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Google Pixel Tablet with Speaker Dock $547 (RRP $899) + Delivery ($0 to Metro/ in-Store/ C&C) @ Officeworks


Same price for Porcelain or Hazel.

Maybe part of Black Friday Sales? Google Store will probably be a similar price when their Black Friday sale begins.

Copied from Office Works website:

The Google Pixel Tablet gives you all the features of a tablet, plus some of the best features of a smart display when your tablet is docked. It’s the first tablet with the Google Tensor G2 chip built-in for fast and smooth streaming, high-quality video calls, accurate voice typing and efficient multitasking. Place it onto the included dock to keep it charged and ready 24/7, speaker functions, smart home controls, hands-free help from Google and a digital photo frame¹. Just say "Hey Google" to play music and videos, get answers, turn the lights on, set timers and more.²

This tablet has a large, 11” display.
It has 8 GB of RAM.
It has a 128 GB internal memory.
It has an 8 megapixel camera.
The included dock acts as a speaker and charger and enables Hub Mode.
It features the Google Tensor G2 chip for smooth and efficient functionality.
This tablet measures 169 x 258 x 8.1 mm.
Up to 12 hours of video streaming.³
It has Chromecast built-in and the Google TV widget, so you can easily watch shows from your favourite apps.²
A 2 year warranty is included for your peace of mind.
It works with other Pixel devices.
It includes 5 years of security updates from launch.⁴

Edit: Other buying options athough more expensive
Harvey Norman $547 now, thanks to hoosier daddy and zenturio for pointing it out. https://www.harveynorman.com.au/google-pixel-tablet-with-cha…

Telstra $599 https://www.telstra.com.au/accessories/tablets/google/pixel-…

Update 2:
JB HiFi $549 https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/google-pixel-tablet-128gb…

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  • +27

    IMO, the RRP was priced way to high for what you get.

    For anyone interested in the Google Tablet; wait until the Google Store Black Friday offer is reveal before making a purchase (as you might be able to stack the Studentbeans discount). Google Store's Black Friday offer is just a bonus Pixel Tablet Case…

    • +1

      Yes I agree. At this price I think it is more reasonable.

      • +3

        Correct price would be under $400 since this is a google hub max replacement.

        • Need to take account of the drops in price apple are putting on the ipad. Even $400 is probably too high.

    • -1

      There will definitely be a discount on the Google Tablet as their landing page said

      Savings on Google Tablet are coming soon

      • +3

        Looks like its just a bonus Pixel Tablet Case…

        • +3

          Free case is a bit of a joke. Hopefully they will still decrease the price. They should since many other major electronics places are selling for around $549.

    • +1

      Is this worse than a s9 fe? I would have though this would be a better buy.
      My tab a8 sucks and wanted to move to this

      • From watching reviews, it seems like this tablet is a okay/good all rounder but doesn't really excel in any areas. Max screen brightness not very high so won't be great outdoors. The docking ability is the main selling point.

        I have a tab s6 lite and it is starting to be very laggy. Thinking of replacing it with either a tab s9 fe, iPad or this one.

    • +1

      In particular because OfficeWorks doesn't have the 256GB model in stock, I'd say that'd be the better long term buy if it's decently discounted.

    • How does one request a StudentBean voucher? i dont see a megatread for it. Thought of requesting one in expectation of the black Friday sale.


  • -6

    but I don't want the speaker dock…

    • +5

      Why??? What’s wrong with the dock? It essentially turns it into a Google home device.

    • +11

      Without the dock you may as well get a generic Android tablet, that's the only thing that differentiates this and makes a case for the higher price (still overpriced though).

    • The dock is the whole point of why you'd get this over any other generic tablet.

  • Sorry google, your tablet apps are joke (apart from media apps)

    • +1

      Hold on isn't this just a normal Android tablet? And just work as a dock?

    • +1

      Vlc X manager and newpipe are god tier but yea

  • i got a google hub max, i loving it( althought is a bit lag)

    but i will only buy this if its around 300..

    • I have one on my desk for cameras and home control. It is pretty nice.

  • +1

    Should have been the RRP

  • +6

    ugh I love pixels but this tablet is comparatively awful, can't wait till google makes a real competitor to the iPad Pro and Galaxy Tab Ultra

  • +4

    I bought these when they were launched and i had them ever since. I can definatley say that they aren't worth RRP. The whole prodiuct is mid. $547.00 could be justified if you are in need of a home tablet.

    If you dont need it but want it, wait until it comes down to $400 to buy. Or stack this deal with another.

  • They put crap speakers with a crap tablet, need a premium version to make it worthwhile.

  • +1

    I bought this yesterday (paid cash) from officeworks for $579. I thought I got a good deal!

    • +1


      there are so many bargains on discounted gift cards that you can use at OW

  • Thanks for the info above. Trying to figure out which tablet to get that will also get some light MS office use with an attached keyboard. Around this price point. Also not currently an Apple customer though I don't know if anything comes close to the basic iPad around the $500 mark.

  • +1


  • +2

    this is the retail price that i would recommend

  • I need one of these to use as a portable Google Nest Hub and link it with Google Nest Doorbell and Nest cameras
    Will wait for a better price

  • +1

    Holy…its so expensive to buy the case!!!!
    This must be a joke

    • +2

      Tbh first part cases often very expensive, imo the logic is;
      1. People who care about the prices of cases will go to 3rd parties which will always be cheaper.
      2. People who don't care about the price will just buy the 1st party case with little consideration for the price, so they may aswell make some decent margins.

    • don't worry, aliexpress, ebay, amazon, etc. all sale cheapo cases

  • +4

    Google really doesn’t understand what its customers want. Something like a Samsung Galaxy tablet without all the bloatware crap that gets regular updates

    • What you call "bloatware" most people call "cool features that make the device worth buying". There's a reason why Samsung tablets are pretty much the only android tablets worth buying. OneUI on Tablets is so far ahead of Google it's not funny.

      • +2

        I don't think many customers realise how confused they are. All the Samsung crap clones like Calendar, Contacts, Gallery, Notes etc is worse than Google's own and can't be uninstalled entirely. It's very hard to explain to elderly parents what the difference is. It's so frustrating to open a new device and spend 30min removing all the crap.

        What "cool features" does Samsung add to their cheaper tablets that anyone would want?

        • -6

          All the Samsung crap clones like Calendar, Contacts, Gallery, Notes etc is worse than Google's own and can't be uninstalled entirely.

          Samsungs apps are generally better than Google's forced apps, especially in terms of integration with the OS and features.

          It's very hard to explain to elderly parents what the difference is.

          Why do you need to?

          It's so frustrating to open a new device and spend 30min removing all the crap.

          Again - why do you need to?

          What "cool features" does Samsung add to their cheaper tablets that anyone would want?

          All the things you're complaining about them having.

          • @MrFunSocks:

            Samsungs apps are generally better than Google's forced apps, especially in terms of integration with the OS and features

            People keep parroting this. Name some exact specific features in the apps I mentioned that are better? Tell me exactly how they are better integrated too.

  • +1

    Can you set this up so it cycles through photos and the weather like Amazon Echo? Essentially primarily using it as an electric photo frame.

    • I think you can when it dock mode. However I don't have one so not 100% certain

    • +1

      Likely via Google Photos
      The Google Hubs have that feature

  • +3

    Rather overpriced for a normal plastic tablet with no 5G or OLED screen

    • +4

      For the type of device this is I wouldn't want an OLED screen. It's meant to be basically on 24/7, which would kill an OLED screen in no time.

  • I wish Google put more effect in Smart Home products….all the minis I have are just Speakers now.
    I don't use the Assistant anymore

    • +6

      Google Assistant has been getting progressively worse and worse over time. It's now so slow and useless that like you I never use it. I didn't ever really use it too much to begin with, but don't even bother now. I've got about 10 google home minis and hubs in the house and they're basically just smart home control and spotify players now.

  • Would this be too much for a five year old child to use for video streaming relatives overseas and light media consumption?

    I like the idea of the dock to place the device on while calling.

    • +2

      Yes, you should just buy like a $100 cheapo android tablet.

      • +1

        I thought so. I do like Pixel products and was interested in the tablet. But I think I'll wait another couple of years and see how they support this one. Thanks for the reply.

  • Just picked one up. Thanks OP. Great price. JB would not even match it for me. This is an awesome tablet, the dock feature is great. Works great with Gamepass, Moonlight, Emulation and Streaming in general. Don't listen to the haters.

    • How did you manage to score one? It's been showing as "unavailable online" for most of the day. I called my local store and they confirmed that it was an online only offer, with no click'n'collect.

      • +1

        You actually need to find a store that has stock for the add to cart button to work. As an example, if you are.in Melbourne, seems like Chadstone has 1. Seems like low stock in only a few places.

    • Glad you like it. I am still on the fence.

  • My 2c with these, wait for post christmas - I'm assuming that this will inevitably land under someones tree and they will offload it on facebook marketplace. But at 500 it may be little less in supply compared to the other speakers etc… I had previously picked up 3 google home puck devices and Google home on the stand for nearly half the price on unopened/unwanted christmas gifts.

  • OOS

  • -1

    Someone said ‘I’ve seen better shit sliding out the rectum and even unwillingly…’

  • This is still a pretty great deal. I mean. It's got good reviews and people in general (on YouTube at least) tend to find themselves using it a lot more than they thought they would.

  • Dang these musnt be selling too well. Really wanted Google to have success with this so they would keep on filling out their ecosystem

    • Likely to be successful when Apple sells Home Pod with magnetic charging and magically it lines up perfectly for iPad 10th gen

  • +1

    @FEELS, FYI, HN have updated their price to $547 as well. There is still stock

    • Thanks I will update the price above for HN.

  • +1

    Harvey Norman are now matching the OW price on their website (following the HN link the OP provided).

    None at local stores near me but showing available for home delivery.

    • Good find. I hate Harvey Norman, but at that price.

  • FYI this seems to be Out of Stock

  • Google store black Friday deal is a free case, no discount. Best bet is to order through Google store and price match right?

    • +5

      I chatted to google support who confirmed you can price match, so you get the free case as well for $547

      • How does the price match work? Do you have to purchase first? And if so, will they refund back to your payment method?

        • I opened a chat with support and asked them to confirm the price match - it is a refund for the difference paid once they ship it

          • @seraph: Did you end up ordering via google? and if so, did this work and you didn't get charged for the case?

      • +2

        I guess its a good deal in that case, $547 for a table and a case together.

  • Purchased one from google with the case included. Used a student beans code as well - for 10% off.
    Will do a price match after it has shipped. Anyone knows whether student beans still applies after the refund? Or basically they refund down the to price match amount?

    • +1

      My guess is they will just refund down to the price match, but reading the terms they might play hard ball and say that your "promotional price" precludes you from price match, open a google support chat and see what the say.

    • They will just apply the difference. I used a code from Unidays, so they will just refund the difference of what you paid.

  • If I can get 550 of TCN cards I n Cole’s next week I might consider this

  • +1

    Buyers beware. This tablet doesn't have GPS.

    Even thought google claims this on their website, "The Pixel Tablet lets you access the same apps as you use on other Pixel devices. Plus, find and enjoy more apps, games and books on Google Play", this is actually NOT true.

    You will not be able to install anything that needs GPS. Examples include Waze, Pokemon Go, etc

  • +1

    Same deal at JB HiFi btw. Just bought one myself.

  • +1

    I would recomend checking Telstra Points, as Ive found I can get the tablet for
    Points upfront: 111300pts
    Money upfront: $288

    If you have 213,200 point you dont have to pay

    as the discount is added pre points

  • Hi all, just wanted to check if anyone knows that we get 10% store credit back if on 2tb plan and ordered through Google store.

    Also have a query. Does the payment for 2TB plan needs to be in AUD or can it me connected to turkey by vpn and made payment.

    Appreciate your responses. Thanks in advance.

    • You can get 10% back with the 2Tb plan, but I don't know about the Turkey VPN. It should say when you log into your account in Google store if you can get 10% back.

      • Thanks !!

    • Thats a great price. Would you be able to share receipt?

      • +1

        Got it for almost same price from Google store along with free case.

        Price match to $547 + Free tablet Case + 10% Google store credit (Which has now tracked to $89.9 not sure how much I will end up getting)

        • how do you get the 10% google store credit

          • +1

            @miniclip: Subscribe for 2tb Google one plan and then purchase through Google store. You will get 10% credit after 30 days and later you can cancel the Google one subscription.

        • Yep, I did the same thing and the Google credit is also showing for me. I also got email confirmation today that they are refunding $350 back onto my card for the price match with JB Hi-fi. Some speculated that the refund would be less given the free case and/or store credit but confirming that I at least got the full refund. Might be useful information for others on similar future deals.

    • Did you just live chat them?

      • yes live chat with an agent on jbhifi

  • +2

    get this today only at 499 AUD along with free tablet case (RRP 139) at google store
    jbhifi gave me a birthday offfer of 499 via direct link . i took that link and showed google . they price matched to 499 with free case .

    so cancelled yesterdays order of 547 and took this one .

    ps note - any coupons or codes applied on google store is of no use as whatever you pay , will be price matched to 499 or 547 only as per how you negotiate

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