50GB Bonus Data to Active Customers @ Catch Connect


A much better offer than Amaysim's short validity 60GB and Coles' miserly 25GB. This data is valid until the end of your current recharge period. Bonus data available by 24 November.

  • If you have 30 or more days remaining on your recharge, you’ll automatically get 50GB bonus data to use until the end of your current recharge expiry.
  • If you have less than 30 days remaining on your current recharge, you’ll get 25GB that can be used until the end of your recharge expiry and another 25GB bonus on your next recharge.
  • If your recharge has expired, you’ll receive 50GB bonus data on your next recharge.

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  • +3

    Amaysim data is valid till EOY

    • +7

      And it's 12 days through November already. short.

  • +15

    Optus and subsidiaries so miserly, offering bonus data on prepaid when people have already bought all the data they need rather than extending their contract period

    • +9


      I mean, this isn’t a deal this is compensation, and at that, it doesn’t even compensate for what happened!

    • +15

      NBN customers on unlimited plans getting 200GB more data has to be the best compensation

      • +3

        Next time they might offer NBN customers double data

  • does catch mobile offer esim card?

  • Amaysim is offering me free standard national talk & text to use until 31 December 2023.

  • -2

    This was such a bizarre thing. I literally never call anyone and the one day I really needed to make a call this happened. Can't wait to go back to Boost.

    • +1

      I'm glad i went with Mate Mobile which is through the Telstra network. I've so far never had a problem where i am with it.

    • Tuesday: OzLotto
      Thursday: PowerBall
      Can't give you more clue

  • +3

    Yay! This will get me through til Feb when I have to renew. Awesome!

    I've been really happy with catch connect. Last year my $150, 120gb a year plan was reduced to $112 due to loyalty.

    Hopefully they give a competitive renewal to me next year as well cause I hate having to change. But I will if needed 😅

    • It depends location. I had no issues at my previous address but not so good where I am now. I'll be switching when my plan runs out.

      The question is how many people will still be angry when it comes time to switch plans?

      I really think Optus and co need to offer some really good incentives as I'd guess they'll lose ~30% of their customers.

  • +1

    We received email from Catch first, 50GB on 60GB/365 is pretty good for a child, especially considering he was at school all day and didn't need the service anyway.

    Then received an email from Coles, 25GB on 120GB/365 is weak in comparison, but a timely top up nonetheless.

    A goodwill gesture, not really a deal. It's not like you signup now can the extra data.

  • +3

    I would prefer a extension in time than extra data.

    The outage didn't really affect me much as I have an Aldi 12 month plan with about $20 on it. Used it to make 2 short calls.

    • But time extensions would actually cost them and so they won’t let that happen. Their precious revenue!

      • +2

        I mean if you look at it from a "what you paid for" stand point, they only owe you an extra day or two to compensate for not having access to the service you paid for.

        Personally I'll gladly take the extra data even though I don't need it, rather than throw out my billing cycle by a day.

        This will probably get me negged but sh*t happens, I'm surprised this doesn't happen more often. If it has seriously impacted someone or a bussiness then they should make it part of their risk management in the future. Maybe swap to Telstra if they think there's less chance they'll have an outage in the future.

        • +1

          True. And those who use the phone for business use (where being able to make calls without fail is a priority). They should have a dual SIM setup with two different carriers so you have a second SIM as a backup. In case the primary carrier unexpectedly goes down for situations like what happened with Optus the other day.

  • Will I get this bonus data when I activate a catch connect 365 day sim l purchased a few months ago?

  • Would this be considered [Targeted] since it's only for existing Catch customers? Or forum only since it requires no action?

  • I'm not one to even neg a SUBS deal, but at least with SUBS it's something I can pay for and then get. No one is seeing this "deal" and able to go out and get catch with a 50GB bonus. Existing customers get it automatically, so it's not even like a targeted deal. Literally just a PSA.

  • -1
    • +2

      I wasn't going to go back and neg them, but since you linked them to me so kindly..

      Surely you see where I'm coming from though? I'm not having a go at you, and my neg isn't a reflection on you, if you didn't post it someone else would. To me it's just like, most providers are giving some compensation and everyones getting the email or text from their provider. With zero actionable items even for the people eligible, it's just not really a deal.

      • Mods set the standards, I just post based on them.

  • Bonus data available by 24 November.

    T-1. Still haven’t received bonus data

    • havent received either. the scoundrels
      i want to change my upvote.

  • +2

    T+3. Not received yet
    Escalated via chat. Not much help provided
    Just advised that they will issue bonus ‘soon’

    Bunch of crooked liar
    Defo not going to use catch connect in the future

  • These guys are scammers.
    They say for 90 day plan.
    The 50gb bonus will apply if you renew only from chat.

    The 50gb should apply without renewal. Huge scammers. Super disappointed

    • after putting up a legal complaint on their website.
      They finally gave the data. Was a big hassle and live chat was useless.

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