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ASUS ROG Ally Gaming Handheld $1099 + Delivery ($0 C&C/in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Think this might be the newest low! Love my ally, definitely worse battery then steam deck but lighter, better screen and much better performance (not to mention RGB!).

Was just reading through the leaked catalogue for JB's 2023 Black Friday sale and found this. Shown here in the catalogue: https://imgur.com/a/tBpteyR

Combine with gift cars from here to reduce to $934.15 https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/811975

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • +8

    Anyone know when they will start selling steam deck oleds?

    • +11

      IF we do get it, it will most likely be exclusive to EB Games (just like the Index, etc).

    • +16

      i think it's unlikely we get it, Valve hate our consumer protection rights

      • +10

        its always funny seeing American companies being unhappy about being accountable for something

        • -4

          Yea but unlike other companies, Valve actually have a lot of respect they genuinely care about their products and customers

          • +3

            @RetroMetro: Lmaooo

            • -2

              @Lapis: Lol why the downvotes do y'all actually hate valve or something? The steam deck is everything a consumer could dream of in terms of price performance and customisation. Just because we aren't getting the deck in Australia doesn't mean it's a bad company lmao

    • You'll be able to get it from third party sellers, but expect a premium (especially early on).

  • +11

    That OLED Steam Deck though. It's too bad it's not officially available here.

  • +2

    This, a Legion Go or wait for a Steam Deck OLED? I know performance is better on the Ally / Legion Go, and a grey import is likely the only way to get the Deck, but then the Steam OS seems to be very lightweight and nicer to use than Windows on a device like this.

    The Legion Go might be too heavy (but I like the detachable controllers…)? The Ally melts SD cards?

    Gah, too hard to choose. Maybe I'll just just wait for the next gen of these handheld gaming computers…

    • +5

      I'm struggling to decide as well haha.
      Reading tonnes of reviews, seems the Go needs a fair few updates to lenovos software before it's good
      Ally has the SD card issue across the board
      Steam Deck has the restriction of only steam games(unless you load windows)

      • +3

        You can install any Windows game on SteamOS but not all will work without a little tinkering. Epic Game Store, GOG, etc.

        • +3

          Can't install gamepass though without windows

          • @Jacobbby: You can't download and run games offline, but you can get cloud gaming working with an internet connection.

            • @Dr PhilGood: im pretty sure game pass pc allows u download games without going online again for 30 days no?

              • +1

                @HappyXD: That's true, but the problem is (last I checked) that the gamepass program/app doesn't play well with the steamdeck OS, even if you do the usual workarounds like you can do with Battle.net or Epic.

                Cloud gaming works around this by using Microsoft Edge to stream.

                • @Dr PhilGood: oh yeah right I was thinking in the situation where u dual boot windows or something.

      • SD card issues have been mostly fixed in later batches based on reports I think

      • I play pretty much any game on different launchers on SteamOS you just need to install few things and you'll be good

    • +6

      By the time the Steamdeck OLED is out here the new and improved Ally will probably be available.

    • +1

      I've been waiting for these ever since the UMPCs first appeared well over a decade ago. I can wait a little longer for second gen.

    • +2

      I was like you too. Went with the Go and was able to get $400 cash back with yesterday deals.
      Both being similar spec and the only big difference being screen size, detachable joy cons, bigger battery, and VRR (this was the only reason I would of went the ally) I went with the Go. Lenovo will get this issues ironed out over time, as Asus did with the ally, but for now games are still playable and enjoyable on the Go.
      Also with the Go you can do heaps more with, basically can turn it into a tablet and do work on it.

    • +11

      I own both: a ROG Ally and a Steam Deck (non-OLED). My recommendation is for the Steam Deck OLED. It’s not even close. The ROG Ally hardware is fine, but it is not any faster in battery mode. And the software (Windows plus some ASUS software) is a mess. Steam OS on the Deck is almost like a console.

      • +1

        Yeah it really depends on what you want to do with it. If it's just for gaming then SD is the way to go. If you want to do more with it like you would on a PC then that's what these Windows handhelds are for, especially when hooked up to a usb dock with peripherals and monitor.

      • +1

        I own both too.

        Its worth noting that the SD is a massive PITA for a lot of non-steam stuff.

        I personally find the Ally feels better in my hands too. The only (very real) downside of the Ally is it requires more power, and the battery life is poor.

        • -2

          Its worth noting that the SD is a massive PITA for a lot of non-steam stuff.

          It takes a minute to go into Desktop Mode and download Emulation Station and Hero Games Launcher.

          Those with these handhelds are generally pretty techy people. It's not mum and dad buying one for their 12yo kiddo for Xmas like they would a Switch.

          • +1

            @Cyphar: Nexusmods
            Game Pass
            WoW with much easier mods
            Genshin Impact
            Destiny 2
            COD Warzone
            Apple Music

            I mean, I agree with you. And ever since Heroic was updated it’s fixed a lot of my issues.
            But it’s also really nice being able to play heavily modded Bethesda games on mobile.

          • +2

            @Cyphar: You wouldn't think people are that techy considering how many of them are complaining here about how much tinkering is required on Windows handhelds over the SD.

      • +1

        The ability to suspend any steam game at any time seamlessly is an underrated function of the Steamdeck, but is a huge QoL feature.

    • How do you plan on getting an oled?

    • +1

      Go with the ROG Ally for the price. Minor differences with Legion Go, mainly personal preference differences. Really though, this going down to 934 with gift cards vs the Legion at 1299 with preorder discounts… Both of these will be even cheaper in months to come as sales come up and new models across competitors release. These will soon be old. So go for what's cheaper now but relatively equally the best performer. …..Or the one you feel strongest about….

    • SD for simplicity, Legion Go if you want to play games without as much sacrifices to fidelity.

      I use my SD to catch up on my back library and emulation so the games I play don't generally struggle with it. Newer games are getting harder and harder to run at a playable standard.

  • Is anyone going to pick one of these up?

    • If I can get a hold of $1100 worth of gift cards then yes.

  • Not a better screen that the Steamdeck OLED tho, just the LCD

    • +3

      It's 1080p. Steam deck is 800p.
      Whether OLED makes up for less res is entirely subjective… At least in my subjective opinion :P

      • +2

        and in that form factor running higher res games isnt always a good idea for performance and battery

    • +3

      Just got an LCD steam deck, IMO who cares about 1080p. 800p is plenty for that size screen. Its more a question if you want a console (deck) or a windows pc (ally). Love my deck, for the same money Id be hesitant to get the ally.

    • +6

      At that screen size, 1080p is a complete waste of money and battery life

      • +3

        legion go is even worse its QHD. They should have spent the money on a 144Hz 800p Oled VRR screen instead of this crazy high resolution that no one is going to use.

        • 1440p is pretty sweet as long as you're willing to sacrifice the battery life as it's good for native scaling from 720p, while still being fantastic for browsing.

    • +1

      Resolution is better and the Ally does 120 Hz with VRR. The Steam Deck OLED is only 800p and 90 Hz without VRR. I would still go for the Steam Deck.

  • +5

    I have had an Ally from launch, just got it back from repair after the SD card reader failed. AMA.

    • +1

      How often do you need a keyboard or mouse input?

      • +1

        I’ve never attached a keyboard or mouse. I just use the onscreen keyboard. It’s a bit annoying when things keep logging you out (EA play), but other than that I almost never use the onscreen keyboard. The right stick can be used as a mouse if you need it.

    • Would the SD fail again?

      • +3

        It might, but I’ve been told that repairs since August won’t fail. They repaired my main board. Time will tell.

    • +2

      Is it worth it?

      • +4

        I have Gamepass, an epic and steam backlog. I use it almost every day. Use it more than my Xbox and laptop tbh. No regrets

        Is it worth it? For me, yes.

    • +7

      Your campaign seems to have the momentum of a run away freight train. Why are you so popular?

      • I’m good with joysticks. I think that’s a big part of it.

    • How long did they have it for repairs.

      • I was actually surprised how fast they were. It was exactly 10 days from StarTrack pickup to StarTrack drop off back at my house, and it had to travel interstate.

        Also worth mentioning I got my device back, it wasn’t swapped with a refurb.

        • Did you reach out to Asus directly or went to Jbhifi?

          • +1

            @FuzzyWolf: I went to ASUS direct.

            • +2

              @next gen: I just went to JB to get mine fixed and they just replaced it and gave me a $200 store credit because of the difference due to current sale and got an “R9” unit so fingers crossed!

  • +2

    I assume the Ally will be better for gamepass ultimate users (running games locally) than the steam deck?

    • +1

      Yup. Though its worth considering how many of those games you’ll actually play. I thought I’d use it more often than I do.

      Geforce Now on the other hand..,

    • +1


  • +1

    Can you make it works as normal laptop? Windows, Office?

    • Yes. Just BYO keyboard and mouse.

    • +3

      Ato tax purposes?

      • I think you can…if you make it as work machine

  • -2

    I bought a ROG Ally a few weeks back. And I would NOT buy it again. Especially now that the Steam Deck OLED is out (even though not officially here in Australia).

    Back to the Ally: the problem is mostly the software. It runs “vanilla” Windows with a custom AMD driver and some ASUS software that launches from special buttons on the device. Problem is that Windows is not well adapted to this type of the device. You regularly bounce back to the desktop where you have to make do with an emulated mouse (right thumb stick) and on-screen keyboard. What I want from a device like that is a console-like experience that “just works”. The Ally does not give me that at all. My son’s Steam Deck (non-OLED) fares a lot better in this regard.

    Also, the nominally better performance of the Z1 Extreme is not much of an advantage (over the Steam Deck) when playing in battery mode. When plugged in, you can dial in the 30 Watt mode which helps performance a lot. That’s too much of a niche use-case for me to justify the Ally.

    There would be an easy fix for the Ally’s shortcomings. This would be if Valve officially supported 3rd party devices like the Ally. Not sure if that’s part of their strategy or if they want to push the Deck. But as it stands, the Ally is too bothersome to use.

    • +6

      This is not my experience at all. Almost never see the desktop and when I do, I use the touch screen to pick what I need.

      • +1

        Same. Not a single crash. Which really surprised me to be honest. I think $1300 is a bit much but for less than $1k I would buy it again. I also like how easy it is to mod and repair the console.

    • +2

      I’ve heard this being said before. I’m giving you a downvote because the reality is if you’re familiar with windows then handheld or no the experience is the same. PC players have tinkered with games and system settings since the beginning of time. I don’t own one but I would imaging once you’ve spent the time to setup the Ally or any windows based handheld for that matter you’ll be good to go.

      If you want a console like experience with an OS go SD or Switch, if you want to take the time to setup a windows 11 device you’ll have a better overall gaming experience as you can have all your launchers and then some.

    • +1

      It's like you've never used a Windows PC before.

  • +6

    Have both. ROG Ally hands down the better device when up and running. It does require a lot of tinkering, but the performance boost and VRR screen really does make a huge difference. Most AAA games can run at 40-50fps depending on what TDP you use, but when you adapt to this, it's very hard to go back to Steam Deck Performance.

    However, if you want a console like experience, the SD is unmatched.

    I would only recommend an Ally to those who have Windows experience or those who want to tinker.

    • +4

      Conversely linux is also annoying to tinker with, especially if you have no experience in Linux. Trying to map controls using cheat codes on an emulator is super annoying

      • +1

        If you know what you are doing, the ASUS ROG Ally Pro is much better than the Valve SteamDeck OLED. And if you want a more console experience, instead of the SteamDeck you should look at the AYN Odin2 Pro. It's far more "it works" and less tinkering. And if even that's too much then there is also the Nintendo Switch OLED, which basically has zero tinkering (or improvement).

        So rather than choosing which handheld, you should choose what type of user you are, and go from there…..

    • +2

      if people want to play games outside of steam steamdeck isnt that simple to use, big fact you are ignoring

      In terms of tinkering there’s much more complexity in a steamdeck if you delve into it

      and also by console like everyone forgets to mention seamless sleep for steamdeck which the Ally doesnt have, thats a massive feature of the switch and a feature i imagine tons of working adults would love

  • Is it possible to compare this to a gaming pc? Where would it this be at 3060ti sort of GPU level??

    • +2

      You can compare it to a mobile GTX 1650 (not the desktop version).

      You have to lower your expectations when you want handheld gaming. Both quality and fps wise.

      • +1

        Damn. I didn't realise…. Thanks.

    • +3

      Not even close. Expect to dial down settings to low, and engage FSR 2 where available to play modern AAA games. On the flip side, many older titles play at 1080p High. Just playing Assassins Creed Origins in 1080p with High settings.

      • Damn. I didn't realise…. Thanks.

        I suppose peeps are still using GTX 1660 etc. They are $200 still in market place.

      • I play everything on low with some tweaks. F1 23, Forza, Hogwarts.

        Medium default you can feel the frame rate drop hard.

  • +13

    I own a Steamdeck because at the time there were no alternatives available. For everyone recommending the Steamdeck, why support a company that has been giving us the middle finger for over a year now? Is Gabe honestly still crying over the $3mil fine over dodgy business practices. The guy is worth billions. Come on Valve. There is clearly a massive demand for these devices in Australia.

  • +1

    @KipperBoi I'm keen if gift cars are combined in this deal 😅

  • Insanely good price. Absolutely love my ally.

  • +4

    I got a used ally from marketplace for $900, SD card reader broke, went to JB and got a new one manufactured in September, no issues.
    I was also torn between steam deck, ally and Legion go.
    After looking at the games I already have , a lot on steam , but I also epic games, gog and gamepass (one of the deals here), it had to be a windows machine and the z1 extreme as I mainly play triple A games and no indi games.
    So it was ally or Legion go, since I had flight to Europe booked for beginning of November and I didn't want to get a beta device it had to be the ally which already got a lot of software updates.
    I'm currently in Europe and I love the ally. The size is great to play on a plane. I could even use the 30w turbo mode since every plane nowadays has 110v power points below the seat….uncharted 4 with high settings and 1080p works and looks great. Running around 60fps. VRR makes all the difference.
    I tested the Lenovo claim that "140hz locked is just as good as VRR" with my desktop monitor…short answer BS, I can definitely see the difference once you go below 50fps which happens quite often with my selection of games.
    The ally is also the only device which has a proper horizontal display, which makes a difference in how the display is drawing the picture and also how the pixel grid is aligned.

    I see it as hobo-oz, steamdeck is definitely a great value device…in the US. In Australia you have to pay up because you have to pay the middleman.

    I also did the 2280 nvme mod with the 90degree angle. It took 10min and I just had to remove 5mm of a plastic pin in the rear shell. There are tutorials online that forget to remove the pin which does work too, but will pinch down on the nvme drive and cause the rear shell to bulge. I don't understand how you can not notice that.

    For my use case and games the ally was the way to go. Win11 has been rock solid for me so far, no fiddling around, games just work.

  • +2

    Just bought one a few days ago from JB Hi-Fi, so should get refunded the difference.

    IMO it's the sweet spot between the Steam Deck (CPU/GPU too weak) and the Legion (Screen res too high and no VRR). No issues with setup if you're used to a gaming PC. Plays games life Horizon Zero Dawn just fine, which is amazing. Installed Sunshine/Moonlight for streaming @ 120Hz from the PC.

    It's awesome. Highly recommended (especially if you already have a good powerbrick).

  • -1

    Don't get this or the legion Go. HODL for second gen

    • +3

      But then what about third gen?!

      • Second gen should at least get the right screen size and res so we can enjoy 60fps gaming in battery mode of most titles.

  • Yesterday Legion Go deal was better?

    • legion go's gyro is broken atm apparently

  • -3

    I'm asking my friend to buy me an OLED Steamdeck from the US, and he will send it here once he gets it.

    • +16

      Ok thanks.

  • Anyone use this for a main computer? I know they have their own proprietary dock which is annoying and expensive

    • Proprietary dock? I will just be using this adapter

    • You can use the usb-c for video output to a monitor provided you have a hub.

      The proprietary connector is for their egpu.

    • I use the steam deck dock with the Ally. Works fine, at full advertised output of the dock.

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