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Boost Mobile: $45 Cashback on $250 260GB 12-Month Boost SIM @ Cashrewards


This deal just got boosted to bring the price after cashback to just $205, with the promo ending on November 27. Hopefully, they don't sell out of SIMs, so get in early.

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Special Terms

  • Multiple SIM purchases need to be made as separate transactions. Adding more than one SIM to an order will result in an untracked purchase.

  • SIM must be activated within 30 days of ordering.

  • Cashback is ineligible on recharges, phones, bundles, accessories, eSIMs, plans or products not listed in the cashback table of rates, use of codes not listed on Cashrewards, and purchases via the Boost app.

  • You must return and click through Cashrewards for each new transaction.

FAQ thanks to BG

Question Answer
1. Is Boost operated by Telstra network? Yes, on the full Telstra network
2. Does Boost support 5G? From 4 April 2023, 5G network access will be included as standard on your service and we’ll be introducing capped download speed caps on our 4G and 5G networks
3. Does Boost support e-SIM? Sadly not at this stage. However there are plans to do so
4. Do you have to activate the SIM within 30 days? Every Cashrewards Boost cashback up to and including August 31 has been approved (confirmed by TA) - provided you activated within 30 days of order
5. How long is the SIM expiry? Usually 1 year, but to qualify for cashback the SIM must be activated within 30 days of ordering
6. It is showing “new customer” on Boost website. What does this mean? New customer term is only for the additional Boost data, and nothing to do with the cashback offer
7. Can I receive international text message (aka int. roaming) with this SIM by default? Yes, you can receive SMS while overseas, but can’t send outgoing to Australia
8. How long does it take to receive the SIM? According to the Boost Rep: Once dispatched, you should receive your order within the following business days: Metro Areas – 2-5 business days for capital cities – Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Darwin, Hobart & Brisbane (order before 4pm). Non Metro or Regional / remote areas – 3-7 business days
9. Is porting in a Telstra number to Boost considered a "new customer"? From Boost Mobile rep via dm: Porting a number from Telstra to Boost is definitely considered a new customer
10. Are you able to purchase multiple plans using different names / ID (or can I purchase 4 x plans for the family using my own details)? From Boost Mobile rep via dm: Received clarification from the team and this is a tricky one since for compliance the terms is showing the customer is only allowed 1 sim per transaction but he can buy multiple SIMs and then activate them all under his name and he will then be able to manage all the numbers when he logs into the App with his Boost ID.
11. Information on what to do when the "please try again later" " or "SORRY, SOMETHING WENT WRONG" message comes up List of indicators that can affect how your order is flagged in different financial systems, which can hopefully help you understand what is going wrong. Possible fraud scenario: API returns during purchase - credit to @himalpatel. Live chat advised that if you faced the above fraud scenario message, you need to use your friends details (aka a completely different details) to order
12. Can this be used to recharge? No, this is a starter pack. Using as a "recharge" is being dis-allowed and activating first and moving the number may be allowed but is frowned upon and may not be allowed in future depending on how you ask for it.


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This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • +12

    Still waiting for low plan deals like $60 for 60gb for a year

    • +2

      not sure that one will happen again….do you mean Amaysim? They don't have that plan available to purchase anymore….they have upped the GB included and therefore upped the prices….even the lowest priced one would be $85 with 50% off, I think

  • Anyone know if I'm currently on boost mobile and want to reuse my current number over to this SIM - would I still get the cashback? Can't find anything on this

    • +5

      You would have to port out to a different provider and port back in. Provided you activate the Sim within 30 days, should get the cashback

      • Thank you

      • Thanks. Anyone know of a good way to do this on the Telstra network? Could be a silly question

        • +2

          I use a lebara $2 esim (Vodafone network). Don't need to recharge if you call and ask them to port over. Takes a few mins to switch from boost.

          • @DrPotato: Thanks very much

          • @DrPotato: Can you do it online too ?

            • +2

              @Sunnyoz: You can buy the eSim online but if you want to port over your number without doing a further recharge or adding a minimum of $5 PayG (iirc) credit then you'll have to give their CS a ring - all they'll ask for is the last 10 digits of your eSim number and id details. No need to provide credit card details. Hope that helps.

      • Do you have to activate a $10 plan, or a $2 sim from any provider without a plan will do? Thanks.

        • Commenting as I also want to know if porting to any $2 sim then porting back to Boost is okay as I've never done this before. Is it okay to port to a different provider then port back to boost on the same day or should I wait 24 hours or so to port back?

        • +1

          You can, if you waste a bunch of your time talking a service rep into porting your number manually to another carrier without a recharge & hope there are no problems.

          Or, you could go to coles/woolies, get whatever lebara sim is on a deep discount (often the $14.90 sim can be had for $4), port out using the automated system, wait 24 hours to be safe, then port back in.

          I guess the question is how much is your time worth?

          • @mitt: Concur, automated system and waiting 24hr then porting back is way more chill than doing on phone manually

            • +1

              @serialfrother: Lebara's $2 esim has been very convenient for me. No need to leave the home and customer service is pretty great. Port over also takes no more than 30 mins during business hours.

              • +3

                @DrPotato: Thanks for the suggestions - I bought the Lebara sim from Coles - $1 yesterday. Called up and activated. Then ported back to Boost - within 4 hours or so. *Didn't wait the 12/24 hours and it worked. Love boost!

  • +6

    Still holding out for a deal on the 170GB SIM, but it doesn't seem to be forthcoming. :(

    • Same.Does anyone know if there is a promotion for 170GB?

      • +1

        Regularly on sale for less than $180 from other sellers.

      • +6

        Just been into Officeworks who price beat Lucky Mobile on the 170Gb. Came to $169.10

    • 170GB deals get posted here all the time. Do a search for “boost 160gb” or “boost 170gb” and you’ll see. This one is still active.

  • almost time for me to recharge…. any recharge offers ? looking to avoid hassle swapping provider and coming back to boost again.
    it is high time boost should have an e sim by now.

  • HODL for Cashback to hit $60, happened in the past with the $300 sim

    • I haven’t seen this plan this cheap before.

  • +4

    It's such a shame that they don't have e-sims! It's been a "top priority" for them for a year now.
    It's not hard, it's not expensive, it has huge benefits. The only reason not doing that might be marketing differentiation with daddy Telstra.
    Big shout out on Amaysim on this one! I choose amaysim for all of my secondary numbers and stopped shopping around and switching all because of their e-sims.

    • Lebara too. Their eSim makes it easy to port out, pick up your preferred carrier's best deal, and port back in.

      • About the lebera esim, do you need to get a plan if you want to port your number to it? Thanks.

    • Why put Esim on your secondary? I thought should be on primary. And secondary can be anything different each months depending on who doing promotion

      • Partly because my primary is boost atm!

    • Extensive market research has determined that there is no robust demand for a Boost eSIM offering. Customers asking for eSIMs from Boost simply don’t understand that they will have lost interest by the time the relevant infrastructure is ready for prime time. It’s also the opinion of senior management that the excitement and expectation associated with discovering a Boost Mobile triple-SIM in your letterbox is a critical element of the customer experience which must be preserved at all costs

  • Which provider is the easiest to port out and in to? Last time I tried optus I found it a complete headache.

    • +1

      Felix mobile is straight forward.

  • +1

    Anyone knows why it kept saying below when trying to active the card??
    'It looks like you've already provided your contact details some time back, but the email you entered doesn't match with the one in our records. Try using a different email address or message us for help.'

    Pretty sure this email address hasn't been used for Boost, although I do have another Boost number…

    • Im also getting the same message

  • So this cashback deal ends on 27th november? What about the bonus data? Damn literally picked up 17$ Belong sim recently. Unsure to just wait this out for a Christmas special

  • So to take advantage of this if boost customer need to port out first?

  • Is there a different process when going from Telstra to Boost?
    Is it the same customer service centre?

    • I went from Telstra to Boost last month, I got stuck trying to port over during the online activation. About 5 mins of live chat later and it was done, fairly simple but it wasn't mentioned anywhere I'd need to do live chat. I may have just been unlucky.

  • So who's the easiest provider to port into them back to boost?

    Preferably not super random providers it's already risky enough trust in the big companies with info

  • i can only use 30 GB data per year. got broadband at home and at office

  • Do the 365 day plans have VOWifi when overseas?

  • Bugger, I bought this yesterday arvo when the cashback was still $35

  • Thanks op. The real pebkac (me) is still banned by their fraud detection system (something is wrong error), but my uh single use online id worked.

    Pretty sure it would be an unintended consequence that after losing money on me for all the monthly Boost Sims, they also lose their chance to make money from me on an annual sim. Ah well, fraud saved the day….

  • Damn, just got this for $229 a few weeks ago

  • +1

    Boost says "260GB on activation for new customers. 240GB on next recharge. Activate by 27 Nov 23."

    Seems like a short time to get this shipped to you and activated??
    My plan expires a week after the 27th so would I miss out on the bonus 20Gb activation bonus??

    • i just bought, see if they come before Friday 25th lol.

  • What happens if I ordered a few days ago when the cashreward was $35? Do I get $45 back if I activate it now?

    • Nope.

  • what happens after the 12 months? will it go into month by month?

    • +1

      Recharge at full price. Or you can port out and back in if you find another great deal for new users :)

  • What happens if you cannot activate it by 27 Nov?

    • You don't get the extra 20GB

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