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12 Month Expiry Plans: 150GB for $130 (Was $170), 200GB for $170 (Was $220) @ amaysim


Great value here being offered by amaysim.

Don't forget to stack with cashback!

Everyone always waits for a year-long deal so here it is. While it is certainly no half-price, I reckon it’s nearly as good.


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This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • Thanks OP

    • +6

      As I have been saying all of last week….wait till this week

      But no Amaysim bargain 60GB plan unfortunately.
      Looks like its gone forever.
      So if you have this plan and have a Renewal incentive, take it!

      Looks like CatchConnect still has the cheapest Annual plans across the board
      60GB for $89
      120GB for $109
      200GB for $150
      These prices good till 28/11/23


      • can i port from amaysim [optus as well]?

        • Yes you can port to catchconnect from any MVNO as well as Optus.
          But I find Amaysim much better all round.

          No unused data rollover with CatchConnect
          Its a "no frill" basics plan

      • +1

        Kogan has a cheaper plan for 120GB at $100 though it is on the Vodaphone Network.

      • I have the 60GB, runs out in Jan. Do you know if they will send a renewal for 60GB or will I have to upgrade to higher data?

        • Just check the "Auto renew" Option

  • +2

    meh deal. Waiting for CB to be increased, currently $14 from SB.

  • $35 cash back @shopback for the 120GB plan

    • Is that yearly or monthly?

      • Monthly. The yearly plan cashback is only $14.

    • cashback is currently not avaiable via shopback for amaysim

  • note that it uses optus network

  • +3

    I need only 60gb for a year.. please cheaper plan….

    • +1


      • i was on the catch $90 plan and it just recently expired, have not activated a new plan with anyone, am i still considered a catch member?

        • get a free Optus sim and transfer there, then back to CatchConnect.
          Been done many times here on OB to chase bargain plans

          • @Amayzingone: How do you transfer to Optus SIM without paying for a plan, and then port back to your preferred provider?

            • @djoz: freesimcards.com.au i believe, there's a thread on here: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/638064 however it seems like optus now requires you to top up to activate

              • +1

                @dustau: Yes, it does need a plan to activate. Hence, was wondering what would be the cheapest option to port out and back in.

    • In the app there's a $60/365 days talk/text plan … given I still have about 120GB left from the 180GB plan (plus the 60GB until the end of the year), could I roll over my data into that plan and just live off it for a year?

      • I think you will lose the data.

        • Yep for sure if it's a call/txt plan

      • +2

        Amaysim allows Data Banking as long as you stay on the 'same plan'. Also, when you try to change plan, it will alert you with a message stating if your Data Bank will be reset to 0 GB.

  • Hmm weird on shopback app I can see $35 cashback on 60gb long expiry plans but when I click it says not available and I can't find this plan on amaysim website?

  • No international call for 150GB plan

  • +1

    I take it these are for new customers only and not recharges? Didn't realise that Amaysim have gotten rid of the 60gb plan, can’t get it back if you upgrade to bigger plans…

    • Thats correct
      So best to just renew, especially if you have a renewal inentive from amaysim

  • +7

    Pretty bad deal tbh. Last year I got $100 for 180GB plan with 12 months expiry and unlimited international calls.

    • Yes, and for a tiny 30 minute window, the CR was at $35, before they adjusted it to $17.50. Best mobile deal ever

    • In the last 12 months all plans have increased dramatically - especially those based on Telstra network
      The Cheap plans are being removed all together.

      I suggest you stop complianing and grab what you can right now.

      Catchconnect has the BEST DEALS right now


      • -1

        So foolish to neg vote the obvious

        You cant change the facts by neg voting.

  • well, this might help for those don't like optus, and ok with vodaphone. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/811579
    have to point out that vodafone charge $8 for porting out. so add that into the total cost.

    • -2

      Dont like optus? LOL LOL LOL LOL

      Vodafone is down the dumps….Never !
      But if you must then KoganMobile usually has the best deals

      Telstra based annual plans start at $170 @ Woolworths

    • +1

      They have port out fee? I ported out to Boost from Voda and was not charged anything.

      • TPG do, not Vodafone.. how do you find boost over voda?

        • Depending on your location. Mine does not have any difference between the two carriers.

    • vodafone only charges $8 port out fee on postpaid, not prepaid

  • Close to $100 would be a deal

  • when I go via shopback, I get this error. https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/424371/108506/screensh…

  • Unrelated but I can't find 60gb plan on Coles mobile website anymore? It was on special few weeks ago

    • Unfortunately, they removed it. Just like other MVNOs that have started increasing their prices.

      • WHAAAAA? This was going to be my go-to plan after my current plan expires.
        I dont prefer Catch Connect as they do not have International calling included :-(

        • Same here. Duh I should have bought that Coles….
          So what now my friend? My boost ends in a week

          • @CyberMurning: You may try finding this at a local Woolies Store:

            This has international calls included and is often at special at $99 with 2000 Everyday Reward Points. However, it depends if your local Woolies has stock.

            • @djoz: I've been to 4 Woolies this week in search of the $119 for 12 months pack and none of them have it. They only had $149 and $165 packs.

              • @dhore: Same. Went to Woolies to buy the $165 pack as they are on sale, and after bonus points and other promo, got it for around $100. So the best option now.

  • +5

    Probably the most disappointing Black Friday deal they've had in years.
    Was really hoping for 50% off plans similar to previous deals. But this, is Bah Humbug 😔

    • +1

      Not Friday yet hoping they do a 50% off

      • Mmm, I'd hope so, but their website already says:
        The Black Friday squeeze continues with up to 60% off selected SIM plans plus more amayzing deals.

  • Is there a certain time period the sim needs to be activated by? Can't seem to find it on the T&Cs
    Currently with boost but that doesn't expire until mid Dec

    • Same question but for eSIM please, if anyone knows. Live chat is not very helpful.

  • +2

    very mid deal comapred to last year dissapointed tbh

  • So chances of them letting me renew an existing SIM with the 150GB for $130 offer? I have a couple expiring tomorrow…

  • Has anyone here called and negotiated to reduce the price of renewal?

    • I tried, no go. They said renewal was at full price.
      So, porting out to a $5 SIM for a week then porting back in for the cheaper option + cashback.

  • +1

    Any chance we'll get a better deal or some cashback in the next 1-2 weeks? Thinking about the 12-month plan with international calling, and it looks like amaysim is the go-to for Optus Full MVNO, right?

    • I think Coles Mobile are doing 160GB for $125 with calls to the usual 15 countries for 12 months. It's in the next catalogue so probably available from Wednesday onwards.

  • Signed up to a 12 month $100 sim (with $20ish cashback) for 180GB this time last year and need to renew.

    Amaysim emailed me an offer to stay with them for $150 for 230GB.
    This a good deal cos no cashback? Used 170GB last 12 months.


  • -3

    Neg for its optus network

  • Tried to activate a new $2 sim but these two long expiry offers are showing full price. Other 28 day offers are available at discounted prices.

  • Still waiting for the Black Friday sales O.o

    • Black Friday 2024 … :(

    • +1

      The Woolies Amaysim is the best this Black Friday, I believe. $100 for 140GB, including international call and text.

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