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Bonus 40,000 Telstra Plus Points When You Take up a New Upfront Mobile Plan (Min $62/M) @ Telstra


Get 40,000 bonus Telstra Plus points to redeem for tech, gifts and more in the Rewards Store, when you take up a new Upfront mobile plan. Offer ends 27 Nov.
Bonus points offer: For new services only. Join Telstra Plus by 27 December 2023. Eligibility criteria apply to join.
Bonus points will be applied to your account within 14 days.
No lock-in contracts, you can switch plans month-to-month or leave any time.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • Anyone know what 40000 telstra points can get you?

    • Same is it worth signing up to get points and then cancel

      • Thanks!

    • +2

      2 pixel 8 cases with some change at 19,000 points each or a Breville kettle for 40,000 points.

      • +5

        Sign up to an upfront Telstra plan and get a kettle.

        • +1

          Keep the kids happy and sign up now and get it in time for Christmas

    • +3

      I got 20x $80 Belong sim last year.

      • +2

        That old 2000pt has offer never been seen since! (I got some)
        5000pt on sale this year.
        Normally 10,000pt

        • +1

          Yeah, slim pickings lately - might have to pay for the kid's mobiles soon :(

          • +1

            @Fancydancer: With Belong, with $20 Referrals on new accounts, those use to last for 6 month. But monthly charge has gone up.

            The seemingly endless & profitable supply of Boost SIMs make the Belong SIMs far less attractive.

            Run the home Wi-Fi with Boost. Another 2 arrived today for $12+ profit💰

            (An easy use, as don't need to worry about the phone number changing all the time. So unsuitable for your kids.)

            Full Telstra network (unlike Belong), no cost.

      • How did you use 20 sims? They expire after 1 year.

        • +2

          Not hard with a family, and you can activate some as data sims then share the data before cancelling

        • +2

          I have a large family and I give some to my friend too. I activated the last sim in September, it still worked after 16 months.

        • +2

          Can also be used as mobile data. Was 500GB per SIM then!

          Still have nearly 1TB left from those 2000pt SIMs, bought with FREE points Deals!

  • +1

    How much is this worth $ wise, do they do vouchers on telstra rewards

    • +2

      About $120.

  • +1

    Prefer we get $1200 gift cards instead of points :)

  • -4

    I swear telstra plus ended

  • Of course this doesn't apply to those already with Telstra and just wanting to re-contact ☹️

  • Remember they index their fees but on the flipside, no minimum stay the way I see it

  • $62/M lol, if you sign up for this plan, you should hand back your oz bargain membership.

    • Can $62 buy 4x $80 Belong sim cards?

      • Used to be 2000 pts for this sim card

        • Yes, I bought 20 of them that time. Get ready for this deal to come back.

          • +2

            @jimojr: You will be waiting forever.

            • @TomGum: Then I have to live forever.

              • @jimojr: Now that IS deluded😜
                Just think how much that will cost💰

                Better to take up the current profitable Boost SIM offers!
                At least then you will have plenty of free food (while waiting) with all those Boost numbers 🌯

  • Can I buy multiple sims for multiple 40k points? Trying to get my balance up to enough for the pixel tablet

    • Why bother?

      Google will probably nerf and kill off the Pixel Tablet in a year's time.

    • How many points for the tablet?

      • +1

        220k in current sale

  • Telstra trying to pick up Optus clients due to recent outage issue,only to then jack up the price after opening offer.
    e.g.I started on $85 per month a couple of months ago,now $100 per month.

    • Damn, get a month to month for $20 or something, plans are a scam these days.

  • +2

    Decent value, even if you just cash it in for gift cards including Amazon, 40k can get ~$80 worth.

  • did this just start today, anyone know?
    as I signed up for the new plan 2 days ago, hence not sure if it'll apply as still waiting for the sim to come and activate.

  • If only telstra did cheaper plans

  • Damn just moved two services over from Optus yesterday

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