[PS4, PS5] Gran Turismo 7 (PS5) $48 + Delivery @ Harvey Norman / Gran Turismo 7 (PS4) $39 + Delivery (C&C/ in-Store) @ BIG W


This is the closest I've seen to the mythical deal of $38 from December last year for the PS5 version (emphasis on the PS5 physical version).

Here's hoping we see that additional $10 drop over the upcoming Black Friday sales.

Note the PS4 version is cheaper currently at some other outlets (e.g Big W for $39), but I believe it is an extra $15 to upgrade the PS4 version to the PS5.

Big W link for PS4 version https://www.bigw.com.au/product/gran-turismo-7-ps4/p/188465

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman


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    FYI - BigW is $54 for PS5 version if BigW is easier etc

    Edit: Use code: XNOV2023 and it comes down to $48.60 for PS5 version

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      Also, Big W has 1500 EDR for orders over $50 or more.

      • So it brings it down to $46.5! Nice. Going to grab one and pure guess there will not be $39 for PS5 GT7 in early future.

    • Promo code not working

  • Finally below $50 again. Hopefully other retailers match or beat.

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    HODL until they add the JZX100 Toyota Chaser.

  • What is Sony's version of Forza Horizon. I love car games but get frustrated with full-on simulators.

    • There really isn't one similar to Forza :(

      • Agreed there isn't really one.
        The Crew Motorfest is probably the closest you'd get. It's not a sony exclusive though, but might partially scratch the Horizon itch if you don't own an Xbox.
        It's not on the same level of quality as Horizon from what I've heard (not played it myself)

    • If you haven't played Grid Legends it's worth exactly one single playthrough. It's easy, exhilarating (you feel fast - which is often lacking in newer driving games), and there's a little fun to be had in the hammed-up storyline, even though they treat the player character as though they're barely competent up until the very end (even if you win every race easily).

      • I presume you just mean one playthrough the story and not the career. Playing through the career is quite an effort. I really like grid legends but the career struggles to keep you engaged. The reason they treat you barely competent up until the end is that it is meant to be your origin story before the longer career mode.

        • Yeah I only did the story, and didn't really see myself having much fun going further. If I recall correctly it's on the Extra subscription and the "I had fun but I'm glad I didn't specifically buy this" sort of experience is exactly what I want out of games on there.

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            @IPYF: It was also a ps+ free game I believe.

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      What's wrong with simulators? Maybe it would be best to get a wheel and pedals if you find a gamepad frustrating

    • Not Sony exclusive but the Crew 2 is great. It quite surprised me and can be found cheap.

  • Wicked game on PS VR2

    • sigh That' why I need to grab on even tho it is not lowest of all time.

      Can't wait anymore.

  • JB and EB should pricematch HN right? I like the price, but I'm not giving Gerry a red cent.

    • Its $48.60 at Big W - see above

      • Thanks. That works. I'd thought they only had the PS4 version on special.

    • -6

      But I’m sure you’ll support all the other “honest” retailers/sellers promoted here on OzBargain. Anything to save a buck.

      • +3

        No I won't. Don't try and tell me what I will and won't do guy.

    • price matched JB's earlier today without issue at $48

      • Could not for me, only down to $52. Guess there's some luck involved.

        Went with Big W + SmartSpending 5% for $46.17 total

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    Don’t make the mistake I did. Bought the Gran Tourismo movie…what a snoozefest. 😴

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