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Dyson V15s Detect Submarine Complete $1,097 (RRP $1,649) Delivered @ Dyson


Recently purchased the complete version (only available at Dyson) as part of Click Frenzy sales, and was able to request a partial refund from Dyson, to match the BF sale price as the purchase was within 45 day period.

Regular version also on sale for $997.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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      It’s not. It’s the same price at JB. Note that the complete version is only available at Dyson.

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    Does this basically replace a mop?

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      I wouldn't throw the mop away. These are really more suited to a quick mop over a relatively clean floor. Furthermore if you have tiles these don't get in the mortar joints very well

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      No - tried it on their flagship store at George st Sydney.

      Can't even compare with those Amazon one

      Not recommended

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        which amazon one?

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          Tineco brand maybe - that's the brand I bought from Amazon during prime sale except mine is corded and steams. After I bought it I noticed Costco had the battery nonsteam model for sale too.

          I kind of think this Dyson "solution" shows they (Dyson) are trying to stay relevant. It looks so annoying to detach from the stick, fill, empty and clean the dirty water compartment in comparison with Tineco.

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    The best money vacuum out there!

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    Cheers. Bought one for my superyacht.

    Assuming they do the same job as for a submarine.

  • Fantastic price.

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    VacuumWars had a pretty favourable opinion on this.
    I got a V8 from the last sale and am pretty happy with it. Big upgrade from my Viomi A9. I’ll be considering a high end Dyson next time round :)

    • I have the A9 and it's solid on hard floor but terrible on carpet and with pet hair. Would you say the upgrade to the V8 was a huge difference?

      • +1

        Yeah. The amount of crud and dust the V8 pulled out of the carpet vs the A9 was astounding (and gross). Hardwood the V8 is alright at, an improvement over a A9, but not as substantial as soft flooring.
        V8 has been better with pet hair too. :)

    • +2

      Same here. Dyson is just so much better especially in terms of attachment quality and carpet performance.
      Wondering now if dyson v15 is 3x better than v8 :)

      • 1.875x in fact

    • Looks like the v8 is on sale, been thinking of upgrading from my old xiaomi dreame v9. So many choices though, no idea what to look at.

    • Thanks for posting this review, this video ultimately convinced me to pull the trigger

  • it's a mop and vacuum, great idea

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    They effectively locked older V15 buyers out of this because of a "software" update, making the original V15 incompatible with this cleaner attachment.

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      Yeah am a little annoyed, as I only got mine recently and the mop attachment would have been ideal.

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      Wow really? Changing attachment heads before already bad but doing this for current models is poor form.

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      Oh wow that’s even worse. I have v15 and wanted this additional mop attachment but to hear that it can’t be done only cause of software leaves a bad taste in mouth.. (they are not Apple). Hopefully this gets rescinded!

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    Does this basically replace a tineco?

    • this doesn't vacuum and mop at the same time

    • It's trying to do that lol. But to detach the massive "submarine" each time to clean/empty/refill seems like it would be pretty annoying. Plus as already mentioned the sub doesn't really vacuum.

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    can you buy the Submarine only?

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      It says it's "Detect Submarine" so it only detects submarines. So it's only the bleeps, the sweeps, and the creeps.

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        They should have made a red version for October sales

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          just one ping

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          They did, but you really had to hunt for it

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        Could use the mop to clean up raspberry jam…

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      No, doesnt work with standard v15

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      No, the submarine model is designed not to run the vacuum motor while mopping - I.e. the head runs with the suction turned off to prevent water ingress into the machine. That’s why the submarine head has no hole for suction.
      The standard model v15 and v12 would try to run the vacuum motor and risk damage due to the blockage

  • reviews suggest you have to refill the water reservoir 3-4 times for an average size house which could get tedious.
    also keep in mind you have to hold the trigger on this model whilst vacuuming/mopping which can get tiring compared to the Gen5 and Dyson v12 which have an on/off power button.

    • that trigger is a deal breaker :(

      • There’s a V12 Submarine if you want the on/off button

        • too bad they didn't make the mopping head compatible with my V12, so I have to buy a whole new vacuum for the mopping function.
          I read somewhere that its just locked firmware which prevents it from working.

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            @posthex: The old models don’t have the programming to facilitate running the floor mop without using suction. You’d damage the motor or trigger blockage protection on the old models.

      • +1

        You can buy a part on AliExpress that goes in front of the trigger and holds it down for you, it's about $2. Just search "dyson v15 trigger lock"

        • (profanity), Dyson still make you hold a trigger? I swear some (profanity) is memeing this as long as possible. Batteries last logger than 4 seconds now, let us toggle the power on and off.

  • Don’t forget CR 3.5% cash back too

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    If there was a 20% cashback to combine this with, i would have gotten it

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    Bought 5 for my battleship, thanks OP.

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    waiting for the Gen5 nuclear Submarine

  • I don't get why anyone would disassemble that wet roller head, clean the dirty different parts by hand, dry them, then re-assemble everything again every single time. I'd just use disposable wet mops.

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    I use this to vacuum the pool. Great buy.

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    What is the difference between the 'complete' kit and the regular kit?
    (Dyson doesn't make this easy to work out)

    • +2

      Look at the photos for both the models. There’s one extra attachment + a stand seems.

    • +4

      Only at Dyson: Exclusive gold HEPA edition with additional Fluffy Optic™ cleaner head, Floor Dok Multi™ and Built-in dusting and crevice tool.

      • Perfect. I need something for my crevice….badly.

    • The regular isn't complete, some assembly required.

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    How many of these do you need for an aircraft carrier?

    • Depends on how many cleaning crews you have …

    • N+1

  • Better or worse than steam mopping?

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    Does anyone know is it only water it will clean with or can you put some disinfectant in like pine o clean or vinegar or will that ruin the unit?

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      You can put cleaning solution in there. The instructions note that you need to make sure that your ratio mix is as per guidance. I wouldn’t put anything too aggressive in there though.
      Used submarine for the first time the other night and put some timber floor cleaner in which worked really really well. Did a mop with our old mop first to test it out. Water was filthy after. I’ve always hated mopping in the basis it just pushes dirt around unless you clean head every few swipes. This uses a 2 pass method to collect on the back pull. Also note the floor looked very wet after so I assumed it was leaving lots of water but dried very quick even at night.

      • do u mind sharing the brand name of the timber floor cleaner and where can I get them? thanks~

        • +1

          ‘Long life timber floor cleaner’. Pretty sure from Bunnings. 100ml makes 5lt so I put 20ml in a 1lt bottle

  • interesting unit, will this drop to 1000 by dec?

  • How good is the mopping function?

  • +1

    Hmm… my place is pure timber flooring, no carpets.

    Deciding between:

    Dyson V11 + Tineco electric mop for a total of $1250

    Or just go all in with this V15 Submarine for $1100

    • Whatever has the fluffy head + electric mop.

  • +4

    This will make the wife happy, thanks for the deal.

    • +7

      What would make her happier is if you use it occasionally, too.

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    My initial review
    Used submarine for the first time the other night and put some timber floor cleaner which worked really really well. Did a mop with our old mop first to test it out. Water was still filthy after. I’ve always hated mopping in the basis it just pushes dirt around unless you clean head every few swipes. This uses a 2 pass method to collect on the back pull. Also note the floor looked very wet after so I assumed it was leaving lots of water but dried very quick even at night.
    It does NOT pick up “bits”. I knew that going in though.
    Filled up solution 1.5x to do a 3x2 house. I just made a larger bottle of my solution premixed to avoid measuring every time.
    Do need to be careful moving it around in air once waste gets full as it spills out easily when tipped. Even taking it apart the first time I got it on laundry bench but learned lesson.
    Cleaning head was easy since it’s not intended to be picking up all the gross things wet vacs are used for (dog vom, cereal, etc)
    Would I buy again? Yes. I may even do that if they don’t give me the partial refund as I’ll use the 45 day guarantee to send it back :) would be a waste of time and resources which I let them know so fingers crossed.

    • NOT pick up “bits”
      not intended to be picking up all the gross things wet vacs are used for

      at odds with marketing

      • The marketing hasn't seen that there's nowhere for 'bits' to go, it's wet roller without any suction drawing debris into the main dustbin like you get with a wet/dry vac.

      • Cant edit original comment but i would edit to say my original review as I haven’t really tested it on picking things up vs mopping. What it didn’t pick up for me was old dried wheetbix bits from the kids. I had to forcefully picked it with my mail to get it moving but expect because it was so thin and wet stuck to the ground the head couldn’t get any grab. Rest of the floor was free of bigger debris so can’t comment yet

    • -1

      Thanks for this review. Would you then vacuum the floor first using other brushes/parts and then use the wet submarine thing?

      • I guess you could get away with not vacuuming first, but I think you would definitely want to. If you don’t vacuum first the mop will be pushing around and moving more dirt, which just makes the mopping less edge isn’t and I expect not as great a job.

        Also, once you get the laser you realise how filthy your house is and how much stuff is on your floors even though you can’t see it. within 15 minutes of vacuuming with the fluffy you go back and you can see so much more settled dust and bits on the floor. It’s almost like I don’t want to use it sometimes

      • The instructions are very clear.. its not designed for debris. Vacuum first.

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    If you know any students, you can get an extra 5% off through student beans :)

  • +3

    That's the wife's christmas sorted.

  • +1

    who is buying this in the current economy 0_0

    • +10

      Renters looking to keep their overlords floors in top notch.

  • +1

    screw it, bought one, if i don't like it can return it so i'm prepared to take that chance

    • We've had a corded one for 16 years now. And I've abused it.
      What else lasts 16 years nowadays?

    • Have owned heaps of dysons

      What went wrong? did you start messaging Mr Dyson? Seems like personal.

      • -3

        msgd your mum instead.

        • Username checks out 🤡

          • @buckster: Check their profile:

            Member Since 04/11/2023
            Statistics 0 posts / 25 comments
            Location Prison

            New account, no useful posts or helpful comments, several nasty comments. Seems like a trolling account or a bored child…

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    Regular version is also 997 at JB and Good Guys. Complete makes more sense though - includes the dok stand and a fluffy head.

  • +3

    Don't forget to use cashrewards for $34.90 back!

  • +2

    Dyson V15s AUKUS version.

  • this or the samsung bespoke elite?

    • I have the bespoke elite. Also have a Dyson v11. I’d say this is better. The attachments work better on Dyson and better battery/suction etc. also the auto empty dock on bespoke doesn’t always get everything that builds up at base of filter. Hope this helps.

  • -2

    So, nah.

  • +1

    Would have found the Oceangate Titan a lot easier if this had been released

  • +1

    If only I can trade in the v10

  • RBA enters the chat: 0.25 percentage points increase next meeting.

    • +1

      perfect for saver! more money to spend.

  • I currently have a dyson v6 and a 15yo wertheim. What are the chances of a gen5 submarine version being released in the near future? Is it worth pulling the trigger (so to speak) on this deal and risking dyson releasing a newer version within a couple of months?

    • +1

      there's no mention of the Gen5 submarine yet but personally I'm waiting for it just because this v15 has a trigger and I prefer on/off switches. The v15 isn't the latest technology anymore being released over 2 years ago.
      I have a feeling Dyson is trying to clear out excess stock of the V15 before announcing the Gen5 Submarine.

  • I literally paid $1600 for this in September! I’m outside the 45 days by 2 weeks!! Not happy

    • +1

      Sorry but buying at full retail price will most definitely lead to buyer's remorse. There is a sale for these things all the time.

      • Lucky for me it’s faulty so either way it’s going back and I’m getting a full refund

        • Oh no! Why’s it faulty? Can I ask what you think of the mop function? I’ve got Dysons and very interested (: hope you get your refund!

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