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$30 Reward for Referrer & Referee with ANZ Plus Digital Banking (Awarded after Referee Makes 3 Card Purchases)


Here’s how it works:
1. Go to the Profile icon in your ANZ Plus app and tap on Refer a friend to share an invite.
2. Once invited, your friend will need to download the ANZ Plus app and accept your invite when they join.
3. They’ll also need to set a goal and make 3 eligible transactions using their ANZ Plus Visa Debit card.
4. You and your friend should both get $30 paid into your ANZ Plus accounts.

All the steps above will need to be completed by 11 December 2023.

You can only send an invite if:

  1. you are an ANZ Plus customer at the start of the Promotion Period and
  2. we have activated the Promotion in your ANZ Plus app.
  3. You can refer your Friends who are eligible to join ANZ Plus, but you won’t get a Reward if your Friend:

is or has already been an ANZ Plus customer or
if they have already accepted an invite as part of this Promotion or a previous ANZ Plus Refer a Friend promotion.
You will not be eligible to invite Friends or receive a Reward once you have closed your ANZ Plus and ANZ Save accounts.

Today have noticed that anzplus refer a friend program active but this time with $30 instead of $50 and limit to 5 rewards($150 in total)
Refer to the previous deal.


Need to ask referrer to invite and its targeted offer.

T&c - https://www.anz.com.au/plus/refer-a-friend/send-invite/?pid=…

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  • I am curious why the referral system isn't appearing like last time.

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      Being able to refer someone is targetted, as specified in the info on the app. I have no option to refer, only some users do.

  • +1

    Nuts no referral for me this time round.
    Should add Targeted to title

  • I referred multiple people last time and I do have the option to refer this time.

    • Did you keep using the account?

      • Yes, for HISA.

  • Got it this time too! I did refer 2 people last time.

  • also targeted for referrals

  • +3

    Have reached out Mod to add the referral program inplace.

    • Still no updates from the team. Not sure how to make it faster as its first time trying to get referral program activated.

      • I have just enabled the referral widget.

        • Thank you

          • @Ozfanmel: Is the referral method still the same? Send via Mobile number or link sharing?

            • @scrimshaw: It’s same as last time. Send via mobile number.

              • @KH234: Not sure for others. Will wait for confirmation

            • @scrimshaw: It’s same as last time. We have to invite using the mobile number from the anzplus app.

        • @scrimshaw thanks for enabling

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    used to be $50

    • +1

      Sure, but they ended that program pretty quickly.
      I think it's safe to say it won't be $50 again.

  • Any word on ANZ Plus raising their interest rates on savings accounts?

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      They already raised from 4.65% to 4.9% with the latest hike

      • Oh nice, thanks. When I checked a couple days ago it was still at 4.65%

  • Its targeted, interesting, i only noticed it today on my account that I'm able to refer.

  • Excellent, thanks - 3x purchases using the Apple Pay card and the reward was paid to OH & I instantly, $60 for doing 5 minutes worth of work, happy days.

    I was genuinely using the ANZ Plus savings account too for a couple for months while I reset my eligibility for ING's maximum rate (made a large withdrawal to repay my mortgage when my rate cliff arrived), at 4.9% it's pretty competitive (but not the best).

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