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Samsung 75" The Frame QLED 4K TV (2022) $1949.25 ($3499 RRP) Delivered @ Samsung Education Store


Says the promotion valid till 29 Nov 2023 but it also say elsewhere that the free upgrade of the tv size is valid till 1 Dec 23. It's back in stock as at 7:51 am AEST 21 Nov 23 but for not sure for how long.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • I got this at around this price when samsung had a sale on a few months back. Awesome tv for art mode (reason we bought) but also a solid tv.

    Sounded like it was getting close to cost price for JB's or not much fat in it so its great price.

    Just need 77" S95C on sale now too

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      Who told you that? That's what they always tell you. Bing Lee does it to me all the time, ooh no can't do that, it is below cost price and I will be sacked…. Nek minit, sale price with another retailer below their cost price..

      • +3

        I was buying it anyway, i was price matching against Samsung, the guy i deal with there was straight up and said they wont make anything on it but wanted to move stock. Just an offhand comment from him - thought it may be of interest, didn't impact my deal at all. Take it with a pinch of salt if you will.

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          Is this an all time low?

    • How’s the brightness? I need a TV but our living room is very bright with big windows directly opposite to where TV is supposed to go

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        It doesn't matter how bright it is as there will be 0 reflections! Highly recommend it for a room with lots of windows. I have it for the same reason and it's amazing how good it is in full sun light.

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        Agree with @911r ' s comment.

        Our 55 Frame TV mounted on wall that faces our north back yard….we had issue and had the old HiSense 55" on the tv unit in front of the Samsung….and the reflections coming off the Frame were virtually non existent. Compared to the HiSense it was pretty stark.

        The matte finish on the Frame works very well. I'm nervous to ever have to clean it if there are ever fingers marks that find their way onto it.

        • +1

          Having cleaned mine a number of times, the matte finish is pretty durable
          just use a good microfiber cloth, with a small amount of glasses cleaner if needed

  • Don’t have an .edu (need to hand in my ozb card) so can’t see the page. Anything on the 65”? FYI have this tv and paid around 1,699 last year’s black friday when the samsung loyalty coupons were stackable. Brilliant tv and great value. The matte screen looks great from all angles and insanely slim. Frame feature is a bit of a gimmick however. Definitely does not look like a 75” piece of artwork in front of a couch lol

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      Same price in gov store. 65” also similar price. I have 65 inch and many have thought it’s a framed picture.

      • Can any government email work?

        • I believe so. Email address needs to end with ".gov.au"

    • Both of mine look like art when not being a used as a tv. Do you have a bezel for it?

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    Also comes with a slim wall mount too - don't need to buy one FYI.

  • Any promo on the 85” ?

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    It stacks with the 10% first Samsung shop app use (android).
    End up being $1754.32

    • I haven't tried yet. Can EPP be used with the app to stack discounts?

      • Nope, they don't have EPP on the app, I tried earlier :(
        It was also confirmed by Samsung (chat)

      • Can't find a way to access EPP via the app - unless someone else knows?
        I can only switch between the public and edu store.

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      It stacks with the 10% first Samsung shop app use (android).
      End up being $1754.32

      Legend, thank you. Can confirm this works.

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        How?? I tried on my app a few times but it would not yield any discount. I've tinkled on the app but I'm sure I did not make actual purchase.

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          Go to your profile page at the bottom of the app. It says Samsung store. Click on it to change it to edu store if you have it.

    • Got this working with Bluestacks, has to be a Pie 64-bit instance and in Settings > Phone choose Google Pixel 2XL. 10% discount (got the 55" as it suited my space the best).

  • -7

    If I'm not mistaken these TVs are pretty crap.

    • Why?

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        Known to have poor contrast compared to other panels within the price range, which is probably the most important variable performance wise. These come with a second purpose though, makes sense.

      • Yeah sorry didn't have time to elaborate, if you're looking for image quality overall, then look elsewhere. As others have said this more for the fact you can display art on it or whatever.

        • +8

          I have one and this is pretty true but another strong feature is the anti reflective matte screen. My tv is in direct sunlight. Our old screen was unusable in the day time. This one works amazingly in daylight where as better screen OLEDs for example would look terrible with the reflections.

          Art mode works so well, my friends will say stuff like "where did your TV go?" when they walk into the living room

      • I don’t own one, and quite like the design, but the contrast looked horrible side by side with other TVs in the store. As a result colours didn’t seem right either.

        • I know someone that went from an old Sony to this and they hate it.

          • +3

            @TEER3X: The in store conditions don't do this TV justice though. Especially next to super bring LED tvs and the bright store lights.

            Looks really nice in a home environment.

    • It's not bad for qled, just average contrast and viewing angle. Looks good.

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      These are "Lifestyle" TVs. If you're talking about image quality per price, then yes, there are better options. The selling point of these TVs is not image quality per price unit.

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      You're not mistaken. I have the 2022 75 and its picture quality is horrible. Washed put blacks and epic cloudy and back light bleed. Only buy if you muat have the frame features which is why i tolerate having to watch movies on it and not fixate on the obvious cloudy patches in dark scenes.

    • +1

      We got it for the matte finish screen which means there's no glare or reflections in our very bright living room when watching during the day. Looks great in that context.

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    got 65" Frame (2021 model) for ~$920 in January but it was jumping in and out of stock since mid December at this price (involved loyalty discount)

    no reason to upgrade, this TV is this good. rock solid for gaming (Xbox Series X) supports everything needed to enjoy 4k gaming. HDMI 2.1, VRR, 120hz refresh, fast refrest and response

    solid picture quality, too for whatever else you like.

    plus can be mounted flush on the wall. amazing model

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      The matte screen makes a huge difference if you have lots of light in your room. It's unbelievable how good it is at stopping reflections.

      • I have 2022 55 incher in another room, and yes it's better at dodging reflections, but at the cost of reduced viewing angles.

        tempted to let 2022 model go and leave 2021 65 incher as reflections are not a bother here. depends on where you put it I guess

        otherwise 2021 and 2022 are same hardware

        • -1

          I didn't think either was particularly good at wider viewing angles but if reflections are your concern it's a no brainer to go for the 22.

          • -1

            @911r: 2021 has better viewing angles, both horizontally (move right or left) and vertically (sitting down or standing up), the latter making quite a bit of difference gaming

            so I would say as art mode 2022 is better, but for everything else save money and grab 2021 if can find it! lol

  • What are these like for watching live sports like AFL / Basketball?

  • Oh man i want to be a student again!!!

    • Go get hold of someone you know who's a student/teacher.

  • Do they have smaller 55inch as well?

    • +2

      Yes. Going for around $1590.

  • This is crap compared to the C845 if you’re doing actual viewing on it

    • works fine for me - we bought it for art mode, so no doubt there's other tv's with better TV mode stuff but its not apples and apples comparison given what the TV is pitched at.

      • Can’t you display art stuff on any TV? What stuff does this do that makes art better?

        I’m considering one but don’t understand the benefits over a normal TV.

        • +2

          Reasonably slim and flush mount (though I was a little disappointed, given they advertise strongly on this feature).

          OS has dedicated features to support art mode. Also a subscription service that automatically provides a range of new images for it to display.

          A range of physical 'frames' are sold, in a range of colours, that attach to the outside of the TV to better fit your decor and contribute to the illusion that it's a picture frame (this will never be achieved of course, but it's not bad).

        • Its a matt screen which gives it the look of actual art on the wall and less of a "picture on a tv". Its a great tv too.

          Art store is $60-80 a year to subscribe too which is ok (gives you a 3 month trial anyways) but a few searches will usually find gigs of pre-formatted images by others you can upload yourself.

          Overall, im really happy - sits on the wall next to existing family pictures, can put a big photo on it or turn it to art - also does actual tv things too.

    • I've been looking at both. What makes you say the C845 is so much better?

      • +1

        The frame isn’t even a MiniLED TV, so contrast is pretty bad overall. It wouldn’t differ too much in image quality from your bargain bin TV’s

    • no it's not. it's a very good TV

      • It’s a miniLED Tv vs one that isn’t, it isn’t even close

        • but its still a good tv…

    • +3

      Who actually views their TV anyway.

  • SO pleased I didn't pull the plug on this yesterday. Thanks OP.

    • +2

      Why would you pull the plug on a TV?

      • +3

        Save electricity. Cost of living!

        • +3


          • @jayz: Son? Where have you been? Your mother's been worried sick!

      • It has a bathtub screensaver, maybe they pulled the plug on that.

    • Did you mean 'pull the trigger'?

  • -1

    I love the idea of art mode, a search suggests power consumption is 30% of TV mode, and motion sensors turn the images on only when someone is in the room. However 30% seems like quite a lot.

    Anyone had any real life experience of power usage (eg via a smart meter) in art mode?

    • +2

      Yeah but we have solar and the usage isnt noticable. When were not in the living room the tv turns itself off and when we are the tv would notmally be on anyway. YMMV

    • +1

      yes, just did the test for you.

      The power consumption actually ties to the brightness of the screen.

      For my 2022 75" model, when changing the brightness in art mode, the power consumption is as followed:

      Darkest: 47W
      Middle setting: 78W
      Brightest: 210W
      Normal TV mode: 96W

      The darkest setting is pretty much unusable that you can barely see the image. With the middle setting, while it's usable for me during day time, I prefer 1 step brighter which brings the power consumption to 93W, which is pretty similar to the normal TV mode. So from a power consumption perspective, it's pretty much all about the brightness of the screen.

  • LG is superior, but this is a good price.

  • Have this exact model on my wall. Yes picture quality not going to best my S95B but for the purpose of displaying art and occasional TV this fit my use case. On a side note did buy it tad cheaper ($1679) but that was in April.

  • +2

    Amazing lifestyle TV. We have ours located in a very sunny room and this works so well with the anti reflective matte coating. OLEDS and other screens would look terrible due to the harsh reflections despite being superior at night time.

    The art mode works extremely well, people coming over think that its an art piece and are shocked when it turns out to be a TV (this is mostly due to the fact that we have a frame around the tv)

    Things to note:
    - Despite being called the frame TV, it doesnt come with a freaking frame. These are like $150 extra and the stock availability is terrible. We have a white frame and it looks awesome.
    - The art mode is mostly be subscription ($50pa.) But theres heaps of free art and resources online for how to upload your own art.
    - Samsung bs: you still get samsung ads on this tv

    • would you recommend buying this if i have a small house and i'm not super fussy about the smallest details of tv quality? wondering if it would be worth it for the aesthetic of it. some people say it breaks easily and malfunctions?

      • +1

        If you put it in a room with a view to having it to display art/pictures on as well as TV then yeah - its awesome. We put up pictures all around ours in the living room and it really makes it look good. They sometimes give away the wood finish frame which hooks on magnetically and makes it look like an actual picture frame.

      • I cant speak to that but i do have a toddler who finds slapping the tv to be hilarious. Hasnt broken yet.

        If you need a tv then this is a solid option. The reviews seem harsh for the picture quality but thats when its compared to either way more expensive tvs or OLEDs. Go into store and look at one and see what you like. The anti reflective was a massive feature for me for our house. The performance of the matte coating is extremely apparent when you cant see the warehouse lights that ruin the picture of all the OLEDs running through their promo footage (went into JB).

        You can ask the staff to play another promo footage for the frame tv as the default option is one that showcases off the art mode and frame options. I got them to put on a night time city scape

    • +1

      Wait, what? We bought an older Frame and it came with a frame, did they stop doing that?

      I didn't actually notice the advertising at first because we run a pihole, but did at one point while fine tuning the blocking rules. It's a very annoying anti-feature but it is fixable.

      • I feel like it should at least by default come with a black frame

        • +1

          The bezel on the TV is black, and you attach frames to give it different looks. It seems the frame giveaways finished in May 2023.

    • +1

      plenty free hi-res paintings images one can download from useum.org

  • +1

    how do i get access to samsung education store?

    • This

    • +1

      Get an .edu email is an easy way.

      • do i have to sign up to samsung account using .edu email?

        • Yes, although I don't know if any other private institutions will work.

          Why don't you try it? It will accept or deny you. Worth a go. However, you will have to confirm your access through your email.

          • @ilikeit: thanks! worked now :3 does this also work with samsung loyalty codes?

            • @laufey: Why don't you try it? It will accept or deny you. Worth a go.

  • Will there be a new model coming out?

    • yeah for sure

  • I just checked and it’s the same price on the corporate partners portal.
    Very tempting!!!

    • And 85" is also discounted

    • is the 65 inch also discounted? how much would it be if ever?

      • Nah same price as the 75" unfortunately

  • This or "TCL 75" C845 4K UHD Mini LED QLED Google TV (2023) $1,845 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi" https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/812164 ?

    • I am wondering the same thing. I can summise from this post that the TCL is better for enjoying TV shows, however, the Samsung's matte screen is excellent in bright rooms and for displaying art - if that's your thing (and by doing so will cost you more in electricity).

      • The TCL is better for everything except displaying art, it also has a matte finish and is brighter

  • +1

    can we pricebeat this @ jb hifi? :)

    • Very interested if we can price match with JB

    • I tried that but they'll only price beaat from the regular samsung store.

    • Nope. Only public access does

  • also wondering if this purchase comes with wall mount + the extra frame for the tv as well….!

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