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Reolink RLK16-811B8-A Smart 4K PoE Camera System, Person/Vehicle/Pet Detection $1499.99 (Was $2069.99) Delivered @ Reolink

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Note: This bundle consists of 8-Pack RLC-811A + 1-Pack RLN16-410

Original price: $2069.99
Now: $1499.99
Savings: 28%

Get it here: Reolink RLK16-811B8-A

Key Features
* 4K 8MP Ultra HD
* Person/Vehicle/Pet Detection
* Color Night Vision
* 5X Optical Zoom
* 16-Channel NVR
* Two-Way Audio
* 2-year warranty
* Without Subscription
* 24/7 Continuous Recording

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  • +1

    Every corner covered!!

  • Any deals on wifi camera packs?

  • Can anyone provide feedback on this camera offer?
    I'm not sure which brand of CCTV camera is the best. Reolink, HKVision, Swan, and more options are available.

    • +4

      Associated rushik @ Reolink
      Can anyone provide feedback on this camera offer?
      I'm not sure which brand of CCTV camera is the best. Reolink, HKVision, Swan, and more options are available.

      Uh…did you select "Associated" by accident?

    • In order:

      1) HKVision
      2) Reolink
      3) Swan

    • Hikvision has that cool toy where it recognises people.

    • Cant speak of hiksvision, swan or other brand. I have reolink poe for 2 years now. It does the job. I have the 8ch nvr and modified to make 2 x 6tb seagate skyhawk. In term of poe camera, i am using a few different models to my needs. Tbh, 811a is good and solid camera with zoom and led. I have duo 2 poe and duo floodlight. I installed 811a and duo floodlight at thr front of the house. Definitely the duo floodlight have better light than duo 2 poe. The issue with duo floodlight is you need to install on the wall. The camera itself is quite heavy to be installed under the ceiling unless you modified a bit (see the youtube). It is good to capture colour vision at night with led. If you are going to install inside the house probably 5mp camera will do the job which i am doing now. Regardless of which camera, the night vision may not be clear after 5 to 10m away. If you want to capture vehicle rego then i would say none of these camera will do it unless within 5m distance. Hope this helps.
      The list of camera i used:
      Duo 2 poe
      Duo floodlight
      E1 zoom
      5mp camera. Cant remember the model.

      • Thanks for sharing your product experience! We're glad to hear that you had a positive experience with our product.

        • I would like to provide a feedback for reolink that for the led camera 811a, duo2 poe or duo floodlight, the led can be only configure either auto on on motion or scheduled. Will be good to add a function to on and off based on local sunset or sunrise as the winter and summer here have a huge different.

          • @dtingy: Your feedback means a lot to us. I have forwarded your suggestions to our product department for further review and consideration.

  • I like it :)

  • +1

    RLC-811A has been ~$85 odd from your aliexpress store, valuing 8 of them under $700. Not a deal!

    • can you share a link ? cant see any there for that price, not even close.

    • +1

      Realistically, that was an insanely low price that's unlikely to ever be repeated at approx 50% of retail price. At $1500 for the total package, which includes a relatively expensive NVR and 8 x 18m ethernet cables, this is still excellent value, and a significant discount from normal price.

      However, I don't think there are many installations that genuinly need a 5x zoom, integrated speaker etc for every location. A mix-and-match package might make a bit more sense.

  • -2

    Perfect for drug dealers.

  • Anyone know if Reolink do POE-powered video intercoms? it seems like only Hikvision and Dahua do them

  • any chance of a deal with 4 dome and 4 bullet cams ?

  • Closer to $1000 and I'll bite

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