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JBL JR310 BT Kids on Ear Headphones $19 + Delivery @ The Good Guys


First post!

This is the bluetooth version, great gift idea for kids/toddlers

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This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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    These are great for kids as they are volume limited and have a convenient USB-C port for charging but beware they don't last too long. I've gone through a few sets of these as one pair stopped charging and would not turn back on and then another unit wouldnt turn off after being turned on and would result in battery being drained out everytime.

    • +1

      Our kids are happy with these too. One year in so far, no issues. Love listening to their stories on road trips.

    • JBL headphones are designed to not last too long. I had an expensive set $400 RRP and lasted about 2 years. The cable running over the top of the headphones cracked. It was 13 core very thin cable so I couldn't find a replacement. The kids had the cheaper ones and they failed after 12 months.

  • Thanks, got 2 pairs for my kids.
    Good deal on BT headphones for kids.

  • Yep, these are good kids headphones. At this price, also fantastic value!

    • -2

      You're better off getting a $40 set from ALDI. JBL is a rubbish brand designed to break

      • $40 is not $19…

        Which ALDI kids headphones are you specifically referring to that rate well?

        The JBL ones my now 2.5 year old has been using are still going strong for the past 6 months. No complaints!

  • So good, thanks Op

  • +3

    Thanks OP, also available on eBay and can be bought using the $5 monthly eBay Plus voucher for free shipping


    • how do you get free shipping?

      • +2

        I meant that the $5 shipping fee is offset by the $5 monthly eBay Plus voucher.

        So the total cost is $19.

        • Thanks, TGG price went up to $49, ordered by ebay+

    • Thanks mate, just grabbed a pair

    • Now $49+ post

  • -4

    Surely your children deserve better than this…

    • +5

      Yeah. What kind of parent are if you are not getting your kids airpod max?

      • Bit of a leap from Honda jazz to Lamborghini there…

        • Seen too many tiktok videos of kids losing it when they dont get ferrari or a bentley or the latest iphone / macbook specced to the eyeballs.

          Kidding aside. I'm more than ok to spend on quality / slightly more expensive gear for a kid if said kid can look after it. If they get a tablet and promptly use it as a Frisbee. Then no specced up ipad for you little one.

        • What do you suggest instead? What's wrong with the JBL headphones?

          FWIW the Jazz was a great car for the money, so your analogy is working against your argument a bit

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    These are terrible. Ours failed about the second time we used them, power button is flimsy and fails easily. Also, I'd recommend wired headphones for young kids, so they (and you) don't have to worry about charging and Bluetooth syncing

    • +3

      Except in the back seats of a car….. going wireless was a revelation!

      • Admittedly I hadn't thought about a road trip!

  • +1

    Try it first before you commit. My kid hated wearing headphones (and sunglasses) and so this became a waste of money. He ended up sleeping fine on the plane too.

    • +2

      My kids hated them too… until they didn’t. Now it’s hard to get them off sometimes.
      In my experience kids rarely like new things initially.

  • That's an amazing price! Just bought from JB las week using perks and i thought that was cheap for $50.
    One note on why i ended up returning them, no option to connect 3.5mm plug, so if they plan on using them on flights for example, youd have to use different headphones or buy one of those airfly thingy.
    I bought the iclever ones from Amazon for this reason, it also has 3 volume limit settings so can help for when kids grow, assuming the headphones last that long.

    • +1

      You can use Bluetooth on flights though.

      • +1

        You can use bluetooth on your devices but not to the entertainment screen. It still uses headphone jacks.

        • Thanks for clarifying what i meant :)

          • +1

            @nfusion: You could always buy one of those portable BT transmitters with an airplane adapter, but I don't know if that necessarily makes sense for a $19 headset

            • +1

              @beltdrive: Probably not for a $19 headset but I’ve used it extensively on noise cancelling earbud for 24hr+ plane trips and it’s a godsend.

              • @ymmf: Yeah for sure, they’re great lil things

                • +1

                  @beltdrive: Yes but remember this is for my kids. Im not carrying three of these for them as well as the other stuff we have to cart along. :)
                  If it was for me, yeah i considered getting one to go with my qc45.
                  I got them these headsets instead
                  iClever Kids Headphones Wireless Cat Ear, LED Lights Up, 74/85/94dB Volume Limited, 50H Playtime,Bluetooth 5.2, USB C, Kids Headphones Wireless Over Ear for Travel iPad Tablet, Meow Macaron-Purple https://amzn.asia/d/2lDJhBX

                  • @nfusion: Ridiculous.
                    I want a pair. LED the world!

  • +1

    Have the wired version and my daughter loves it
    The headset package also comes with some stickers for the kid to decorate the headset (eg. stick your name)

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Got some for my kid for Christmas!

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    We have 4 sets of these and they're great! Sound quality is average, they hold quite a charge and don't need to be charged all that often and being wireless means no dealing with a mess of cables or another point of potential failure.. plus not hearing "coffin dance" all day is a godsend.

    Unfortunately one of the toddlers has an obsession with removing the ear cups / pads so they're all sitting in a drawer now with the cups separate until he grows out of that.

  • I have this for my kid, bought it for the price of 3 times this deal and still worth it. It comes with USB-C for charging which is a plus!

  • Thanks just got a pair for Mr 2yo for our upcoming plane trip

    • Would not suggest to use on a plane, especially for a young child. You would have to crank the volume to be able to hear anything on a plane. They aren’t over ear either.

  • price just changed to $49 when i went to pay. wtf Good guys

    these arent good quality. for $19 ill replace the last ones the fell apart.
    not worth much more than $19 if at all

    • +1

      Not true. feel free to buy a similar BT pair of headphone for this price range. Between a generic Chinese knock off headphone, I'll pick a JBL anytime.

      • This price range is $19.

        Do you mean there worth $49?

        • +1

          Yeah I bought mine for $58 on Amazon and its already on sale. Would happily buy it for 49 at that time. Of course now that its on sale for 19, you wouldn’t but it for 49. But any other times..

          • @itstuan: Fair enough.

            The ones I've had have come apart very easily.
            Ive had 4 of them

  • Officeworks and Harvey Norman also have, but for $18, and JB for $19.95

  • Thanks OP got a pair for $22 delivered. Bought at 12pm but price seems to be back to $49 now.

  • +10

    Officeworks is still $19 for those who missed from TGG

    • Thanks, managed to get a pair

    • thank you

    • Thanks for this, grabbed a pair

    • Thanks ~ Office is more convenient for delivery / pickup

  • +1

    Expired, back up to $49. Missed it

  • Thanks

    Picked up one from officeworks.

    • Thank you. Used one pass for free delivery.

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