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Bambu Labs 3D printers: P1S $919.00, P1P $819, X1 Carbon $1,599, X1-Carbon Combo $1,989 + $50 Delivery Most Areas @ Bambu Lab


A few Bambu Labs black friday sale specials, includes "Purchase a printer and enjoy 6 months of Bambu Filament Membership benefits!" I don't know how much that is really worth overall.

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    Damn just bought the p1s, amazing printer

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    wow the first time ever discount! I have been using the filament membership on refill plas and I guess it is worthy it. one refil pla becomes $25.99 which is more expensive than other cheap filaments but it has RFID sensor and AMS recognises the filament automatically and no need to worry about calibration much.

    • What do you do with non-Bambu filament rolls and AMS- can you specify to the printer somewhere that a certain roll is a certain colour?

      I am seriously tempted to get this- have you found that it is is good as it's cracked up to be? The X1C + AMS, that is. I'm currently running a Prusa MK3 (extremely reliable but slow and not great at ABS).

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        You can input filament detail (material, colour, calibration figures) manually via X1c touch screen or Bambu slicer or Bambu handy app. Some popular filaments profiles(Overture, eSun, Polymanker etc) are already in their system. Non bambu filaments are 100% usable in AMS. AMS is for multi colour printing but also good for multi material printing. I have been using X1C wih AMS for 2000 hrs of printing and I am 100% satisfied and every dollars were worthy it. Recently I bought A1 mini + AMS lite and it is also great multi colour printer.

        • You've done multi material with stuff that needs really different bed and nozzle temps, like PLA - ABS - PC?

          It would be very impressive if that's possible (chamber temps alone might be a bit iffy for PLA though)

          What's the build plate that comes with the X1C? The product page doesn't seem to mention it.

          Edit: Bambu Cool Plate, Bambu Engineering Plate Included

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            @rumblytangara: You can find some useful info on bambu lab official group on fb. you can set so many different settings with AMS. You can use petg as support for pla printing and vise versa which is that I am using a lot. X1C comes with cool plate which needs glue stick. and otherside of the cool plate is engineering plate. people are using PEI textured plate a lot which doesn't need a gluestick. Recently Bambu lab released gold colour PEI textured plate and it works great. P1 series got these gold PEI plate included. You can aslo buy 3rd party PEI, PEY etc plates on Aliexpress which are very cheap.

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              @Jamie777: Thanks. I've been wanting one for a while now- the AMS and the promise of reduced-fuss (I've also got a Voron that needs a repair giving me guilt from the corner) have been very temping.

              Just ordered + larger nozzle (0.4 default seems a bit of an odd choice for a fast CoreXY). Doing some quick reading, it's very surprising that they still push the idea of glue, but I already have Magigoo sitting around. Looking forwards to it- the Prusa is only really geared up for PLA/PETG.

              (FWIW, the "filament club" or whatever it is called seems a bit dubious value)

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                @rumblytangara: Followup- 1.5 business days for delivery to metro Sydney. According to shipping info, the warehouse is in Regents Park.

        • I thought the AMS was for pooping filament…. 500g print, 1.5kg wasted filament (https://youtu.be/O6d1RKYapFI?si=A97BJONTWe04-TB1&t=156).

  • 50AUD delivery to VIC, but still good price.

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    Been waiting for the BF sale… pulled the trigger on an X1C bundle and blew my Christmas budget and beyond on filament… don't tell the wife. :P

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      Friendly tip: also throw in a complete spare hot end. When (it will inevitably happen) a blockage of your hot end happens and you cannot clear it easily in the machine, you can swap over and keep printing all that filament without feeling super frustrated that you have a blocked nozzle or hot end.

      • Thanks. Will aim to get various spare parts in a batch order… once the CC cools down.

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          I don't disagree with the advice given to you, but I have had my X1C over a year and not had one issue. So feel comfortable waiting for the CC to cool down. The Gold Pei plate should be on your list of things to get as well.

          • @ajkaos: Yip, ordered the plate at the same time.

      • I’ve been running my x1c for 2 years or so now and no blocked nozzles, but i do only print pla.

        • Printer did only release late last year (I got mine Oct '22) so sorry but 2 years isn't possible……unless you were an early tester.
          Agreed that PLA is the easiest filament to print, no issues with that. I've had blockages with ABS and ASA but I believe Bambu Labs have fixed it by having longer purges.

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      She'll find out when she gets a printed Xmas present.

  • unstoppable price there, get into it.

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    Yep, I pulled the trigger on the P1S also. This will be my first 3D printer and have heard so many good reports about it. Ordered a black and white roll in addition in case my two free rolls are not those colours since they were also so heavily discounted. Purchased on Latitude 28 deg card in case price drops further in the next 12 months (but gave up QF points to do this)!! Yikes!

    • Have fun! It's so great. I've been learning 3D modelling and being able to solve problems around the home by modelling and printing is so cool

    • Got mine yesterday, much louder than I thought but the print quality is just chefs kiss

      • Did you have an existing printer to compare how much louder it is? I have an Ender 3 v2 which is decently quiet besides the cooling fan but am keen on the P1S

        • Its a good amount louder, how ever you can turn down the chamber fan which is alot of the noise. Petg is much quieter then PLA as it is a bit slower to print. But you can just hit print and things always come out mint if your filament is dry.

        • +1

          Yeah, Ender 3 S1

          It's much louder than that but as below, I believe you can turn down the chamber fan and put it in silent mode to quieten it, just haven't had the chance to test it yet.

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            @XeKToReX: If you slowed down to the same speeds as the Ender 3 it would be way quieter cause of the chamber enclosure

      • Edit preset under Filament. Click Cooling and change Part cooling fan settings:

        Min speed threshold Fan speed: 30
        Max speed threshold Fan speed: 60

        Save as a user preset.

        Note: This is for PLA only

        • Will give it a go cheers!

    • Shame the p1s with ams didn't drop. :(
      I have insurance on my card.

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        It did drop, didn't it??

      • +3

        P1S combo went from $1459 to $1299.

  • Was (unrealistically) hoping the A1 with AMS was going to get a sloght discount. It keeps selling out, so was slim chances!

  • Do these come with flexible base plate to help removing the print?

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      Yes, but the standard cool and engineering plates are stickers on spring steel. I found they eventually became 'unstuck' and air bubbles started forming from the heat.
      They sell replacement stickers but it becomes a repetitive process.
      I moved to textured PEI and haven't looked back. To some it is unacceptable due to the bottom surface finish changes and also LIDAR no longer works perfectly but both of these I can live with for consistent and maintenance free prints.

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        Can't beat textured PEI, and you can just grab them easily enough from Aliexpress.

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    Have had the X1C + AMS from kickstarter days, frankly awesome printer. Have had some minor issues but all have been solveable with a bit of mechanical maintenance.
    Print quality fantastic and repeatable. Don't use their filament anymore, have found Overture, Polymaker and even Amazon cheapies completely fine.
    Really hope a larger build size model is in the pipeline.

    • … have found Overture, Polymaker…

      Is there a cheap place to get these?
      It looks like they are popular (and cheaper) in US but not as available and cheap here.

      • +2

        Overture is on amazon
        Polymaker there is a few sellers but I use 3dprintingsolutions.com.au

        • +1

          I'm from SA so 3dprintingsolutions is my go to for Polymaker. They are a high quality filament so I tend to use it on my finishing prints.
          I'm liking Overture more and Amazon is easy to get it.
          Fashion 3D for ABS from Amazon as well. Highly suspicious name, pretty decent print quality.

    • +1

      I've used a fair bit of Kingroon PLA and PETG, and it's all been really good, and they have constant specials (often posted here). Customer service can be a bit hit and miss, however, but I've found them generally good.

      Sunlu has also been good - waiting on a shipment from Siddament, which is local.

      This stuff goes on special all the time these days.

  • P1S or X1C?
    AMS or no AMS?
    Going to be my first printer but can't decide.

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      I just got p1s and ams after watch many review video on youtube and read reddit. You won't regret to have AMS.

      • +5

        Yep even if you don't use the multicolour functionally much just having 4 filaments ready to go without having to swap is awesome

    • I've got just under 1000 hours on my Creality CR10 and one of the big hang-ups i have with it is filament changing. I ordered with AMS, it will be a game changer for tedious jobs on the printer.

    • +3

      Yes to the AMS!!! and if you can afford the X1C definitely go that way. The P1S processor is very slow and the screen sucks.

    • AMS for sure, multi-colour/multi-material is the key thing that doesn't seem to have been really resolved right before Bambu / AMS - plenty have had a go but there have always seemed to be reliability issues, but AMS seems to be pretty reliable and really what makes Bambu worth it over others IMO.

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    P1S is incredible. So easy to use.

  • Any other bits I should pick up with the P1S? A spare hot end has been suggested (I assume the same type as it comes with), but anything else?

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      I'd personally get the 0.6 instead of another 0.4, unless you are planning to only print very small detailed things. The time reduction with the wider nozzle and higher layer heights of a 0.6 are really impressive. Disclaimer- I am not currently using a Bambulabs, I have mainly been using a Prusa.

    • +1

      Comes with a spare 0.4 nozzle.

      If you plan on printing abrasive filament then get a hardened steel extruder and hotend. Otherwise just buy the printer and start printing!

      • During the purchase, you get to select a nozzle. Is that in addition to what it already comes with? Or is that selecting the size of the one it comes bundled with?

        • No its a spare 0.4 stainless steel nozzle in the box already.

          If you want any other size you need to purchase it separate.

      • Mine didn't (or it's in the bin :( )

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    For payment use a card that does not charge international transaction fees. Otherwise you will get stung with that.

    • It’s AU store and pay in AUD.

      • +2

        Yes but even though you pay in AUD you can still get charged international transaction fee depending what bank/card you have. They are not based in Australia, comes up as "Bambulab London GB" on statement. When I purchased few months ago with a coles credit card I got charged int transaction fee.

        • +3

          They definitely have some sort of operation in Australia. My printer came within like 2 days and all my filament orders are the same. I was also not charged any international transaction fees. Had the printer for about 3 months now.

          • +2

            @zubzub: They have stock in Australia in a 3rd party fulfilment warehouse which is why shipping is quick. If you were not charged international transaction fee your card/bank is one of many that does not charge it :)

            • +1

              @nagel: Must be that then. I think any company that charges those kinds of fees today, needs to lose their customers

        • +3

          Nagel is right.
          I even used PayPal checkout and ended up with a $37 international transaction fee even though it said it was charging in AUD. I paid with my rewards credit card for the points but that card doesn't have fee-free intl transactions.

          It was shipped from Aus (Sydney I think) so It did come super quick. But careful of the intl transaction fees.

          • @theguyrules: Wow that is so scummy man. I’d be furious.

            • +2

              @zubzub: To be honest, I think its on the payment processors. If it shows AUD, charge me in AUD.
              I'm surprised Paypal did it. Nothing anywhere suggested that I wasn't being charged in AUD. Even looking at the receipt now, I can't see any hints.

              • +1

                @theguyrules: I paid with Paypal and didn't get a surcharge. Your bank likely added the fee, it probably won't show in your Paypal transaction.

                I'm surprised some banks still do the overseas surcharge, most don't anymore.

                • @NobalaKoba: It's the banks fee, yes. It just means that Paypal didn't charge me in AUD.
                  I agree though, the fee is stupid, and I avoid it if I know about it. I just needed to meet the min spend for points on that card. Lesson learned.

                  • +1

                    @theguyrules: Not necessarily. iirc they charged me in AUD.
                    Some banks will charge a fee even for spending AUD, if it's through an overseas merchant. I don't believe Citibank, ING or UBank do.

                    • @NobalaKoba: That's probably what it was then. How lame.
                      I used a Virgin Money CC

                    • @NobalaKoba: I've started seeing Citi bank credit card into fees on random AUD payments lately. PayPal and direct Credit

              • @theguyrules: Yeah I would dispute that if PayPal didn’t mention it. I’m no expert but you would think legally they would need to tell you.

                • +1

                  @zubzub: Just checked, they definitely charge in AUD, so it's their bank that charged them the extra fee, not the seller and not PayPal. There's nothing to dispute with PayPal.

                  Some banks charge fees if a payment is processed overseas, even if it's processed in AUD.

                  • @NobalaKoba: Oh ok. Either way that’s just criminal in 2023. What a joke of a fee.

  • Questions for P1S or P1P - It seems to come with the Textured PEI Plate.

    Is it worth buying the Glue Addon?
    Is it worth buying the Bambu High Temperature Plate (Smooth PEI)

    • no need for glue or smooth on the p1s.

    • Glue from Officeworks, or Aldi hairspray.

  • +1

    Buy now or wait for bambu xl? The ceo said it will have next gen tech, probably having the improvements from A1 mini or better.

  • Thoughts on the p1p vs creality K1 which can be had for around $650 right now?

    • +1

      p1p is way better

      • Not quite - P1P needs enclosuring to print ABS, ASA etc
        So not 'way better'

        • +1

          You can just print your own enclosure :). BambuLab printers overall are way better than Crapality.

          • +6

            @zubzub: After starting with a Creality (Ender 3) there is no way I am ever spending money with them again. Their QC is utterly horrendous- even the reseller warned me off them, but as I explained that I wanted to learn out the machines work by tearing then down again and rebuilding to fix problems, they changed their tune to "oh, in that case this will be perfect for you!" And sure enough, out of the box one of the critical parts was bent so much the printer was only half usable.

            I sunk at least 20 extra hours into fixing bent parts, fixing unsafe electronics, replacing poorly chosen components.

            Got family and kids now, and no time to constantly fix misbehaving printers.

            Creality is for cash poor, time rich hobbyists who are prepared to tinker.

            Maybe they magically overhauled the QC levels for the K1 production line, but I severely doubt it.

            • @rumblytangara: Yeah unfortunately this was/is the case for most 3D printers, which is what makes Bambu Labs so good. They really have taken things to the next level and it’s great all around because others will need to follow suit or file for bankruptcy. It’s really cool to see the 3D printer market jump to that next level. Can’t wait to see this market over the next 5-10 years.

              • +1

                @zubzub: Oh, I changed over to Prusa a while back and reliability hasn't been an issue at all.

                Hopefully the X1C proves similarly reliable, and the company durable enough for all the proprietary parts to not be an issue.

            • +1

              @rumblytangara: For me the ender 3 was a huge gateway into 3D printing. Opened a lot of doors and was super cheap for what it was.

              I'm definitely glad to see better options becoming available though because like you said, lots of stuffing around to get it to work properly so it'd just print good each time. (Until it inevitably falls out of calibration).

    • +3

      Don't bother with the p1p. P1S is well worth the extra.

      • If someone is only printing PLA then P1P is probably a better option imo.

        If they ever want to explore other more exotic materials then yea P1S makes more sense

        • Still better cooling in the P1S, which is pretty beneficial for PLA…

          • +1

            @NigelTufnel: The aux fan? I think most people turn it off completely or right down for PLA. At least in my experience my prints warped or lifted with aux fan on.

            Also when printing PLA on P1S you need either door open or top glass off or both to avoid heat creep.

    • P1S, save more.

    • +1

      Don't touch Creality with a 100-foot pole. There is zero reason to ever look at a Creality printer again, there's so many better brands and printers to choose from nowadays. We are truly spoilt.

  • Ah Bambu… https://www.mdpi.com/2411-5134/8/6/141/html

    "Patent Parasites: Non-Inventors Patenting Existing Open-Source Inventions in the 3-D Printing Technology Space"

    • +1

      I tried that link and it's an unreadable mass of density. I'd like to know exactly what Prusa is claiming that they are patenting- I would believe them, but just cannot figure out what they are saying. I am running a Prusa currently and admire their firmly Open Source approach.

      • What? It is a published peer reviewed journal article, in the international journal 'Inventions'- about Bambu and a few others registering patents in China and claiming tech as their own creation when the tech was open source and created by someone else. Pretty much their whole business model lol

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