Grunt 25mm x 3m Black Ratchet Tie Down - 4-Pack $10 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store/ OnePass) @ Bunnings


Limited Edition Black Ratchet and Webbing
Pack of 4
272kg Lashing Capacity
GRUNT ratchet tie downs are quick, easy and safe way to secure a load
Conforms to Australian Standards AS/NZS 4380
Limited Edition Grunt Black Ratchet Tie Down Straps are built with a simple ratchet mechanism which makes it quick, easy and efficient. With a lashing capacity of 272kg its a safe and secure way to carry your cargo.

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  • +2

    Tie Down - 4 Pack $10

    Can these be used on kangaroos?

    • +10

      No sport. Protected species.

    • Sure can Sport.

      • +6

        Ratchet me Kangaroo down, sport.

    • jv + tie down vs kangaroo? kangaroo = winner

    • +1

      No goat this Friday?

      I guess kangaroo will mix things up a bit. A change is as good as a holiday and I need a holiday.

      • No goat this Friday?

        The protestors bought them all !!!

    • +1

      jv sounds suspiciously like the Wolf Creek serial killer.

      • +4

        Wolf Creek serial killer.


  • seem to be much weaker/cheaper than the normal grunt tie downs (272kg vs 350kg). must be a grunt chinese special ……

    even crappy syneco tie downs ($14 4pk) claim 300kg…

    • +3

      $27 for 350kg versus $10 for 272kg, seems like a pretty good deal to me.

      The Syneco is 10% more weight but for 40% more price.

      Given you can use more straps to cover the additional weight, failing to see how this is an issue.

      • +4

        all good until they start snapping

        the syneco ones are 4.5m vs 3m for the grunt

        both tie downs are low-end

        • Same standards are met, so as long as you do your homework on weight before use?

          Longer straps seems to balance the cost though.

    • +3

      The syneco have rubber/plastic covering the clamps - from experience that makes them much easier to release

    • +1

      Those are the ones I bought previously. See my comment below. The ones in this deal are cheaper and weaker - stay away.

  • What was the price before?

    • +2

      there is no "before" price. it is a bunnings chinese black friday special …

    • +9

      It's not about it's past price. These are limited edition. It's all about their future price.

    • Not sure if there was. It claims to have "Limited Edition Black Ratchet and Webbing", lol. It is not their standard product in this size

    • +1

      If someone tell you the price before was $2, would you buy them now?

  • Seem the Syneco has better review

  • I don't recommend 3m. get 6m. Went to tie a fridge the other day…… 3m didn't even make it over the fridge to the other tie down point. get the 6m better to have that extra length imo then the shorter ones

    • It's good to have both. Threading 6m through to hold down a piece of conduit is painful

    • You can daisy chain them.

  • Anyone used this for kayaks?

    • +1

      they're fine for kayaks, you don't even need ratchet straps to hold down kayaks the clasp buckles are usually enough
      however if you put much weight onto these the hooks bend

      • +2

        Cool, now need a black friday deal for kayaks and roof racks

        I've tried the inflatable kayak route and didn't like it.

        • +6

          Probably better than my inflatable dart board.

        • +3

          if you are just starting out & not in need of anything specific grab a few of marketplace / gumtree, you can even go soft racks for the car to begin with, happy to give you pointers to brands / gear

    • +1

      i use a similar one but the 4.5m strap. mainly 'cos it's for an older sit-in wood/fibre glass kayak that I strap directly on to the roof racks.

      you probably won't need them to be that long if you have J-hooks. but then again, like Irishness says, you could probably get away with the buckles for that scenario.

      • +1

        I have plenty of ratchet straps but for ease I use the buckle straps which work fine for my kayaks, even stacked one on top of the other

  • Good for mattress on top of the car roof?

    • +2

      Having mates holding on while the windows are down is much cheaper

  • -2

    25mm wide? Even for $10 not sure how useful these would be. Maybe over a tarp transporting leaves to the tip or something.

  • Our local hoarder loves these. Great for moving big items back to his junkyard.

  • +7

    Went to my local Bunnings and they didn't have the $10 ones. Another guy was looking for them too. We both found the $27 versions and they gave them to us for $10.

    I'll call that a win for today.

    • +2

      Looks like you also found an ozbargain friend.

      • Was it you? Lol

        • +3

          I wish it was. I need a friend to walk around bunnings with me. Mrs Muzeeb gave up on that years ago.

    • I ordered with delivery and my local store texted me to tell me theyve upgraded my order due to low stock :o

      • Sweet

  • Anyone know of any stretchy ratchet straps available in Australia? I've seem them available in the US. They're supposed to prevent the load from coming loose with movement. Like a Rok Strap but ratcheting.

    • +4

      Probably not standards compliant here.

      Besides, if you need some flex to hold your load down then you're not tying it down right… if it moves then you need more tension, or more straps in alternate orientations.

  • such a bargain price, really handy for the small-medium loads Thanks OP

  • These look like a set of blue Grunt tie-downs I bought a few years ago (for my projector screen). They had a similar load rating and width. When I tried to use it to tie things to my car platform, I realised how useless they were, and the ratchet started slipping with considerably less force than the rated amount. I ended up having to quickly race to Bunnings to replace them with something that cost more but was actually fit for purpose.

    Please do not use a $10 pack of ratchets for something valuable, or something that could cause injury or damage if it fails.

    • +1

      So they're pretty ratchet then?

  • Will they ever release something like this for people who (profanity) them up every time - getting them tangled in themselves, unable to hook them on anything etc.

    Asking for myself

  • I should get these just to use the webbing straps as a belt ! Fashionable and functionable ! 😁👍

  • nice work! just bought 2, those with powerpass will get it for $9.50 each!

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