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TCL C845 65" Mini LED Google TV 2023 $1445 + Delivery ($0 C&C/in-Store) @ The Good Guys


I wasn't sure if I wanted to go through the hassle and risk of the 15% Coles TCN gift card discount with the multiple vouchers, stock availability, requiring friendly JB Hi-fi staff, etc.

Therefore, pulled the trigger on this deal instead. Price is decent after 8% cash back from Cashrewards cashback rate expired. Also helped that I've cashed in some of the banked up rewards point vouchers from credit cards, Cashrewards, etc. Took it down to just over $1100 net.

Please note that I was only able to enter a maximum of 2 gift cards when buying online.

Happy Black Friday hunting all!

Mod Note: Prices in title should not factor in Cashbacks or the usage of gift cards. Now reverted to reflect the retailer's price of $1445.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys


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    You may not be eligible for the cashback if using gift cards

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      Yeah, the gift card portion is not eligible so still a good over $80 discount for the non gift card portion.

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    Had a great experience at TGG! Bought one but it didn't fit in my car. The staff arranged next-day delivery for me and reduced the delivery to $25 (usually $55). Excellent customer service

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    I did this yesterday with CR … getting it tomorrow. Here’s hoping it lives up to expectations!

  • Is the 55 inch in this also a good deal?

    $1242 base price.

    Minus 8% cashback = $1142

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      Would be slightly more than $1142 because cashback excludes gst (same goes for OP's price in title for the 65"). Also cashback is down to 6% at CR now.

      • Ah fair enough. Guess I'm going for JB with 15% off GC's then. Cheers.

        • You're in Melbourne right? Could buy from these guys with local pickup for $995.45 with the code SAVNOV23 https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/225874934658

          Which is even cheaper than JB/TGG with 15% off GCs (could buy discounted eBay gift cards too to save even more).

          • @MiscOzB: Its 55 inch not 65

            • @Zeee: I know, Twitchh was asking about the 55 inch.

      • Thanks MiscOzB. Didn't know about the excluding GST bit. I've updated the calculation in the title.

  • What’s the software experience like on TCL? E we have a Panasonic LED and my favourite part is it’s superfast start up and no lag experience. In comparison to anything Samsung, which is way too slow to respond.

    • I bought a TCL 65 inch a few weeks ago. Model 65P745 which seems model just before this. Very slow and laggy google TV interface and navigation. After all updates and restarts just lagged. Had to buy a Google TV dongle (which made no sense) but rapid fast navigation when using dongle not in built. Picture great though.

      • Cheers for the reply. Nothing more irksome than a laggy af tv experience

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          To clarify, TCL's C line is very good.

          Their P line is the budget one, with um…poorer reviews. Some people don't mind but the people that know TVs or at least what a good TV should be like absolutely detest the experience of the P line. Very cheap though.

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      I just got this one, could say that the s/w is great, fast startup, smooth scrolling, hdmi-cec is fine so far. Was a bit concern about this because my old TCL OS was completly dog sheet, but this one is neck to neck with shield tv

  • Question about these TV'S. Should I get a new TCL mini LED or a good condition used OLED (LG c1, out if warranty)?
    Both about the same price, would only use it for gaming

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      I'd personally go for brand new mini LED, second hand OLED is not worth the risk.
      Check out market place for many with burn in…

      Regardless of how good it is, an OLED panel will eventually get burn in/brightness reduction. It is just a fact, and for gaming I would rather not have my HUD burn into the display :D

      • Buying a second hand OLED is like buying s econd hand electric car. It's a huge gamble but could pay off. Why bother though?

        • Ended up using 15% off gift cards to score a smaller LG OLED for less than half price.
          Once in the shop the miniled didn't show ultra 4k movies anywhere near as well, I'll just scooch my chair closer 👍

  • Keenly watching for this specific TV (TCL C845 65") to come down further in coming few weeks.. c'mon baby!!

  • Showing as $1445 for me?

  • Cash rewards says 6%. Not 8%?

  • Went to my local TGG yesterday & bought the TCL 85" C845 … Obviously not in stock… 21 coming into the country in the next week or two & now 7 already gone… Got 60 months interest free & gave me free delivery…

    I am happy :-)

    • How did you get them to do free delivery?

      • I just went instore… Talking to the guy saying I know you don't have it in stock but they did have the 75"… So wanted to check it out…

        He just said "Do you live in Sunbury ???"… I said "yeah" & told him where… He just said I will do free delivery for you if you purchase… Took $55 from the price of the TV …So $2688 delivered

  • Looks like a few units slightly cheaper - $1310 - and with free delivery on Powerland eBay site, if you use the discount code listed.

    • Not free delivery. Maybe only for metropolitan areas?

  • Amex has 5times Membership reward bonus points offer(Targeted I believe) at TGG to add some more discount to this price.

  • How is this a bargain? I can walk into jbhifi 5 minutes away & get this tv for 1$ less lol.
    I also don’t need to worry about delivery or warranty with a store bought model. What exactly am I missing here lol.

    • OP posted to share te cashback rewards with people. At the time of posting, it was 8%, but it's down to 6% now.

  • I contacted TGG and they had agreed to sell the 65C845 for $1358,- which was the $1445,- minus the 6% cashback from CashRewards.
    No postage, as I'll pick the TV up myself.

    I checked Ebay one last time and saw the 65C845 for $1299,- (local pick up) with the $100,- eBay discount.


    I asked the sales person at TGG, if they could match that $1299,- and they did.

    That's good enough for me.

    • I was about to post that Appliance Central have just dropped their price to $1,388.

      How do you get the $100 Ebay discount?

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        If you buy the TV through an eBay seller, you can apply the voucher at check out.
        But I just asked TGG to match the eBay price, with the $100,- discount.

        Hope this is allowed. This is a screenshot of the $100,- voucher on eBay


        • +1

          Thanks. I don't seem to get the offer for $100 off. On the item page there is a link to reduce it to $1,315.06. Close enough i guess!

          • @pma: You need to go to checkout and it says at the top. It's for local pick up though.
            So if you use this eBay deal to get a better price at TGG, know that if you can't click and collect at TGG, you'll still have to pay extra for the delivery.


    • What voucher did you use?
      It only shows $5 voucher when I use your link.
      $100 November vouchers do work for Powerland but not yours.

      • If you click on the eBay link in my first comment, you get to the $1399,- TCL on eBay. You add it to your cart and then head to checkout.

        At the top of your check out screen, it will say you have a voucher. Just click on that, to apply the voucher.
        Then, when you get to $1299, ask your local TGG to price match.

        This is the code that eBay used for the $100,-voucher:


        • Thanks - that might be working for you but it isn't for me.
          All I get at the top is a $5 PLUS5 voucher.
          Tried entering your code manually - "Looks like that's the wrong code. Please double-check and try again."

          Not OK eBay!

          • @McFly: I'm sorry. I thought it was for everyone. I don't have a plus membership, so that can't be it. Anyway, there's a $1310 option posted as well

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    Hey Guys

    Couldn't find any other relevant post to ask this so here it is..
    I m in dilemma

    I have Sony X80k 75" I got for $1499 on Amazon deal. Can return before 22nd Nov

    From work I can get :
    Samsung QE1C QLED for $1580 - work colleagues says it's better than Sony I have

    Other thought: I have only started using Amazon stick on my 50" and I feel it does same job as smart TV in terms of apps and other convenience (given quality is not soooo good on this non smart soniq TV ) , so I m like If i can return Sony and get 75" inch non smart TV under 1000 and use fire stick ,, M i better off?

    Any suggestions/ ideas please?

    Thanks guys

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