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50% off Delivery Unlimited Plan $59.50 @ Woolworths


This offer is only available to new Delivery Unlimited subscribers, or previous Delivery Unlimited subscribers who do not currently have an active Delivery Unlimited subscription. Offer not available for existing Delivery Unlimited subscribers or monthly Delivery Unlimited subscribers who upgrade to an annual plan during the promotional period.

Get 50% off a Delivery Unlimited annual plan
Now just $59.50 for the first year. New and returning subscribers only.*

Free Delivery on Woolworths orders on Same or Next Day Woolworths orders of $75 or more*. Save up to $15 per Woolworths order. Bag fees apply.

2x Everyday Rewards points with your Woolworths and Everyday Market Orders

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • +2

    Has anyone tried cancelling their existing subscription and get a partial refund?

    Their T&Cs doesn't seem to allow refund for change of mind cancellation :/

    • yes, depends how often you use it

    • +2

      ask for a credit instead of a refund and they're more likely to comply

  • +1

    Do the extra 2x points stack with Everyday Extra?

    • I’ll bet they don’t! Pricks

      • +2

        It might. I am getting 2x 10% per month. Everyday extra and mobile

        • Worth it for the 2x 10%. Thanks for that

  • +6

    Is there any benefit for orders under $75?

    • +11

      Agree. Paying $50 for the privilege of having to spend over $75 sounds like a rip-off to me.

    • +5

      Prices are so high now that I'm always over $75. You don't get much for that now.

      • +1

        This! Exactly
        I used to struggle to reach the $50, now my single pack of saladas is already $71 so I only have to spend $4 more

    • I have a Coles Plus subscription and shop with them because their minimum is still only $50.

      • +1

        And you work for Woolies??

  • +1

    Promo runs until the 28th. So if you currently have a monthly plan active and your next monthly due date is before that, cancel your current subscription and wait until it runs out then you can sign up for the discounted year. I don't order often so I currently pay the monthly fee only when I need a delivery then I unsubscribe. My current monthly runs out on 26th so I've set a reminder in my phone.

    • I'm going to try this. Mine expires 21st

  • +5

    $5 a month is pretty good. TY OP.

    • $4.58 if we include the free 30d trial !

  • +5

    We had it over covid, it was great. Then we moved and the new store was hopeless. Always either hours late or rescheduling orders to another day, which made it way more hassle.

  • You can't combine this with the monthly 10% offers though which is a big negative.

    • +4

      Why can't you? They changed the Everyday Extra to say you can use it online again from 1/11.

      • Not that I can see?

        Everyday Rewards members get 10% off a Woolworths shop IN STORE every month


        • +1

          That's with Everyday Mobile.

          • @ynotrekab: Yes it is. I can't combine this delivery offer with the monthly 10% offers.

            • +5

              @B3: This might only apply to mobile/insurance offers, you can get the 10% off online with Everyday Extra.

  • Will they leave on doorstep if not home or try again?

    • leave on doorstep
      although you could specify a delivery instruction, however i doubt they will make another round if nobody's home even if you request it

    • Yes, you can select to have your order left unattended.

  • +4

    I cancelled the automatic renewal after they increased the fees & minimum spend mid-contract a few months ago. As there's still a couple of months left on my current subscription, I'm not eligible for the 50% off.

    So, they can change the terms and conditions within the subscription period for their benefit, but we can't take advantage on their promotions for our benefit? Not really customer-centric..

  • +6

    More like $2 delivery not free because they charge you $2 flat fee for paper bags for every order.

    • +2

      Good to know, so if you plan weekly orders over the 12 month duration it's $163.50 minimum.

      Add the $75/week locked in to Woolies ($3900) and it's no longer a no brainer unfortunately…

      • -2

        This is brain dead logic. What about the cost of the fuel/rego/maintenance of your car for the assumed 2km you drive to woolies?

    • Isn't it $1?

      • No

  • +3

    prefer coles, if i know ill be home all day, $2 delivery fee midweek and $4 for Friday and the weekend for the 6hour slot, no need to pay for crap subscriptions, plus minium is $50 for coles, much better

    • +1

      My experience with Coles delivery has been very bad… Every single time there was something missing. And it's such a hassle to get them to refund the missing items.

      • majority of my orders are good and refunds or credits are easy to get for me, however, Chaddy is the normal store for me, and that's closed because of toxic dust, so the orders go to nearby stores, and every time it comes from the Oakleigh, there is a stuff up of some kind, that store seems F'd even Uber orders from there are bad, ( I understand the driver picks the items, but other stores no issues) I just hope Chaddy is sorted soon, so no issues, I even called about a $2.50 item, the lady was surprised id care so much because its cheap, it wasn't the cost, they won't learn otherwise

    • +1

      Problem with Coles though is you cant use gift cards online, and almost always when I buy groceries from ColesWorth, I am using some form of gift card

      • yeah, that sucks,

    • Is this with the subscription or without?

      • no subscription needed for $2 delivery, but if you do have the sub, all slots are "free"

  • Does anyone know if the 50% off also applies to the Seniors Delivery Unlimited plan?

  • is this worth it if you have a mobile or insurance with woolworths already , I can’t see the e benefit ..

    • The benefit is the discounted delivery plan for 12 months.

      • Do you know is there any discount for delivery for under $75? Our weekly shop is almost always under that as we go to both coles and woolies (specials).

  • +3

    How are woolies on fulfilling their deliveries? My last 5 deliveries from coles have literally had half the stuff missing & the last order was someone elses - it was fully refunded (so free food) but I still have to go the store for the other half of my order - coles delivery is not saving me any time.

  • If you cancel with 2 weeks of the monthly subscription left, I assume it won't let me sign up as I'm still "existing"?

    • +1

      worked for me. called up to cancel, then immediately signed up at half price

  • sdo they deliver on weekend ?

    • Delivery Unlimited
      Free Same or Next Day delivery on Woolworths orders $75 or more. Bag fees apply
      $10 for Delivery Now: Delivery in under 2 hours for your Woolworths orders. Bag fees apply
      2x Everyday Rewards points on all online orders
      Priority Customer Care Line: Dedicated phone number for fast service
      New subscribers save 50% on an annual plan for your first year*
      T&Cs apply
      Delivery Unlimited Terms & Conditions
      Annual payment
      Billed yearly, normally $119/year*
      Trial expiring reminder
      We will let you know when your free trial is about to expire
      Billing date
      26 Dec 2023

    • You're all set!
      Your 30 Day Free Delivery Unlimited Trial has successfully started

      Continue Shopping
      Annual Plan trial
      For orders 7 Days a week

      30 Day Free trial
      26 Nov 2023 - 25 Dec 2023

      Annual payment
      $59.50/first year, $119.00/year thereafter (Cancel anytime)

      First billing date
      26 Dec 2023

      Payment method
      •••• 5565
      Exp 11/28

  • +1

    You can also cancel the auto-renewal straight away and are still able to use it for the year.

    • That's a good tip to not get automatically billed the next year.

      I'd cancel it at least a month in after the free month trial to ensure I'm not cancelling this whole deal, i.e. cancel after the billing date.

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