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Ooni Fyra 12 Pizza Oven $384.30 Delivered @ Ooni


Crazy price on a crazy good oven. This is more convenient and cooks pizza on par with our old one tonne pizza oven. Ask me anything! Rarely see it for below $500. If gas etc is your thing it looks like this is part of a 30% Black Friday deal.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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      It is a good price.

      However, as a veteran Ooni user I would go with a gas fired and/or wood fired option - the Karu and the Koda have 20% off in the same sale on the same store.

      These Fyra ovens just go through the pellets and just not economically over time.

      • The Fyra has been fantastic in my experience. Only thing I’d say is that if you’re regularly cooking for a big group of people, the gas option with the Koda and Karu are going to be much less stressful with a very similar taste

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    price beat and 15% off at anaconda with gift cards

    • Where are you getting the gift cards 15% off?

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      Anaconda is part of the Spotlight Foundation

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        Sorry can you please explain how to get them 15% off?

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      You can't price match at anaconda since ooni doesn't have a physical store :/

      dumb policy.

      • Price match Kitchen Warehouse - i did this morning. $450 for the Koda 12 (gas)

        • Anaconda now have it at $499 so cant price match :-(

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      Is it electric start like my Traeger? Just turn it on and the hopper feeds pellets and burns them without interaction?

      No it is not.

      What's the economy like? How many pizzas do you get out of a $50 bag?

      $50 bag of what? Pellets? I use the cheapest pellets from Bunnings. One bag for $25 I think has probably cooked 50 pizzas.

      What's the cooking time per pizza?

      30 seconds to four minutes depending on the oven temperature.

      Do you have a dog? What's it's name? What colour is it? Does it like playing fetch and what is it's preferred chase object?

      No, I did when I was a kid though. He was a golden retriever border colley cross.

      What's your favourite colour?


      Do you like tuna?

      Yes, especially fresh with some soy sauce!

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        Thanks mate, just a few more questions if you don't mind.

        1.What's your mother's maiden name?

        1. What make was your first car?

        2. What's your favourite sports team?

        3. Which city were you born in?

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        I came to ask what the milage on wood pallets was like so thank you for answering

      • Tuna with just soy sauce?

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    I would, but I would get too fat.

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      as opposed to now?

  • Anyone know how these compare to the Roccbox pizza oven's?

    • Pellets vs gas

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      Roccbox vs Arrosto vs Gasmate is a better buy than this… Pellets are frustrating and very, very expensive. Pellets are the most expensive fuel source out of Charcoal, Gas alternatives.

      Yes, if you're cooking a 12 hour brisket then we use pellet smokers so you don't need to fuel the fire every hour. But for a pizza that cooks in less than 60 seconds? Hell no…. Go gas.

      You'd use a heap of pellets just warming this up for 30 mins.

      • The gas ones are on special too

      • Not per OPs comment above

  • Beat me to it haha I was just about to post about the Ooni Karu 16 being $1199 on their Black Friday sales!

    I bought Aldi's 14" gas pizza oven when it was on sale a couple of months back and now I'm hooked so I ordered the Karu 16 to take things further!

    • I grabbed the Aldi one too and have been surprised at how good it is. I had been considering getting the Karu 16 before I got the Aldi one. Don't have a case of upgraditis yet, but if I do I'll probably go bit and get a Gozney Dome so I can do more than just pizza.

      • Then I got a dud… mine will never ever eeeeever get the whole stone above 400º. I do appreciate the ability to spin the stone but that's about it

        • I leave mine at full tilt for about 20 - 30 minutes before launching my first pizza. Get some nice spotting on the base. You may indeed have a dud.

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            @Silent-BoB: I've left mine for an hour and honestly, the half closer to the burner yeah… it will go above 400 but then the part closer to the door will sit around 330-340 max. Then I spin the stone and by the time the other side heats up to where I wanted to the back is colder. Very frustrating. I end up making smaller pizzas to compensate for this. I also started going for less hydration as it then gives the dough a better chance to cook in a less than ideal stone temp otherwise I get burnt topping and uncooked dough.

            • @educalifa: try and supplement it with wood?

              • @WT: Not possible on the Aldi one I don't think… space is at a premium

        • try it with a different regulator, might be the cause of this?

          • @huntabargain: I have a Karu 16 on the way now… the Aldi one will go to a house my missus' family has down the coast and maybe I'll try my luck there one day.

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        I seen few reports about cracked stone in the Dome, specially when using wood. Looks like the shape of the stone has sharp outside corners that tend to crack with uneven heat to both ends that is caused by using wood fire. I heard there is new Gozney oven in the making that sits between RB and the Dome that is in the testing/pre-release. It looks like Dome, but smaller but without the flue. They also have Dome S1 which is gas only at $1999

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    Is it worth getting the essentials bundle?

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      I would say definitely not. Any accessories that you need to actually cook your pizzas such as a peel can be picked up much cheaper on eBay etc.

      • yeah ooni accessories in general are quite expensive… I checked out their pizza turning peel but it's $95.99 during Black Friday whilst keglands sells an almost exact copy of that for $26 all year round.

    • What's in this bundle?
      Ooni Karu 12 Multi-Fuel Pizza Oven $549.00 AUD
      Ooni Perforated Pizza Peel (12″ (30cm) - Fyra 12 • Koda 12 • Karu 12 • Karu 12G • Volt 12) $87.99 AUD
      Gas Burner for Ooni Karu 12 $151.20 AUD
      Carry Cover for Ooni Karu 12 $63.99 AUD

      Even by just adding these up - how in the world would that be a good idea?

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      The only Ooni accessories I would recommend are their skillets. They are quite good and reasonably priced. As for pizza accessories just go to eBay or Amazon like other have said

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    I would buy one, but then I'd probably use it once or twice and it'd be a pretty expensive pizza…

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      Come on mate, you haven’t got the right attitude to be here!

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    Ooni Koda gas is well worth the extra

    • Anecdotally, everyone I have talked to about Ooni's with a pellet loves it, but also have said they kinda wish they got the gas model for the convenience.

  • Does anyone have a preference between gas or pellets?

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      Gas is a bit more 'convenient' due to not having to clean up the ashes and getting the baking stone to the correct temp a bit faster but then pellets add that extra smoky flavor to the pizza that many love!

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        FWIW, the smokey thing is not real, at least in pizza oven land. They are not in the oven long enough to get any kind of residual flavour.

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          I'm not sure if it's the heat with the smoke or the smoke that impregnates the stone as it heats up and then transfer over to the dough but to me there is a clear difference in taste. I tested with a friend on his Karu and everyone who tried the pizzas guessed the one cooked on a mix of wood/charcoal correctly. Small sample of 6 ppl, granted. But 100% correct.

          Or maybe it was just placebo on a blind test, who knows? Either way, I like the pizzas anyway. Be it gas/wood/charcoal/pellets/etc… Haven't tried the new electric oven they make but I'm sure the pizza will come out amazing as well.

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          you have no idea

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        just mix some liquid smoke into the pizza source

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      Never go pellets it's very redundant for these now.
      Almost every company makes one of these ovens and they all do the exact same thing and all reach 500c+. I think the Arrosto is $299. Roccbox $639.
      Gasmate $199.

      The most intriguing part is even when using gas it tastes wood fired, I don't know how, but they all work the exact same way with 10/10 results.

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        Flavor is greatly influenced by temperature when it comes to pizza. Pair this with freshly made dough, high-quality cheeses, and herbs, and you'll create an exceptional pizza. While woodfire ovens can add a hint of smoke, the impact is minimal due to the brief cooking time

        • You must be on the money there! I must admit you do need buffalo mozzarella cheese. It is an eye watering $65 a kg though!

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            @neofelis: Bocconcini cheese? $4.8 for 220gm

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              @huntabargain: Bocconcini so over rated… just tastes like chewy water

          • @neofelis: Fior di Latte does a great job. La Casa in Adelaide sold it for $15 per kilo at their factory outlet which was conveniently 1 km from my house. They are stocked in independent grocers in SA and Woolworths, not sure about other states.

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              @DoctorArd: Buffala = buffalo milk
              Fior di latte = cow's milk

              From my experience buffala typically has a higher water content than fior di latte, and for most pizzas you definitely only need fior di latte.

              That said, I only use fior di latte for margherita or for "white" (no red sauce) pizzas for extra flavour. Otherwise for most other red pizzas (capriciosa, salami pizza, etc), I find the best-quality provolone which is a dried mozarella - which is typically found in a snowman shape, which I grate.

              Very rarely do I use buffala for pizzas.

              Also hack with fior di latte, take it out of the water an hour before making pizza and wrap it in paper towel to soak up the excess moisture.

              • @bargainluvr: Provolone is definitely not dried mozzarella… having said that, it is an awesome choice! Especially if you're lucky enough to find smoked provolone!

                I also agree re buffala, only exception I'll make is when adding burrata as that doesn't get cooked with the pizza so you can actually taste the difference. Otherwise, any cheese from buffalo milk once melted tastes pretty much like cows milk cheese IMO so not worth the investiment.

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        Can you point me in the direction of the Arrosto and Gasmate ovens? From what I could find they're like 400+. Otherwise there seems to be a Bunnings one for $200

        • I'm about to pull the trigger on the bunnings one, based on @Easy Money comment from another post. Had a look through the FB group and the pizzas look amazing for a fraction of the price!

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            @doink: This discussion was the final bit of convincing I needed to buy in to one

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            @doink: Bought it last night judging by the pure look of the pizzas in the reviews. Worst case I'm only out $200. Seems like the reviews just get better and better, esp if it's got a good rep on ozb

            • @grack: @Easy Money I was all set on the Jumbuck until i read that other thread. Not sure if I should get the kegland 14" for $100 more, but then I'd have to factor in the cost of peel, cutter etc. Hmmm decisions….a couple of inches is always hamdy!

              • @doink: What other thread? If you end up getting it let me know how it goes! I might have to get the turning peel from kegland anyway though

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                  @grack: The one Easy Money linked in reply to my comment.

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                @doink: I was under the exact same thought process as well tossing up between the Bunnings and Kegland 14" and in the end, I decided that the Bunnings cost is enough to consider as 'dip-your-toes-in' money spend(as it had essentially everything I needed to get set up, I only had to buy a turning peel from Amazon for ~$21) and if this "hobby" sticks after a few goes(or a year or two down the track) it would have definitely returned on the investment and I'd be up for spending big for a Koda or something larger/more advanced. So far though, I can say it's already paid off for itself after three weekends of making pizzas for the family- they've been such a hit with everyone that i've even got requests to host a pizza night for overseas guests coming down!

                • @Easy Money: Haha yeah, the ozbargainer in me has me leaning towards the Jumbuck as well. How many pizzas have you knocked out in 1 sitting?

                  • @doink: This deal certainly makes things more complelling


                    I've done about 12 so far as the most in one sitting though it was done more as 8 + 4 serves(after most people were already satisfied and then I wanted to finish up using the rest of the dough and make more for them to bring home). The next round will be preparing close to 2.5 times that amount and I have no worries that it can serve up all at once quite well. It helps having one person doing the pizza prep(ie. Stretching and putting toppings on and another banging it in the oven as you can easily churn them out in under 5 mins per pizza)

              • @doink: Kegland now $50 less… Hmm

      • I bought the gasmate as my first dip into making my own pizzas… I can't say I recommend it. There are some really good things about it but ultimately it struggles to reach/maintain the stone temp where it needs to be IMO.

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        I've eaten many great (and average) Pizza's in my life.

        The best pizza's are wood fired and at 430-480C according to the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (AVPN).

        I've eaten at some AVPN member pizzas and they were fantastic as you'd expect.

        Having said that, I've had some equally good pizza's cooked in an electric oven with the same leopard spot features (e.g. DOC). You'd never know it wasn't from a wood fired oven.

        I've also had some not so good wood fired oven pizza.

        The ingredients and chef makes much more difference than the heat type.

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        If you are getting a "wood fired" or smoky taste from cooking neapolitan pizza then you are just doing it wrong.

        The smoke comes from wet or wood not burning at the right temp.

        Neapolitan pizza cooks in around 90 seconds, so there is literally no time for the smoke to infused into the pizza.

        The tiny bit of ash that is left over from probably the Semolina burning (it burns at a low temp compared to normal flour) it maybe the "wood fired" taste you are thinking of. A decent brush to clean it off between each pizza will help that.

        And yes, I can confirm that from the mouth of the AVPN pizza chef, he says that
        "wood, gas, electric should all get the same results. If you think you can taste smokiness or wood fired in your pizza then you haven't got the oven to the right temp" (pretty much what he said to us. He only speaks Italian so the interpreter in our class said this)

        And yes, any decent Pizza chef will tell you wood fired is the best way. It is the traditional way, but it doesn't mean it's the best way.

    • pellets will give your animal gas

  • I've currently got the Salter (Bunnings) pizza oven and absolutely love it and makes great pizza. Question to those that have the Ooni (pellet type) is it it worth the upgrade? Cheers.

    • +1

      If you want to switch and try wood-fueled, the maybe. Otherwise I wouldn't consider it "an upgrade". Gas is different and lower maintenance.

      • Thanks. The Salter is also pellet fueled, so not worth the spend in this case you think?

        • Oh, I don't know then. I don't know what might be considered an upgrade for a pellet-type ovens, apart from the size and built quality.

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    Where do you keep the thing, does it need to be kept under cover, or is it gonna melt the veranda? Will it last if kept exposed to the sun and rain??

    • Good questions, it's worth noting that after two uses it looks absolutely thrashed. It's very easy to setup and pack down so we stored it in the original box in the shed. We definitely have a few ash marks on the roof of our deck so I would recommend not cooking anywhere undercover. Sun should be fine, rain definitely not!

    • There is a very good bag for it. It's like an elastic cover with a pouch for the chimneys, then with straps and buckles that go under. They claim it's portable and it would be, but I just move it from the back yard to the garage. It packs up very small and easy to transport, highly recommended.

      As for whether it will melt the verandah, I put an old cardboard box under it to be safe, have used it like that on glass and plastic table. On a wood table I'd bet it'd be fine to use without a protective box under.

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    I love my Ooni Koda 16. Pizza turns out as good if not better than a restaurant. About a tenth of the cost too. Probably less. From a $3.50 1kg bag of 00 pizza flour I get 5 x 16 inch pizzas. Add $3 for a can of san marzano tomatos and say $10 for 1kg of mozzarella. So you’re looking at under $20 for 5 pizzas.

    • which flour do you use and where do you buy it?

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          I do poolish with long room and fridge proof, so was looking for strong flour with high protein, can't find many flours unless get from speciality stores eg Caputo chef/cuoco

          • @huntabargain: I’ve watched videos on poolish but haven’t given it a try yet.
            Try the one I sent you. I think you’ll be pleased.

          • @huntabargain: where abouts do you live? I have no trouble finding Caputo Pizzeria flour in Sydney.

            • @educalifa: I live in 2145 code, but bought recently Caputo Saccorosso 5kg bag for $20 from Vegi & Fruit shop in Belfield that I came across by chance.

              • @huntabargain: You can get all Caputo flours from specialty stores online, delivered to your house. I'm in Vic and I think mine comes from somewhere in NSW

              • @huntabargain: I usually get the Caputo Pizzeria from this place:

                It's right next to the Milperra flower power. They have a huge selection of really good cheeses** and etc as well and they're fruit and veggie section is pretty decent too so I usually go and buy quite a few things despite it not being too close to me either (live in Parramatta).

                Please note that when buying Caputo flour, there are 2 kinds they suggest for pizza. The blue is for Neapolitan pizzas and the red is for thin crust pizzas

                • +1

                  @educalifa: They charge same $20 for 5kg bag, same as the store I pass by on Sundays.
                  The red bag is more suitable for longer fermentation (comes in 13%) and blue one for shorter one (I think 11.x%. I usually do 2-4 days in fridge so the red bag suite me more.
                  But I just checked Woollies and found Defiance White Baker's Flour 5kg at $13.5 with 12.5% so might give it try next time when I run out.

                  • +1

                    @huntabargain: Can I please ask what is this % referred to? I am newbie to making pizza at home and would like to learn from someone who is experienced.

                    • @powerful9990: Protein content. Higher protein content is better for pizza dough

                      • @grack: How do you determine these percentages though? Where and what to look for?

                        • @powerful9990: It is on the packet itself, look under ingredients for protein eg 12gm per 100gm.
                          Above 12% would be good.

              • @huntabargain: @huntabargain Natures Best shop? or something else? Also curious how you store it given 5kg? New to this here…cheers!

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