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[PS5] PlayStation 5 Disc Console with Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Bundle $679 C&C / Delivered @ Big W


Info obtained from Big W staff and confirmed with my tarot cards.

Get a $5 bonus gift card from Prezzee to ease the pain a bit.


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  • Can you use the woolies rewards 10% discount with this?

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      The Extra Discount cannot be used for or on any smoking or tobacco products and accessories, liquor, gift cards (including iTunes), mobile recharge, Woolworths Mobile, travel cards, tickets, cash outs, delivery charges (including Delivery Unlimited items), bag fees, donations, Carpet Care, lottery products, pre-order kiosks, purchases on a charge account, BIG W Photos online, Apple products, gaming consoles, rainchecks, BIG W eBay, BIG W Market, DukeLiving, pre-orders, lay-by fees, remote and bulk orders or Everyday Market from Woolworths orders.

      Took 15 seconds to find

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        Takes less than 15 seconds for them to ask and get someone else to provide the answer 🙄

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          Well played

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          Questions and answers benefit all ozbargain visiters, it's part of the community spirit.

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        If everyone just googled everything we wouldn’t need a deals site, people could just find the info themselves

        Part of the ozbargain spirit is getting your answers from the community

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          Not remotely the same thing… I'm not actively looking for a PS5 Spiderman 2 bundle so I'm not going to specifically look for one, despite possibly being interested in it if the price is right. This was a specific question they wanted answering.

          I personally have no issue with people helping out others like this - it's a free country, do what you want. I don't however think it's a great reflection of society that an increasing number of people are unwilling (or more disturbingly, unable) to find basic information themselves.

          Information has never been as easily accessible as it is now yet I don't remember a time in my life where people in general have seemed less informed.

          • -2

            @callum9999: wow you must be fun at parties

            • +1

              @papichulo: If you feel like Ozbargain comments are representative of how someone should act at a party, I don't think you've ever been to one before…

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    Can you use those tarot cards to get me some lotto numbers?!

    • +12

      I was using a crystal ball for that but then it was cracked when I moved interstate.

      I also use salt lamps but they're for the Epic freebies.

      • Loving the new house 🙃

  • Any idea of the models number? Likely too new for a hackable PS5

    • Would think the same. You might need to go with older stock, or buy this one and wait for a newer exploit to be released

    • Need time machine, that was early 2021.
      Look for ebay if you must.

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      Didn't realise the early PS5s were hackable. I've got a near launch one, wonder if it could add to the resale…

      • +3

        You probably updated it, so no extra resale value for you.

        • +1

          Ah right, thanks. I did get more for a moddable Switch a few years ago so I guess I've had my go

    • Genuine question as I haven't heard of this, benefits of hacking?

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    Absolute bargain :) good day to pull a sickie lol

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    You can price match at JB or EB Games and then buy $600 worth of gift cards with this deal, making net cost $619 ($609 if you sign up to JB Perks). Alternatively you can get 20x EDR points at Woolies too, just depends what you value more

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      Unless things have changed, EB Games do not price match consoles or console bundles. https://x.com/ebgamesaus/status/1065518299914604545?s=46&t=D…

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        Oh news to me! Stick to JB then

    • Sorry, want to double check.
      Is this a promo BigW is starting in two days or is this a lockdown price for this bundle? Can you price match and item when it's on a special/promo?

      • +1

        Promo price in 2 days, unsure of expiry but should be able to work out in 2 days time. Should be fine to price match this, and I assume that Amazon will quickly follow with a price match too, so if Big W doesn't work then you can use Amazon

        • And this goes for any stores around Australia?
          I'm really just discovering this method/practice for the first time and I am amazed…

          So I would
          1. Purchase multiple physical gifts cards (ensuring JB accept multiple cards?) from BigW that can be used at JB, totalling $620(for safety).
          2. Going to JB, showing them there is a price for this specific bundle
          3. Get it price matched and redeem the gift cards.

          More than likely sign up with JB if I get it down to $609.

          • @Leeglee337: Would JB price match a promo/reduced price?

          • +2

            @Leeglee337: Definitely secure the price match first. You can do this online at JB through their live chat, and they'll send you a link to the checkout with the updated price. This link will be able to be used for the purchase until the end of the day, 11.59pm that day. You'll should be able to use your perks voucher for a further $10 off at checkout too (provided it doesn't exclude this console, but I think it is OK).

            After getting the price match link, then go to woolies or big w to get your gift cards. Best to do the variable load one and get as close to your total cart amount as possible. Can do C&C or pay for delivery, but I'd do C&C in case stock issues

            • @nicholasv: Doesn't the gift card promotion exclude variable cards?

              • @gaber: Woolworths 20x EDR definitely doesn't exclude variable load as it is mentioned in T&Cs. Unsure about Big W as T&Cs aren't out yet

                • @nicholasv: Ah ok, hopefully it's online and variable included so we don't need to hunt for them

          • +1

            @Leeglee337: You can do in store but just make sure that they will price match it for you before getting your gift cards. You can redeem multiple JB gift cards online and in store. Only caveat is that online you'll only be able to redeem one credit card number, which I believe the Ultimate Gift Cards come as. However, pretty sure you can exchange them online for a JB gift card

    • JB doesn’t price match online only sales so I’m worried they might not (if this is considered an online only sale)

      • I don't know if that is true as they price match Amazon without issues, and that is online only. YMMV depending on the agent maybe? But I would definitely secure the price match link from JB before buying the gift cards

  • +1

    Will be popular! The only downside is there will be a new slim model of the PS5 available in a bit that could be worth the wait, if you've already waited this long.

    • I agree - the new one looks a lot smaller (not that much in reality though), higher capacity and replacable disc drive (and it seems as long as Sony's server is running you can pair and salvage a used drive, too).

    • +3

      But the slim is more expensive…

      • -1

        But it's been on a diet 🤦‍♂️

    • +4

      Compared to the old slim models, this one still needs to go on a diet

    • +1

      It’s not slim

      • -3

        It's smaller and weighs less, it's the slim model.

        • -1

          Yo Barry when the ps5 supports the smaller iec power cable like my ps3 slim Yknow the little infinity power cable then it’ll be slim

    • +3

      Only aesthetics.in the past the slim version will give you an performance boost of some sort. The PS5 slim is just an aesthetic. Okay it does give you 18% more storage but that's negligible if you're gonna get an m.2

    • , if you've already waited this long.

      I think we only waiting for a cheaper price.

  • Just bought a used one off ebay for $599 (without a game), starting to think I should have waited a bit longer.

    • +6

      you could have got a new one for under $600 heaps of times before - JB deals + gift cards

    • +1

      I see multiple PS5s up for $450 in my area on marketplace, sir you played yourself

      • +3

        Try them, almost certain all of them are scammers with fake profiles.

        • There's quite a few that are and quite a few that aren't. The second hand market price is about to take with the Slim release as well. The price has been lower then this before for the PS5 so I don't see why anyone would pay over $450 when you can get a new one for close to $150 extra.

          • +1

            @lookingforadeal7: The RRP has been $800 90% of the time since its been released. But I agree with you that $600 is too high for a second hand device. If the RRP is $800, you shouldn't pay more than $500 for a second hand console, unless it has lots of accessories.

            • +1

              @DontNeedThis: Yeah second hand market is just ridiculous for everything atm, even worse prices on gaming PCs. I guess after seeing prices on Ozbargain I expect it to be discounted from about $650 and not the $800 that others might pay.

      • None that price near me and if I look in Sydney then most of the posts look like scams

        • I'm on the Gold Coast and there is about 20 scam ads up but yesterday I saw about 3 posted for sub $500 and they are all gone today, even had someone with mutual friends selling it for $400 with the description "husband gonna learn today". So you can always get lucky lmao.

          • @lookingforadeal7: You're potentially ending a marriage by buying that though.

            • @DontNeedThis: You aren't wrong lol. But you are right a price of $500 or less is tough to come by I did a full scan through and only found one that's likely not a scammer for $500 music posted today so ill keep app eye on that listing. I'm hoping to pick one up for my girlfriend for about $450 before Christmas so I'll be watching like a hawk.

              • +1

                @lookingforadeal7: I've been watching for about a couple of months and I haven't found anything under $600 that's not a scam. I actually wrote about it here.

                • +1

                  @DontNeedThis: Yeah that's really bad, it doesn't surprise me too much that it's the case in Sydney and Melbourne but not as much here (scammers are the same) I guess people would be more used to already paying a premium for living there so other purchases are more justifiable for people and they will still buy used PS5s for $600+ common enough for that to be the going price. I expect to see a decent second hand supply after the Slim drops though.

                  Although to touch on the scammer thing most of the time it's international hacked account and made to look like someone from Australia so it's super easy to pick out, they almost always use Pay ID to scam too so they obviously have fraudulent IDs, must be lucrative for them.

                  • @lookingforadeal7: Cash on pick up is the way. Although, I've seen a couple of these scammers giving out fake addresses when you insist on pick up, just to (profanity) with you.

          • +1

            @lookingforadeal7: Ha ha, I saw that ad. I got a feeling she will be the one that's going to learn when her husband finds out what she did.

            • @pufffdragon: Yeah if she sold it poor guy, I'll say that I bought a car at 17 from a lady for similar reasons and saved 2k on my first car lol. Sold her partners car to buy furniture.

              • @lookingforadeal7: Winning from someone else losing, ha ha. Imagine if you were buying the car or ps5 and the husband rocks up at the time of sale

                Kind of reminds me of this time I had this random girl come up and start kissing me in a nightclub. Unknowingly to me, right Infront of her boyfriend it seems.
                I found out I could run really well that night.

                • @pufffdragon: Apparently he was overseas at the time so I was in the clear. But that's the way it is I've posted some ridiculously cheap stuff on marketplace before and people have walked away suspicious and asking me "are you sure you want to sell for so cheap?" Like yes mate just take it quick cash is better then it sitting up on marketplace for weeks lol

  • +2

    Need a link to the tarot cards

  • +4

    interesting they still don't have the PS5 slim in Australia.

  • +3

    100% wait for the PS5 Slim to come out.

    • +4

      just for people to know if you get the disc version of the ps5 slim it requires registration and unregistration of the disc drive when factory reset, also requires an internet connection to activate the drive, and to use it.

      normal PS5 doesn't require this.

      Hopefully Sony changes this in the future.

      • +3

        However, the disk drive is an addon - meaning you can buy the digital version for cheaper, then when you are compelled to you can buy the disk drive separately - hence the need to register it.

        I do agree it should be changed, though they did state this was actually needed for some reason, though i call bull**** on that.. don't know enough about it though.

        • +1

          I think it had to do with Blu-Ray licensing which sounds plausible to me. They don't gain anything by adding extra steps to activate the drive

          • @FireRunner: Bluray seems like the kind of joint to be stupid about licensing just because they can.

          • @FireRunner: It's not just blu-ray

            There have been other systems that use blu-ray discs that allow you to play games, but require internet to 'register' the system to play a blu-ray movie.

            so they distinguish between blu-ray movies and blu-ray games

      • In addition to the licensing issue, encryption between drive and console (for anti-piracy?) is another reason why there's a registration process - seems the console needs to download a drive key to use the drive. At least Sony doesn't actually require you to deregister the drive to use it on another console, and drives registered to a console can swap without register again (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UFQQ0_TKyPc).

        I doubt anything better than this would never come based on the disc drive on past generations of gaming consoles.

    • +2

      I’d 100% take this at this price over the new SKU at RRP. The best deals are probably going to be in the current model over the next month or so as they clear out stock.

  • Any gift card deal to stack with this ?

  • -2

    @dealbot what are the tarot cards or the crystal ball say? Are we getting a 15% off gift cards (Apple, Ultimate etc) for Black Friday?

    • +1

      Can confirm, no.

      • -1

        I thought with interest rates going up and sales going down they would have a deal of 15%. Thanks for letting me know.

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