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Dyson V8 Plus Cordless Vacuum (2023) $389 (Save $310) + 5000 EDR Points | Xbox Series X 1TB Console $649 @ BIG W


From the upcoming BIG W Black Friday catalogue.

The Dyson V8 Plus will be at an all-time low and you can get an additional 5000 bonus Everyday Rewards Points.

Yes, it isn't an all-time low for the Xbox and it is cheaper at JB but if you prefer collecting EDR points, you can do so at BIG W.

Stack with discounted Gift Cards for further savings


This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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    Can I use the 10% everyday extra discount on Dyson?

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      • So in effect could you stack 10% off everyday extra discount + the linked discounted gift cards from prezee?

  • Where can we find this catalogue?

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    What's the difference between the V8 and V8 Plus? From googling it seems like they don't have this in other markets, and my impression is that it's a cheaper budget type one compared to the V8?

  • No Hepa filter compared to V8 Absolute.

    • Surely that's a matter of adding a hepa filter to this V8, right?

      • I am pretty sure they all have the same filter - they just don't mention 'hepa' on the cheaper bundles to try to make the absolute look more special. The main benefit of the absolute is the fluffy roller, which the others don't come with

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    At that price, consider Ryobi 18V ONE+ HP Brushless Stick Vacuum Kit $349 + Delivery $0 C&C/ in Store/ OnePass @ Bunnings, esp. if you have more Ryobi gear and matching batteries.

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    The biggest problem with these are the batteries which die quite quickly. And the official Dyson replacement batteries go for $139 which is like 36% of the price of a new vacuum.

    So much for being "environmentally friendly" when this kind of pricing strategy typically tempts people to may as well buy a new model.

    Does anyone know if the official Dyson replacement batteries ever on sale on Black Friday or at any other time during the year?

    Also has anyone had experience with a generic battery replacement like this one that goes for $56.95? https://www.bunnings.com.au/dyson-v7-vacuum-cleaners-compati…

    I've heard bad things about generic battery replacements so not sure.

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      i bought a $50 replacement battery on ebay before, it was working fine, but it only last for 3 months or so.

      • Thanks for sharing your experience KKHT. Yeah that's similar to what I heard too. They don't last.

        So did you just buy a new V8 or you ended up buying the Dyson official replacement battery for the full $139?

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      i just used my power tool batteries from the get go. i blast it on turbo for carpet and just keep hot swapping batteries until im done.

      • Thanks for sharing cathole.

        Can I ask what kind of adapter as well as battery model are you using? Would be awesome if you shared links if possible.

        Just trying to see if you add up the cost is it cheaper than just getting the official Dyson one for $139?

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          yeah it was pretty cheap mate. I got this one; https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B0C3Q7817Y?th=1

          Adapter: $35
          2x4.0Ah Ozito Batteries: $69 (or no cost if you already have some)

          The general recommendation is to get larger battery sizes 4ah+, due to fairly high current draw. I just realized that the ozito batteries have a 3 year warranty. so i guess you could cycle the balls off of them and return them once dead.

          IMO this is a much better option than generic batteries at similar cost or even cheaper if you utilize batteries you already have.

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            @cathole: Awesome mate I think I'll pull the trigger on the same solution as you.

            Just one question. I saw this on: https://www.howtogeek.com/843139/you-can-use-power-tool-batt…

            "Some combinations of third-party batteries and Dyson models make the powerhead (the attachment with the beater brush powered by the vacuum battery) stop working because it can't draw the right voltage. And the majority of the battery and vacuum combinations disable the max-boost power mode for a similar reason."

            Was wondering if you faced any issue with this whereby you couldn't use it on Max suction with the Ozito batteries and adapter? Or are you getting the same or better suction power and duration?

            If it can't get Max suction that might be the only dealbreaker.

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              @bounty hunter: I can confirm I am able to use max suction with the 4.0ah ozito batteries fine all the way until they die. 10 minutes maybe a bit more? I can't distinguish any difference in power between the batteries

              The issue isn't really voltage, but the inability of smaller battery packs to supply sufficient current whilst maintaining the required voltage. This is an issue with the smaller 2.0ah/2.5ah batteries because they are only a single bank of cylindrical cells (6 or 7) in series. Whereas the bigger capacity batteries usually have 2 such banks connected in parallel (i.e the 4.0ah is just two 2.0ah internals stacked on top of each other and wired in parallel). This has the benefit of higher peak current draw, better sustained current output and capacity increase.

              • @cathole: Got it, thanks again for sharing your experience, I think I'm going to go with this solution then instead of buying a new V8. Have a great weekend mate!

  • Thanks for posting, got confirmation for my Big W order and got 5700 EDR points. Extra $30 towards Xmas groceries shopping.

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