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Spend Min $50 in 1 Transaction for 4 Consecutive Weeks at Coles, Get 10,000 Flybuys Points or $50 off @ Flybuys (Activation Req)


Week 1 - Fri 17 Nov to Sun 26 Nov 2023
Week 2 - Mon 27 Nov to Sun 3 Dec 2023
Week 3 - Mon 4 Dec to Sun 10 Dec 2023
Week 4 - Mon 11 Dec to Sun 17 Dec 2023

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    TOMORROW Spend Min $50

    Nah, Min $160

    Double your reward by completing a $210 shop at Coles each week for 4 weeks instead.

    Not worth it… Better off with 10% off at Woolies…

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      That's because Coles hates you.

      • Yes, true… George and I never saw eye to eye…

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        To be fair, it's not just Coles that hates jv… ;)

  • $110 for me

    • -1

      Discrimination I say…

      • Clearly you are too loyal to Coles.

        • -1

          Why I spend $50x4 weeks at Coles. I spend $10-20 fortnightly at Wollies. Gees

  • Targeted. $60/week for me

  • +9

    $50 for me 3rd time in Row

    • +1


    • Quads for me 😀

    • Same. I got on both flybuy account

  • Targeted. $60/week for me too

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    Targeted. $150/week for me or double the points for $200/week

  • -6

    These flybuys targeted offers are so regular we need to ban these posts for the sanity of those that have to spend $200 x 4 for 7,500 pts

    • +7

      Nooo! I wouldn't have noticed if it wasn't for this post!

    • +1

      I got $130 every week for 4 weeks. WTF, do they want me to buy things at full price and not wait for specials? How can i afford spending 130x4 for some sh*tty total points worth $50?

      • +1

        That’s exactly what they want

        • Exactly, and a lot of weeks rubbish specials and you'll find yourself buying stuff for the sake of it. Depends how many people ya feeding I guess but couldn't or wouldn't Shop at Coles exclusively.

      • Plus what if you can’t make it into store every week

        • Order online for delivery

      • +1

        Unfair right………….. I need to spend $100pw….that's how they reward good customers….unfortunately the more you have previously spent in their store…..the bigger the targeted spend required. The trick is to ignore offers for some time, then they offer a better deal.

    • My constant offers stopped around then too. I switched phone and didn’t download app. But I suspect I haven’t done a decent shop in a while and that may trigger it off again.

  • +3

    $70 for me, looks like I'll be splitting the grocery shopping. There's always a couple of things I can only get at Woolworths.

    • +1

      Yep, this is what we're gonna do. One of the shops this month spend $80 at Coles then the rest at Woolies for the 10% off with Everyday Extra. Woolies rewards offers have been woeful lately for us, we've been shopping at Coles mostly for the past couple of months.

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    I hope I don't get this offer again. I've been through it twice already…

    • +2

      It’s worth it though.

  • +1

    Wasn't targeted last time posted here….just popped up on flybuys today.
    Stacking with my other offer of 1200 for a $30 spend expiring tomorrow, fory first $50 shop

    • Keep us updated

    • user name checks out…

  • -1

    I've never seen any offer like this - do you have to use the phone app or something? I just have some free coffee and petrol offers in my flybuys page and that's all that's ever been there for years…

    • Don't know if the app has anything to do with it (I do use it) but I get this and bonus 1000-2000pts for one-off $50 shops quite regularly.

    • You've got to be subscribed to their email promotions

      • oh that might be it then, thanks for answering. I'll have a look and see if i can find where to subscribe to that, cheers!

  • +13

    I hate how Coles make you do the whole spend on one shop whereas woolies allows you to hit minimum spend over multiple transactions.

    • +3

      Although, it's so easy to spend $50 now, on just a few essentials, 10k points doesn't last long

    • +1

      Agreed. I did have an offer once though: spend $240 over the 4 week period in as many spends. That was great as one week had bugger good stuff on sale so I could take advantage of the good weeks.

    • +2

      I barely shop at Woolworths but all the offers seem to have dried up. When I do get one it's something measly like 1200pts for a $130 shop. Meanwhile Coles throws me 1000-10000pts for $50 shops pretty much every month.

      • +2

        Same. Woolies hates me and never gives me decent deals. Lucky Coles is my friend!

        • +1

          I wonder if Woolworths is leaning hard into algorithm and knows that I only ever buy half-price specials when I go there and redeem the 1000+pts spend deals, so they just stop sending them to me now?

  • Coles is really trying to rope me away from woolies… 3rd time already.

    the half price rewards by woolies is soo tempting too.

    • +1

      we've been getting these deals for years….easy money, esp when you take advantage of the 1/2 price deals each week

  • works out to be 25% off

    • I can get a 3-4% off giftcard from an ozbargainer. So 25%+

  • +1

    $210… Vomits

    • +1

      I guess Coles may be a little sick of you, too

  • +1

    Can’t believe I got the $50 option - Mastercards put my last few offers up to over $150 each aha

  • +3

    Only ever shop at coles during these offers and always get this $50 offer

    • +2

      Same. Aldi all the way otherwise.

  • I am getting this all the times, I don t even have time to use the flybuys points.

    Does this promotion work when paying the grocery with flybuys points ?

    • Flybuy $'s yes, but if you spend $51 and use $10 off with pts then that's $41 and won't qualify.

      • Thank you. Exactly what I needed to know. So, I will keep saving all these flybuy points :)

      • +4

        Possibly if using auto redemption of points at the checkout.

        But I can confirm if you've pre-redeemed and loaded FB$ onto the card and use that as a payment method then the $51 shop will count.

      • no, that is incorrect, you can use the flybuys $$ once converted to $$. I do it all the time….you select card payment

      • Wait they still have the $10 off? I thought you always load it onto a card.

    • +3

      Sorry I stand corrected, using the $10 off using points does apparently still qualify the offer.
      Source - A flybuys heavy hitter.

  • +3

    No wonder Coles make such razor-thin profit margins — they’re frequently giving away free money to their loyal customers during this cost-of-living crisis. Three cheers for Coles!

    • +3


    • +1

      I think flybuys is a separate business to coles.

      • I think Wesfarmers own 50% of flybuys? And other half is Coles?.

  • $100 spend for us

    • -1

      Three moisturisers should do it. In and out in a minute or two…

      • +1

        Lol 18$ at Amazon.
        Aveeno Skin Relief Fragrance Free Body Lotion Shea Butter 72-Hour Intense Hydration Protect Extra Dry Itchy Sensitive Skin 1L https://amzn.asia/d/25LYFTQ

        These promos are just a trick to get you into Coles, a lot of the time buying stuff for the sake of it.

        • Don’t forget to Subscribe & Save for an extra 10% off. No Flybuys points, though, which is the deal killer

          • +2

            @tharlow: Maybe have missed the point but why would you spend more than double at Coles just get the bonus flybuys lol

      • +1

        Maybe 2 moisturisers and a heap of these?

  • +1

    Finally got this offer after missing out on the last batch. I think the trick is keep spending at coles.

    • +1

      Yes they remember you of you shop and forget if you don’t

  • +2

    Mine is $50 for four weeks.
    Would be hard pressed spending $50 at coles even for one week.

    Aldi normal prices are better for most stuff.

    • +1

      They’re about the same actually if you buy Coles own stuff. Much fresher meat, fruit and veg too.

      • Maybe, I just get stuff from all 3 places depending.
        Anyway don't have to buy meat so that's a massive saving.

      • +1

        Yep easy enough just to stock up on essentials, canned goods, etc, at an effective 25% discount.

        • Yep can to some extent. No point when/if there aren't many specials.. that's a lot of $1 tins.
          Plenty of stuff is overpriced so no doubt people will be able to.

      • -2

        That's just not true. Even the exact same product is significantly cheaper at Aldi. Take those Jordan's brand cereals - they are i think $8.50 now at Coles and at Aldi they are $5 or so - not on sale, just normal price - EXACTLY THE SAME product, same size, everything.

        • I didn’t realise Coles made Jordan’s brand cereals now, or was my original comment not clear?

  • +1

    First time this year getting this $50 offer after regularly getting it last year. I think due to large purchases of the Coles Mastercard. Happy.

  • +1

    I got again same offer. Either $120 shop for 4 weeks to get 10000 points or $50 off or $170 shop for 4 weeks to get 20000 points or $100 off. Too much.

  • Check the fine print - I got the $50 one, but need to do week 1 in 2 days!

    “ $50 or more must be spent in one transaction, after all savings, discounts and vouchers between Wed 15 Nov and Fri 17 Nov 2023.”

    • +1

      Week 1

      Fri 17 Nov to
      Sun 26 Nov 2023

      • +1

        Unfortunately my fine print says 15-17 Nov :(

        Edit: oops so was looking at the wrong one. That’s for the 1000 pt bonus.

  • 1000 points for spending $50 in one day. If tomorrow as usual another 1000 points offer pops up. It becomes 12000points for spending $50 *4. The other account has 1200 points for spending $30. But it was used with 2500 points for oral b electric toothbrush and another 1200 points for spending $30. I spent $40 for the toothbrush and got 4900 bonus points.

  • $150 for me but I also noticed I have 10% off too till the end of November.

  • $70 for me which is easy to spend for a family of six.

    • Congratulations on the two new additions since 2011!

  • +1

    I currently have a promo for 2000 points for $40 spend at Woolworths each week, which is the same ratio, so anyone with the same, that works too.

  • Where do you see this offer? I probably don't have it lol

  • +1

    As a single it used to be a challenge to hit $50 in a single shop.
    Thankfully with the price hikes over the last year, it won't be a struggle anymore. :')

  • Not a brass razoo!

  • Got it $50 for me

  • Got 4 x $80 but had the $50 version twice in a row so not too grumpy. Shan't be going for the $80 howevs.

  • +1

    Since most of us are forced to go back to office, why not top up your opal card in Coles.

    But not every Coles store has Opal card top up machine, I only know following Coles stores do the Opal top up in Sydney:
    Wynyard Station, World Square, North Rocks.

    If you guys know other Coles does this, please add the store location in.

  • Same amount for me for last few months, $140 for $50, or $190 for $100.

  • -6

    They never honour it for me

    • +2

      If you have the receipts or records on your flybuys account, an email to them and it is credited to your account.

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