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VIOFO A119 Mini 2 Dashcam $150.93 Delivered (RRP $231) @ Viofo


Quad HD 2560x1440P 60fps/30fps
Sony STARVIS 2 Sensor 5MP IMX675
Multiple Exposure HDR
Intelligent Voice Control
F1.6 Aperture 7 Elements Glass Lens
1.5-inch HD LCD Display
140° Wide Viewing Angle
Dual-Band Wi-Fi Built-in 2.4GHz & 5GHz
G-Sensor & Motion Detection
Buffered Parking Mode
GPS Logger (Included)
CPL Filter (Not Included, optional)
HK4 Hardwire Kit (Not Included, optional)
Supports High Endurance Micro SD Card up to 512GB (Not Included)

Note: Viofo charges from Hong Kong. Use a international fee-free credit card if possible.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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    Apart from the price, is there any difference buying from this store and VIOFO Australia store?


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      The benefit of buying from AU is if you had a warranty issue.

      • +6

        I looked into this and the AU website is actually managed by a third party distributor…

  • Can anyone comment on how these compare to the more popular models?

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      from what I have read on dashcamtalk.com - this is many people's favourite - some buy two of these for front/rear, rather than buying a model that is a 'dual cam'.

    • Definitely the best value front-only dashcam. Recording quality is up there with far more expensive models (most use a similar sensor)

    • +2

      the "popular" model for me stopped working in a couple of years.. turns on but its just like zonked out

      • +1

        Mine did the same after 1 year.
        Not very reliable if you ask me.

      • Mine had no Vue from the back camera after 2 years.

  • Anyone know if this guy is gonna melt in the hot Aussie summer sun?

    • +2

      Ive had the v1 in my car for 6+ years mostly parked outside. its fine.

    • The defocusing issue caused by the lens warping in heat only affects units manufactured before July.

      Units purchased from viofo.com are guaranteed to be the revised model with the updated lens. If buying from anywhere else it's best to check with the seller first as it could be older stock.

      • The defocusing issue caused by the lens warping in heat only affects units manufactured before July.

        Hmm how can you tell when it was manufactured? I got 2 from AE back in August.

    • +1

      I've been through the V1 and V2 and both have warped or melted within 2-3 years. Used to drive to work and park outside

    • yes I believe so, mine stopped working albeit it appeared to be working. It goes into vegetative state.
      I was driving around thinking its working but its not.

  • I assume they are pretty straight forward to install?

    • +3

      youtube "viofo install" and you'll get various how to vids. Was fairly easy to do.

    • Yes although the instruction booklet is a bit confusing and doesn't explain it very well, it's fairly straightforward if you've installed a dashcam before or watch YouTube vids beforehand

  • I have one. It's alright, but the autosave function is quite sensitive , especially as my suspension is a bit stiff, so often it will save footage when i go over a bump in the road. I think I paid $190 and then extra money on the remote and CPL filter. At $150 for just the base unit it's a great price

  • difference between this and a119 v3?

    • +1

      Sony Starvis 2 , first new sensor release in many years

      • the 5mp version though, not the 8mp one.

  • Thanks, bought 2

  • +1

    It will be better if you can pair this with one of the rear cams.

    • +3

      This is single channel and can't add rear.
      Either add another camera to rear or get A129.

      • -2

        That's why I said it will be better if it can be a dual channel.

        • +4

          It would be better if my car was a Ferrari too. But it isn't.

          • +1
          • -3

            @wombat81: Huh? The comparison doesn't make sense.

            I am saying if this model A119 Mini has the option of allowing consumers to add a rear cam, then it will be better.

            • +2

              @edfoo: If any item has a good extra feature it would obviously be better, and cost more.

            • @edfoo: I mean that's why there are different models, isnt there? You pick and choose what you need/want. This offer is offering something you want that it doesn't have - so move on.

              • -2

                @lvm: It's a suggestion if VIOFA includes the option of adding rear cam to make this model more enticing. Yes I am aware other models having this option, but some people likes this more compact dashcam as well as the ability to connect to a rear cam. It's just my suggestion, but if people here think it is a stupid idea and want to neg me for this, so be it.

                • +2

                  @edfoo: It was just a bit captain-obvious. "If this product had better features it would be better".

                  • -2

                    @wombat81: Nothing obvious, there are many features that can be improved upon, I just think adding this option will definitely entice more buyers. Something VIOFA can consider adding in the newer compact models.

                    • +1

                      @edfoo: I'm sure it would entice more buyers, but it would then be more expensive to make so they will make less money or sell it for a higher price

                    • @edfoo: How exactly did you imagine that your "suggestion" would find its way to the VIOFO team for feedback, all the way from a random comment inside a random thread from inside a random bargain-hunting website from another country entirely?
                      Do you think they monitor this site and are waiting to pounce on "brilliant" ideas like yours?

                  • @wombat81: Don't make them think, they'll fall into a paradox. "I wish better was better, because that would be better"

                • @edfoo: If my grandmother had wheels she would have been a bike

  • +2

    This or the A229 Plus?

    • +1

      had the same question, got the a229 plus for the sake of simplicity and peace of mind. People saying that you can have 2 mini 2s, but the a229 plus has both front and rear camera with starvis 2 sensor so…

      • How is it? And did you buy from viofo.com or viofo.com.au? I don't see any deals in viofo.com.au though. Not very sure if they will honour the warranty if bought from viofo.com.

        • I bought it from Amazon, and just received it 2 days ago, too bad that's the cable got a short circuit (tested with my tool), the one that connects the charge to the main camera, I messaged them and waiting for the response.

    • Or the A229 Pro, which is what I was considering before this post.

      • +1

        Big jump in price from plus to pro though

  • Thanks OP - just in time - my trusty A118C2 had just started acting up…..

  • Just be aware that pricing shown on main pages is in USD. Still a bargain, but not quite as much as I thought!

    • +1

      My invoice is clearly AUD$150.93

      • On the homepage they show the deals in USD, when you click onto the page it localises to AUD so it's fine either way. This post already has the AUD price in the title anyways though.

      • Does it include GST?

  • +1

    For sd cards, where do you guys buy it from

  • +2

    Have been looking for one of these for a while. Does this come with all the cabling to wire it up to power etc? I noted the wiring kits, so is that a necessary additional purchase?

    • HK4 Hardwire Kit (Not Included, optional)

      Not included

    • +1

      Add-on for about $38 for the hardwire kit. Otherwise if you are plugging into USB, the dashcam comes with the cables.

      • +2

        Sorry, a naive question - what's benefit of plugging into USB vs using hardwire kit which will require an additional spend?

        • +3

          Hardwiring gives continuous power, which let's you use parking mode. USB ports power off when the car is off.

          • @theoofside: Any idea if continuous parking mode works via USB? I have a leisure battery I could plug it to for continuous power via USB :)

          • @theoofside: Any hardwire kit recommendation that' cheaper than the official Viofo hardwire kit?

        • Hardwire kit has seperate wires for constant and acc, so the cam knows when your car is running or not and can enter parking mode automatically.

    • It should come with a charger and USB cable.

      There's a picture of the package contents in the first Amazon review.

  • iirc, we have to pay extra 10% for the tax

    • My invoice shows tax excl. and tax incl. price as the same $150.93, maybe they haven't reached the threshold for GST application.

      • not sure about that, I once ordered something from amazon us via amaon au, it added 10% to a 200aud electric device.

        • From customs or from Amazon? Under $1000 it should by charged by the business if they hit the $75,000 per year threshold. Amazon obviously hits that.

          • @Jasonissm: I think this viofo also hits that 75k too, shouldnt it?

            • @whozmr: No clue, not shown on my invoice, so I guess not? Either that or they haven't registered, they need to export $75k worth of stuff to Australia directly, so sales through their own store, not via any other third-party retailers. Usually customs only comes in to charge GST when it comes in over $1000

    • i just made an order, its $150 aud

  • This or the v3 which is also on sale? :-/

    • v3 is an old model, its not the mini 2
      mini 2 has the new sensor

      • new sensor and wifi, can view footage on your phone rather than having to remove micro sd card

  • Anyone have experience with shipping times?

    • Looks like coming from China so 2-3 weeks?

    • from my order: 12 to 15 days from China
      Free shipping

  • isn't this a really old model and had been replaced by the A209 or A219 from memory?

  • says AUD $166.33

    • Add the code at checkout

      • ahh cool thanks.

  • Cheers OP

  • Taken a gamble and ordered one. Have an A129 duo in the other car which I believe is still working. Probably should check as both my previous A119 died without warning.

  • Been checking out Dashcam Australia for the past few days ( !!! amazed by so many idiots on the road). Hence now looking !!

    I'm guessing that you constantly need this into some power outlet for usage ?? (eg - having a charging cable in all the time - or having it hardwired ??)

    • Yeah, doubt it will work without power……

    • I'm still waiting on the wireless power cables myself, but until then it can be powered by the 12VDC cigarette lighter port or hardwired using the extra (optional) kit to your car battery - which also allows for Parking mode.

  • Thanks, OP! I got mine.

  • +8

    Some good info here from Viofo on choosing sd cards: https://support.viofo.com/support/solutions/articles/1900013…

    Basically use one of these 3:
    VIOFO Industrial, Sandisk MAX Endurance, or Sandisk EXTREME

    Don't use:
    Samsung Pro Endurance, Sandisk HIGH Endurance, Sandisk Extreme Plus, Sandisk Ulta, Samsung Evo and many others.

    • interesting they don't recommend some of the endurance models.

      Anyone had any first hand experience?

      • I've been using the Samsung Pro Endurance for a long while now with no issues, the 128GB one I have is rated to 70,080 hours, which is interestingly, higher than that of the Sandisk MAX Endurance at 60,000 Hours (for the 128GB). I'm not sure how Viofo comes to their conclusion, however, as for some reason the non-endurance Sandisk card is also in there?

        It's been a while, but I remember anecdotally, many people having issues with their Sandisk cards but the Samsung ones were rock solid.

        • Do you know how much footage 128GB would give? Trying to think if I could get away with just 128

          • @voldemort: I think maybe just over 9 hours worth of footage going off the top of my head, using the max bitrate settings @ 3440x1440 3min intervals

            With how much I drive it goes back about a week or 2 at any given time when I check the card on my computer (but this will be different for everyone).
            Plus, when you press the button on the dashcam to lock the currently recording footage, it won't be overridden as it moves the clip to a different folder.

            I believe they actually recommend 128GB cards max to prevent any compatibility/formatting issues but I'm sure people have gotten away with bigger.

        • I've been using the Samsung Pro Endurance

          Do you have the newer blue version or the older black one?

          • +1

            @CVonC: I have the blue and white version, like the one shown on the Viofo website.

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