 GC out of the blue.

      • Even better, sounds good.

      • I accepted the offer but couldnt find the gift card. Do you know in which part of my account to show the gift card? Thanks

        • They send it to you at a later date, assuming it works still.

        • I couldn't see it. They said emailed. But I never got it. The chat person shared the code to me

    • +1

      Me too. Might be time to cancel and see what happens as I’ve not been offered this deal.

  • +4

    Are they going to use prime delivery services, sick of waiting two weeks when Amazon drops shit off in 12hrs..

    • +2

      Their efficiency is scary :D

      Ordered a keyboard Saturday morning, then went out to lunch with friends, out of the blue received an email saying keyboard has been delivered.

      In less than 8 hours and on a SATURDAY.

      • +1

        Depends on the seller. This was the feedback I left for Appliances Online on Ebay years ago. I was amazed how quick they were.

        Ordered at 23:30 on a Wednesday, delivered and installed by 07:30 the next day.
        NEW Bosch WAW28460AU 8kg Front Load Washing Machine

      • +2

        I ordered a 5L pressure cooker on a Thursday, arrived on Friday, it only cooked 3.3L which was too small, processed a return, ordered the 8L on Friday evening, posted the 5L one at Aupost on Saturday morning, refund was processed an hour later, done some shopping at Westfield came home to the 8L one sitting at my doorstep. That whole process would have taken a month on eBay.

    • +2

      Not to mention dodgy ebay plus sellers who claim to send express auspost then send via a slow courier service or worst.

      • +4

        Or sit on it for a few days before expressing it, totally missed the point.

      • +9

        Or when it's shipped from China and you explicitly searched for location seller Australia

    • +1

      Amazon drops shit off in 12hrs

      That's awfully rude! Didn't know Amazon associated themselves with poo joggers…

    • Yeah, agree. Not sure why negged. People love to think spendings as savings !

    • +2

      Posted by someone who doesn't understand what eBay plus even offers 🤷🏼‍♂️

      eBay plus gives you regular selling fee discounts, $5 + $5 vouchers every month, and an extra 2% discount on most eBay sales.
      You will quite easily be able to save more than the membership costs, even if you paid the full membership price - it's a great deal.

  • +1

    What if I have 6 months left on my existing Plus?

    • +2

      That has to finish first.

      • +2

        I'm 2 weeks off…. Wonder if the deal will still be on them. Hoping :)

      • Thanks, joined on my other account with $20 voucher! Where can I check if the $20 was applied?

        • I think it just comes in a few weeks out of the blue. eBay sends you an email/message with the GC.

  • +1

    Interesting to note the eBay plus $5 off monthly vouchers have a $50 minimum spend instead of $15, unless I'm mistaken

    • +4

      I think there are two types and you get both , I got both before but not sure about now

    • +3

      You get two different ones per month. One is $15 min spend, the other is $50.

  • +1

    Thanks Smelly Penny the "A year of eBay Plus for $9.99" offer worked for me - good find :)

  • How do i claim the $20 voucher? signed up through the link.

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