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$2.40 Back in Shping Rewards on Connoisseur Classic Vanilla 1L (Currently $6.00 at Coles) @ Shping (Activation Required)


Your Shping rewards are immediately transferrable to your Australian bank account straight from the app. No 3 month wait periods here… Withdrawal fee may apply.

Download the app
Activate your favourite offers
Shop as normal
Upload your receipt

There are two ways coins can be redeemed: Transfers of coins to Coinbase which is free, where coins can be converted to AUD.

Alternatively a cash-out service, in which Shping acts on behalf of its users by transacting their coins to an exchange then processing directly into your bank account from there
There is a $1.50 fee associated with this.
Note: This fee is waived for the first 25 days of a new user.

Most users stack rewards and cash out once a month when they have accumulated rewards, finding the $1.50 fee palatable given the app is free to use and they are earning the coins for fairly low effort!


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Open referral link with mobile device. Referrer (only) receives $0.50 worth of points.

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  • Is 90c worthy?

    • Hey, The $1.50 fee is waived for new members for the first 25 days. Beyond that there's lots of other opportunities to earn rewards within the app, you can stack these rewards and bulk cash out.

  • Looks to complicated for me.

    • It's really not! :) Once the app is downloaded & account set up, it's as simple as activating this offer (& theres many more available within the app too) and uploading your receipt.

  • Starting to feel like shpamming

    • Nice! I'll subscribe to that link for free money. Any other free money feeds you suggest I can subscribe to?

      Nice pun tho :p

  • @TeamShping wasn’t it free withdrawal for the first 30 days? When has this changed

    • Hey, confirming it's always been the 1st first 25 days :)

      • Yea, it was 30 days.

        And i got charged for my withdrawl! unfair! >:(

  • can only cash out $5 per month.

    I'm good for pocket money thanks.

    • Isnt lowest tier $20 per month?

      • If I'm wrong, I'm an idiot.

        I just read $5 top payout per month in reviews of android app is all.

        • Hey Davious, confirming it's $20 on the lowest level and you can move up pretty quickly through the levels to increase this :)

          • @TeamShping: Cheers. From Idiot. ;-)

  • +1

    How do the withdrawal boosters work, is the boosted withdraw limit reset each month or is it an ongoing increase?

    • Hey yes, it resets on the 01 of each month!

      • Ok, so at Ambassador level it's just not possible to ever reach a 500 withdrawal limit.
        What about the lower levels, Bronze and Silver, is it possible to achieve their max boosted amounts?

  • @TeamShping just realised that the rewards for adding receipt is halved now?!

    • Yez noticed that too, thats a big nerf mate for something so new.

  • Have anyone who have scanned in the Connoisseur been tracked and rewarded? Mine’s still untracked since ~5hrs ago

    • Nope, receipt with 3 booster items only one came through.
      @TeamShping are the boosters limited to one per receipt?

      • @TeamShping I uploaded a receipt with 3 Withdrawal Boosters and 1 Connoiseur coin booster in it.
        What has been recognized is only 2/3 of the Withdrawal Booster.
        Missing 1 more WDL booster AND the connoiseur coin booster
        Tried reuploading the same receipt again and still nothing.
        What’s going on? Please give prompt answer as this would determine for me whether my efforts using this app is worth it or not
        TIA 🙏

        • worth it`or not


        • Hi Noelhoi, Please DM us with you account details (email address) so we can look into this for you. Cheers

      • @TeamShping
        The 2 that didn't come through, this icecream, and the coke, receipt says 200ml, it wanted mapping, mapped it which mapped it in as 250ml, and product scanned also has it at 250ml.
        Confused here.

        • Hey there, I'll look into this for you. Please DM your details so I can find you and investigate. Cheers.

  • My purchase for the ice cream didn't track. I've matched the barcode scan, but the app doesn't show my points added.

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