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12-Month 240GB + 20GB Bonus Prepaid Starter SIM $250 Save $50 ($35 Cashback Expired) @ Boost Mobile


Great deal from Boost on its long term plan. Cashrewards link here:

Activate by 27 Nov 23 for 20GB bonus data.

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  • How long for activation?

    • Must activate in 30 days to get the cashback approved

      • You have to activate by 27 Nov anyway which is less than 30 days

        • The bonus 20GB has been a long running bonus, which will no doubt be the same for the next one

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    Can anyone please tell me is that a good deal yet? Or should I wait? Thank you thank you thank you :)

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      Seems like a good deal if you want to be on full Telstra network. There are better value plans like the $199 Lebara Large 360 Day plan which gets you 425GB. But it's on the Vodafone network.

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    Anyone else getting


    We’re sorry but we’re experiencing technical issues. Please try again later.

    I've tried on two different browsers :(

    • Yes, very common error, and has been around since Boost moved over to Telstra systems. Sorry, not sure of a workaround other than calling Boost.

    • When this happens, I try it several hours later and it is fine.
      Maybe use another laptop

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    If you dont need much data and happy with 170GB, better buy 230 plan. Lucky mobile has it on sale for $178.here

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      Thanks for this - I just got Officeworks to price beat Lucky too.

      • How much did you pay in the

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          $169.10, the standard 5% off Officeworks price beat

    • So, after current, upsized $50 CashRewards cashback,
      the $250 SIM becomes $200.

      with LuckyMobile, for $20 more, get 70GB more
      with Officeworks, for $30 more, get 70GB more.

      I don't use that much data at all,
      but the "OzB" in me, went for the $250 SIM this evening 😐

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    Thank OP got one.

    • Cr tracked with no issues

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    If the sale ends on 27 Nov and you have to activate by 27 Nov then how does this deal work if you order it on 26 Nov? The sim card won't be delivered in time to activate it.

    Update - Spoke to the rep online and they said if you activate the sim after 27 Nov then you will only get 240gb. Also when ordering if the system knows you won't receive the sim to activate it by 27 Nov then it will only offer the sim for $30 - for example if you ordered it on the 25 Nov because a sim can't be posted and received in 1 day.

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      You need to activate by 27/11 to get your 20Gb bonus data (so 260Gb instead of 240Gb) but you have 30 days to activate to get your CR cashback

      • Yep that's right. The other interesting point was the system needs to ensure, based on expected delivery time frames, that you will receive the sim by 27 Nov to be offered the sim for $250 instead of $300.

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          My current sim expires mid December so I may order it now for the discount and cash back and forego the extra 20gb. Then activate it within 30 days to get the cashback.

          • @happyadventurer: im in the same boat here :-)
            this is my first time porting out and porting back in, could I ask what is the best place to port out to?

            • @katejessica: Choose a non-Telstra SIM to port out,
              and then port back into Boost.

    • The extra 10/20gb always says it's going to expire on a certain date, and always they extend it. I'd be shocked beyond belief if they don't do that this time.

    • "then it will only offer the sim for $30"

      Can you please clarify what you mean by this? The sim costs $250, so what would be the charge if I ordered on the 25th? and I assume I would have no chance of getting the extra 20gb?

  • New customers only I guess?

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      Got nothing to do with new customers, you can be any sort of customer, "new customer" = " new activation" = "all activations", but we know that this is a starter sim and it has to be activated, as long as you activate by 27 Nov you are eligible for promotional data, irrespective of what sort of customer. Wish they would stop misleading customers with this BS. Don't they understand it's costing them sales.

  • My Boost plan just expired. I assume I wouldn’t be able to use this to recharge? I know they used to sort of accept it if you chatted with them but unsure how it works these days?

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      I would just buy it. If you ask them all they can do is say no. Then you'll need to port somewhere else for a while, and port back later.

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      I asked them actually today to help me with using it as a recharge and they agreed on the term that it's only a one time thing. Did it for 2 numbers.

      • dd you have to call them? and what did you say?

        • i said i had the simcard given as a gift and i would prefer to get the recharge implimented than to port in & out.

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      I did it last month via ph. Said I bought the wrong sim. New service opened and no questions asked.

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    If you are a Virgin Money Customer with the GO account etc, they are currently offering a deal where you get 20 points per dollar spent on Boost above $35 up to 3000 points, which equates to another $13.50 if you use your VM debit card to pay for this deal, meaning you'd ended up paying 208.50 for this SIM.

  • If moving to Boost from Telstra, do you still keep your Telstra log in and associated Telstra Plus rewards, discounted tickets etc?

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      Boost uses the same Telstra ID

      I believe the points stay in your account:

      But note this whichever comes first situation:
      -If you have no active Telstra services they will expire after 12 months
      -They expire after three years whether you have an active service or not.


      You cannot spend the points if you do not have an active service with Telstra.

      • That's interesting, does that mean you can keep your Telstra email address too?

  • Again, too much data! Need a cheaper plan with less data :)

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      Buy Aldi's $119, 60GB, 365 days simcard tomorrow. I'll be porting to ALDI from Boost next February when my plan expires. I use less than 3GB per month. ALDI is powered by Telstra.

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    I guess there will be more offers for black Friday …

  • I don't really bother with the cashback sites, so I plan on getting Officeworks to do a price beat

    • Ahhh.. I had just bought online before reading this reply, otherwise I would've done this too. Officeworks is about 2 mins from my work.

      Optus (my current) appears to be operating quite slow compared to prior to recent crash. Still don't have the 200GB bonus either, not that I use that much anyway.

      • Yeah I'm leaving Optus too. They can eat my shorts

  • How's Boost's network speed vs belong? I bought a belong sim after all that optus crap but even though belong uses the telstra network it's slow as crap. Speed test shows optus 10x faster.

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      Completely depends on location however Boost has access to the full Telstra network as it's owned by Telstra, where as other providers don't have full access. Would have to test if it actually makes a difference, but it might.

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        Boost is shaped though, 150Mbps max, may or may not matter..

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        Belong is owned by Telstra, Boost isn't

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          Oh yeah my bad you're right, strange that Boost has full network access and Belong doesn't.

  • what happens once it expires, can you still receive calls or SMS till you recharge?

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      what happens once it expires

      you die :(

      • +4

        can confirm, had it a few years ago and I've been dead ever since.

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      yes you can. can't make call or text but still fully received calls and texts. Up to 12 months.

  • Anyone know the best way to data recharge without paying the regular data puechases? $22 for 7GB is expensive and I was thinking of buying another recharge like this offer, but it's for new customers only :(

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      Get a $5 Aldi sim, port your number to that, ports number back when activating new sim

  • Can I order the same sim twice and get the Cashback twice?

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      I guess so; but make sure you buy each in a separate transaction

      • Tried it. Cashrewards tracked the sale. Wonder if it'll be cancelled by boost?

  • Are they ever going to get esim?

    • From their website FAQ

      "Boost doesn't currently have eSIM capability yet. However we are working on it as we know its something our customers are interested in. "

  • What’s the cheapest SIM to port out to then port back? Any $2 ones that work?

  • This seems like a great deal, however I may need more data allowance. Am i able to recharge with another $300 plan if i have used up the data 10 months into the plan?

  • Is this deal for new Boost customers only? If you're already with Boost, would you have to port out & back in again?

    • It's for all customers. Need to activate with a new number or port away/back if want old number on this new Sim.

  • I tried twice to purchase this tonight, error on page. bummer

  • Any wayt o get a good deal like this as a recharge without changing numbers?

  • How do people normally renew these?
    Do the 12 months then port out OR do you usually renew again with Boost?
    I'm done with Optus

    • I'm stuck at that point… The renew deals are not very good. So have ported over to Aldi as I thought I could get a super plan, but it is only valid for customers already on it.

      So ill either wait for new boost deal to port back or go the woollies 365-day plans. Another 10% off shopping is pretty good also.

  • -3

    Will never trust Cashrewards, my $35 cashback on my last Boost sim purchase was rejected. Ended up costing me full price, better to buy from ebay sellers who offer slightly smaller discount than this.

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