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$50 Reward for Referrer & Referee with ANZ Plus Digital Banking (Awarded after Referee Makes 3 Card Purchases)


Refer a friend and if they add a savings goal and make 3 card purchases on or before 28 August 2023 (AEST), you can both earn $50.

Need friends phone number.

1- Afterpay
3-shopback(IOS- it worked for me with amazon $1 voucher)
4-Prezzee (Googlepay)

Terms and Conditions

These T&Cs apply to the Refer a Friend promotion (Promotion), where ANZ Plus customers (Referrers) can refer others (Friends) to join ANZ Plus and, subject to these T&Cs, both could receive a $50 reward (Reward).

The Promotion will run from 26 June 2023 to 11:59pm AEST/AEDT, 28 August 2023 (Promotion Period). We may end this promotion at our absolute discretion without notice.

Who's eligible

You can only send an invite if you are a current ANZ Plus customer.
You can refer your Friends who are eligible to join ANZ Plus, but you won’t get a Reward if your Friend is or has already been an ANZ Plus customer.

What you’ll need to do

To send an invite, you must:

  • enter your Friend’s mobile number in the ANZ Plus app (when prompted) with their consent
  • not have entered 10 or more mobile numbers that day and
  • only invite Friends who you think would genuinely be interested in ANZ Plus

within the Promotion Period.

What your Friend will need to do

To receive a Reward, your Friend must:

  • successfully join ANZ Plus with the same mobile number you gave us
  • accept your invite when prompted in the ANZ Plus app
  • add a savings goal (in addition to the Savings Jar) in the ANZ Plus app
  • make 3 purchases of any amount using their physical or digital ANZ Plus Visa Debit card and that we classify as card purchases (note, purchases that we classify as non-card purchases, including transfers and direct debits, will not count towards the 3 card purchases)

within the Promotion Period.

Keep in mind

There is no limit to the number of Friends you can refer but you will only get a Reward for the first 10 Friends who complete the Steps in the ‘What your Friend will need to do’ section.

When you invite a Friend, they will see your Preferred Name (that you gave us). If you want, you can change your Preferred Name in the Profile section of the ANZ Plus app.

Getting a Reward

Once we are satisfied your Friend is eligible and has completed the steps in the ‘What your Friend will need to do’ section, the Reward will be paid into both your and your Friend’s ANZ Plus accounts. This will usually be within 48 hours of your Friend completing the steps but may take longer.

If you’ve already received a Reward for referring 10 Friends, we won’t pay you any more Rewards.

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  • +11

    Pretty happy with ANZ Plus as a HISA with 4.65% and no hoops to "qualify" for "bonus interest" every month.

    It's also handy to be able to get cash out from an ANZ ATM without having my wallet on me.

    • +1

      Any fees to have this account?

      • +3


    • +5

      ubank only needs a $200 deposit as the only hoop. Can go in and go straight out.

    • +2

      I just realised that you do have to go through a few hoops to actually get the referral bonus, so my post is a bit misleading, sorry.

      • +2

        ur comment about Bonus rate, so fine

    • +2

      im already so used to hoops

      • +1

        If you're a JobSeeker you're always jumping through hoops.

  • +15

    Max 10 referrals per person

    If you’ve already received a Reward for referring 10 Friends, we won’t pay you any more Rewards.

    Please remove from randomiser once 10 people have pmd you

    • +4

      Except that most people who PM to receive an invite will never follow through.

      • +3

        I got 5 from webull strangely enough

    • +3

      I very much doubt we will be lucky enough to get 10 confirmed referrals, but yep would remove if so.

      • Just depends if referee gets back to you.

        Ive already had 2/2 confirmed referals. So 8 to go

  • +1


    How many invites can I send?
    You can send up to 10 invites per day, but make sure you're only inviting people you know and people who you think will genuinely be interested in ANZ Plus.

    There's no limit on the total number of invites you send, but you can only receive a reward for the first 10 friends who accept your invite, join and complete the steps during the promotion period.

    If we suspect you are spamming your contacts, we may limit your ability to send invites.

    • +1

      max is $500 then?

      Still can't find the referral link in the app

      • Tried updating the app?
        It appears for me in the "Everyday" account of the "Money" tab.

  • No monthly account fees

    You won’t pay any monthly account fees with ANZ Plus.*

    So just use the referal system?

    Referal system was at 9 - at 2PM -

    add a savings goal (in addition to the Savings Jar) in the ANZ Plus app

    make 3 purchases of any amount using your physical or digital ANZ Plus Visa Debit card and that we classify as card purchases (note, purchases that we classify as non-card purchases, including transfers and direct debits, will not count towards the 3 card purchases)within the Promotion Period.

  • did ANZ plus previously have low or no international fees? Looks like there's now a 3% fee + $5 for international withdrawals

    • They never waive the FX fee on ANZ Plus product. I hope they would remove the fx fee and + ATM rebate soon.

  • +1

    Do the terms specify whether a new account holder who was referred can also become a referee?

    • Would like to know this too

    • Signed up new and invited people. These people receive the invite as normal within the app so safe to say it will work

      • Did you sign up by being a referee?

        • Signed up after being referred and received the $50 referral bonus.

          Went on the refer a friend and I subsequently got the $50 from that too.

  • Account setup, referral added to randomiser.
    Nice $50 for a few min work

    • What's the randomiser?

      • Its below the text of deal in gray area

        • How do you add yourself to the randomiser? I can only see an ANZ referral not ANZ plus

    • @easternculture Will it be safe to use? What if another Spriggy incident occurs?

      • +1

        Yeh. Because there is no specific link involved , they cant trace the referrals back to ozbargain

    • the real work is f5 ozbargain and replying to referal requests in a fast enough time

  • I dont get how they track the referals.

    Seems like its just a standard link.

    So when you enter your friends mobile into anz, its put into a database.

    And then matched when your friend signs.

    Or is the app reading messages.

    • +3



      • download app anzplus.com/friend
      • enter mobile number you gave referrer
      • step 3 or 4 will ask to accept invite

      Referer just needs to add your number via referral system.

      Text message is not essential

  • Free 50 bucks, no complaints

  • +1

    I still cannot believe this needs to be a seperate app to the standard ANZ app…

    Does tempt me to jump through the hoop I guess

    • +1

      At first I thought they did that because they’re preparing to give it a fancy new name, or spin it off. But then I realised it’s a safety feature to keep the Money Printing™ technology from virally spreading to their other account offerings

    • +3

      I think it’s more like BOQ and the new myBOQ app. The old app is built on legacy tech and systems so easier to start again than rebuild from each component.

      • This is 100% the reason. Same happened when NAB launched ubank, it is a way to get customers on a parallel platforms without the cost, disruption and pain of migration.

  • Do online purchases count?

  • +1

    how long does it take for funds to clear into the new account?

    • CBA instant. Macquarie still processing.

      • +1

        interestin doesnt cba 24hold to new recipients?

        • i thought so. but it was instant. did 2 x $1 transfers. both instant. nothing from macquarie yet.

        • Yep, CBA not recognising account as new, queried whether I still wanted to proceed with transfer. Needs to verify and will take 24hrs.

      • Unfortunately CBA wasn't instant for me - still waiting.

  • +3

    It’s time to refer my wife to join ANZplus. :)

    • same haha

  • +6

    Let's hope this doesn't turn into another Spriggy-like disaster.

    • I was wondering the same thing!

      • +1

        how disaster?

        • +3

          They sent everyone emails saying they wouldn't honor the promotion they offered.

  • I was with ANZ many years ago but I have closed my account. In this case, am I a new customer for them? I doubt if they have deleted my personal info.

    • +1

      ANZ Plus is a new thing and it seems quite separate from their actual ANZ offerings, so it should be new.

      • Thx ATangk

    • +6

      When you sign up, step 4 will confirm if you are eligible for $50 bonus

      • Thx easternculture for the clarification

  • Randomizer count going up fast haha

    • +2

      it was at 37 before my poo just now 100

      • Should we thank your poo or is it the other way around?

  • is this the first ANZ Plus signup bonus ?

    • +1

      Ozbargains Referral System

      NANI, am I a joke to you?

  • +3

    make sure to not have more then $250k or else it will drop down to 1.50% for the whole amount not just the portion over $250k

    • +3

      That is hard for me, as a person with $250K

    • +2

      to not have more then $250k

      Although I am also a whirlpool forum member, this will not be a problem for me :’)

      • +2

        Get on r/AusFinance level. We are all techbros on $400k in our early 20 or mid 20's with a diversified investment portfolio.

    • +4

      What do i do with my other $1.75M

      • +1

        Pokies, strippers and cocaine.

        Or I guess maybe a small unit in syd cbd

        • Would still need to get renters in for income for mortgage purposes.

      • +1

        Buy the first item that pops up on the front page of ozbargain for every ozbargainer

        • +2

          Right now that is this referral and believe me I'm trying

        • If i always refresh ozbargain, do I buy into every deal?

  • How do I add myself to the Referrers randomizer list. Just by clicking Edit and then validating? Cheers for the deal

    • +3

      Yes, then as the referrer, you need to wait till the randomizer essentially matches you with another OzBargainer looking to complete the referral. That OzBargainer would need to provide you with their phone number, which you then use in your ANZ Plus app, to invite them.

  • nice deal

  • used my passport oops, thought was expired :\

    • Travel to the ANZ Promised Land refused? They must be doing some offshore tax trickery

  • -8

    nice way to get all you friends on the list, just in case, for the future digital hell that is coming..

    • Try to keep up I guess.

    • +1


  • Any tips to fullfil the 3 transactions easily (online)?

    • +7

      Amazon $1 e-gift cards

      • Anyone know what the minimum payment is for Zip?

      • Thanks! But would need to wait for the physical card for that?

        • yeah. i need something online that i can use google pay for to do it instantly. otherwise a trip to Coles.

    • iPhone user? You could top up your iTunes account with 3x $1 topups and pay via Apple Pay

      • I tried this but couldn't seem to choose which card to apple pay with so it didn't use my new ANZ card. I ended up doing 3 x Amazon $10 e-gift cards via shopback with Apple Pay as $10 was their smallest size available which was pretty quick & easy.

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