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Air India: Delhi Return Direct from Melbourne $817, Sydney $974 (Fly March-April 2024) @ flightfinderau


Destination: Delhi
Airline: Air India
Valid Departure Dates: March to April 2024
Deal Expiry: Till Sold Out

  • All flights are direct with widebody B787 aircraft
  • Easter school holidays dates available
  • Generous baggage allowance (30kg)
  • March to April has moderate temperatures and generally a good time to visit India's Golden Triangle (Delhi, Agra & Jaipur)

Melbourne to Delhi Flights from $817 Return.

11/Apr - 24/Apr $817
10/Apr - 24/Apr $817
19/Mar - 03/Apr $817
18/Mar - 03/Apr $817
12/Mar - 08/Apr $817
03/Mar - 01/Apr $817
10/Mar - 08/Apr $817
03/Mar - 02/Apr $817
03/Mar - 03/Apr $817
04/Apr - 17/Apr $817

Sydney to Delhi Flights from $974 Return.

10/Apr - 17/Apr $974
11/Apr - 17/Apr $974
04/Apr - 17/Apr $974
18/Mar - 01/Apr $974
19/Mar - 02/Apr $974
18/Mar - 02/Apr $974
19/Mar - 03/Apr $974
18/Mar - 03/Apr $974
12/Mar - 01/Apr $974
19/Mar - 08/Apr $974


  • Checked-in luggage, meals and entertainment are additional
  • Please take into account any vaccine/covid test/insurance requirements when traveling
  • Based in Canberra, Flightfinderau is an aggregator of flight prices (like Skyscanner). With any online purchases, do your due diligence!

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  • Any deals for Melb to Bom?

  • +12

    Flight might be cheap but I flew Air India once for a work trip and I can't tell you just how many things (both legal and illegal) I would do to avoid flying with them ever again.

    • Can second this. My layover got changed to air India in 2019, it was like getting put onto Tiger.

      But a friend says they really changed when tata took over in 2022… Not saying I believe him.

  • +2

    Their inflight systems ALWAYS ALWAYS has an issue either the screens aren't working or the audio isn't.. I would avoid at all cost…

    • +1

      I thought they are under the new management, Tata Group and everything is getting revamped?

      • +3

        Yep, "getting" is where it's at. Work-in-progress, and far from complete. IFE is a major pain point on the 787 fleet.

    • +1


  • +1

    I wouldn't travel with Air India even if they paid me.

    • +2

      I would definitely travel with Air India if they pay me as I can use that money to spend while on my trip!

  • +1

    When I flew them about 5 years ago, they were just okay.

    Family flew them to the UK a few months back, screens broken every single leg.

    Nephew flew with them in September with their few month old baby. Bassinet FELL OFF mid-flight with the baby still inside, lucky he managed to catch it mid-air. Being 100% serious here… staff came rushing over when they saw what had happened as they obviously realised they could be in massive trouble.

  • +1

    Terrible airlines! Avoid and go with the gold standard - SQ

  • +2

    Apparently Air India is pulling up its socks and improving customer service and their planes. I, personally, wouldnt fly with them but the missus wants to fly with them because of the new non stop flights to Mumbai.

  • +2

    They may be terrible but if you're travelling with a family of 4 then it's a savings of about $2000 over SQ plus 2-3 hours quicker.

    • +4

      Plus the extra baggage allowance is a bonus.

      • +1

        The older planes also have more leg room

        I have noticed it with Thai airways and air India. A lot more leg room compared to Singapore, Qantas etc

        Also air India food is better than Qantas, Singapore.

        • +1

          The food is no way better than Qantas or Singapore Airlines. During our last trip we were served greasy soggy food. The only consolation was the dessert. Never had bad food on Singapore Airlines. Haven't travelled on Qantas internationally but their food was ok on domestic business class when I flew a few years back.

          • @rvsure: Agree with this. The best food I had was on a Qantas flight to India. Pity Jet Airways went bust as would pick that in a heartbeat.

    • +1

      $2000 vs broken IFE screens… tough decision

  • For those of you planning to fly with AI, the experience can be hit and miss. The customer service has come a long way for sure. They are managing well with what they got i.e. broken seats and IFE. My experience based on my last return trip to Delhi:

    A strong urine smell hit me as soon as I boarded the aircraft in Melbourne. Although the shell subsided after someone with the aircon running, but the best first impression. The IFE was broken on the back half of the plane. I wouldn't have felt as bad if it's not working for everyone😂. One of the handrest was broken and the other was occupied by the fellow passenger. So, it felt like the longest 11 hours in a broken middle seat without entertainment. The food was cold, soggy and greasy. The flight was full of old Indian people, some don't know how to use a plane toilet, so the toilets became dirty in few hours. The staff tried their best to clean them every few hours.

    The return flight on the other hand was a total contrast. The aircraft was one of the more recent ones with IFE working and seats in good condition, although not a great selection of content there. The food was fresh and tasty. The flight was half empty, the staff encourage us to move to empty rows and relax.

    Overall it all depends on your luck on which aircraft you get on the day and how full it is.

  • I have flown air India almost exclusively Mel-Del for the past decade and it has only gotten worse over time. I considered two things - time saved on direct flight and comfort of dreamliner. Everything else is substandard and after my last 2 trips under Tata management they have resorted to a lot of cost cutting. I would still consider flying via AI when the flights are this cheap but can't recommended them at prices higher than 1300-1500 aud.

    The things that are consistently poor: quality of food and drinks. Screens not working. Mishandled baggage. Reluctance of staff to confront noisy and disruptive passengers. People will be watching videos on their loud smart phones and yelling across seats, and the staff won't do or say anything.

    I miss the early days of flying with AI when flights used to go half empty and you had free seats all around you.

    • Had it improved under Tata ownership?

      • Nope. Cost cutting = less staff, worse service, longer wait and processing times. The really annoying part about flying with AI is that they put all flights at the same counter, so you are forced to wait in a queue and you have to get a physical boarding pass - there is no option of using your phone or printing at home after doing an online check in.

    • If I get cheap flight, I use noise cancelling airpods, download content (netflix, prime, youtube videos) of my interest on my ipad, have a nice meal before flying (depending on time) and it works well for me.

      • Yeah but this is a 12 hour flight

  • +1

    We have booked tickets from Delhi to Amritsar in January next year. We need more than 20kg luggage and they don't allow you to prepay for extra luggage on domestic flights so it was similar price to book business class rather than pay excess at the airport.

    Got an email last week, they have downgraded us to economy class without any explanation and we are not eligible for any refund. They told me that it is what it is. I can cancel flights but they will charge 1/3 of ticket price as cancellation fees.

    We will never fly or recommend AI again.

    • +1

      I dont think that is legal….Surely a candidate for a chargeback.

      • I paid using CBA credit credit. I have never done a chargeback before. I will look into it and see what they say.

        Regarding legality, I did some research and found heaps of articles where they do this quite often and get away with it.

        • +1

          Im not with CBA but i can do a chargeback (or dispute) from my Anz online banking portal. Its really very simple. They may also call you to discuss the dispute if the amount is large enough.

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