Roborock Empty Wash Fill Dock for Roborock S7 MaxV $599 (Was $1099) Delivered @ Roborock

  • Fully Automated Empty Wash Fill Dock
  • Self Washing and Self Emptying
  • Off-Peak Charging Support
  • Fast Charging
  • Compatible with Roborock S7 MaxV

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  • I have a s7maxV.
    Does anyone just have a dock for upstairs? or do they just get another one when its on sale?
    Seems like effort to drag the vacuum upstairs all the time, defeating the purpose of owning a robot.

    • I bought a vac years ago.. wasn't Impress. Is it worth getting a new robot vac?

      • +2

        Depends on what you bought, your house and your expectations.

        I know someone that bought a shitty $200 one that bounced around the walls randomly vacuuming and they didn't like it much but mainly bought it to vacuum under the bed (as they were old and not overly mobile) and would just use the remote and manually drive it. So it worked for that but would've sucked in my house.

        I got an S5 max (there's better available cheaper now) for approx $500 and I love it. The house I live in is flat. The mop function isn't "good". But for vacuuming a house that people wear shoes in, it keeps the floor from feeling gritty after a week. We don't have carpet so that probably helps.

        You still need to vacuum. This doesn't stop that. But for me it's mainly the edges and such.

        If you've got a house that isn't flat and has a tonne of carpet, it probably wouldn't be great. But some of the more expensive ones are better on carpet.

        I've moved out recently and left the vac at the old house (family still live there) and am looking at getting another one around the same price range. If I was loaded I'd probably get one of the crazy fancy ones but I can't justify to myself spending 4 times as much. We also don't have heaps of items left on the floor (ie none), so those camera obstacle avoidance features I don't really need.

        But if it's right for you really depends on what you wanna get out of it, what your house looks like, how much you're willing to spend and all that.

    • You can just leave the dock in one spot.
      I mapped both upstairs and downstairs, you just move the vacuum up and down and when you run it, it'll scan around for a bit to find it's position and load up the correct map as well.

      I run it in a few rooms upstairs, bring it down to let it wash and refill the tank and take it back up to complete the rest.

  • +1

    This thing can do things what dyson robot vacuum can not.

    • I'm waiting for Narwal to release their Automatic Water Exchange dock that can do things this one can't…

      It's surprising that automatic filling and draining hasn't made it here

      • I am surprised you missed it when one was explicitly posted and even discussed a little a few months ago

        Plan to share plumbing with the washing machine?

        • I must have missed it!

          Yes that is the plan

  • +4

    Is this to just have a second dock? Or is there a smart way to buy the vacuum itself on its own to make the overall package cheaper?

  • Vacuum in stock at Godfrey's for $999 click and collect - Further 8.5% saving with Cash Rewards…

    Still quite expensive

    • +2

      Gotta be better than the viomi s9 I got. In under 2 years of ownership:
      - it has lost like half of its battery capacity
      - needed to be sent to the one repair depot in sydney for a stuck wheel
      - the charging base has a loose connection inside such that if the power cord is at a bad angle it just doesnt get power.

      And also none of the ebay mop pads fit properly so I just cant use the mop function. There are no oem mops that I can find. It also has inaccurate detection of 'bag full' when emptying to the bag.

      I still love the concept of a robot vacuum and give the thing a workout every weekend. Might DIY a battery replace soon.

      • +2

        This completely reflects my experience with the Viomi S9. I've had it for maybe 18 months now, and have had numerous issues and already replaced the battery once (and has recently started showing issues with the battery again). You end up having to buy all the replacement parts (brushes, dust bags etc.) from eBay.

        I've also had to completely reset mine 3 or 4 times now as it occasionally has this error where it will just stop vacuuming after 2 minutes no matter what I do.

        At this point I regret not just paying the extra money upfront for a Roborock.

      • +2

        Completely agree with you @gakko.

        Also recently offloaded the Viomi S9. Multiple errors with wheels and software alerts without any fix. After sales support was, well, non-existent.

        Yet to find a comparative replacement at a reasonable price - Any recommendations?

        • Yeah damn. Dunno what I'd go for sorry. Searching Ozb for vacuum deals and reading all the comments on particular models can be good research though.

      • That scratchy connection is a fire hazard, I would stop using it till the "Connection" is secured

      • The wheels stuck is a hilarious design defect, there are 3 small screws inside the wheel that don't seem to do anything except come lose and then jam the wheels.

        I dinally got around to trying to repair mine last night, eventually got the 3 screws out fo the wheel and then when putting it together i stuffed the ribbon cable and one of the wires broke off, an hour later of trying to fix that and I have given up.

        With what I know now i'd be pretty confident in getting the screws out without breaking it.

        It did go into a funny hyper mode where it was speeding around like crazy bumping into things like the old first gen robot cleaners did.

        DIY battery replacement is super easy, like 5 screws and swap it out, don't be fooled by aliexpress/ ebay sellers claiming 15000mha battery though, just order a 5200 as that's what they will all be just with fake stickers on the others.

    • +1

      No delivery
      Only Click and Collect

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  • +1

    Wow that's a big discount! I bought last year for $1099.

  • Thank you, I'm now $599 poorer….

  • is this better than Q revo? How come Q revo is much more expensive

    • never mind this is just the dock isn't it haha

  • Will this work with just the S7 robot (not Max or MaxV)?

  • +1

    Come on Dreame, drop l20 ultra price so I can buy one without buyer’s remorse.

  • +1

    Where can I buy the Roborock s7 maxv robot ?

  • +2

    Does this work with S8?

    • Would also like to know

    • If you look here

      It says

      Compatible with Roborock S7 MaxV

      • Well, dear genious,
        It could be compatible with S8 AS WELL.

        • genious

          What's that?

          It could be compatible with S8 AS WELL


          Compatible with Roborock S7 MaxV

  • How is the mop for this one, does it spin?

    • It vibrates. The Q Revo is the one with two circular mop pads that spin.

  • It looks like the dryer module is on sale too.…

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