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Samsung 512GB EVO Plus Micro SD Memory Card/W Adapter, $39 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $59 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Amazon price beat the bad guys. @$39 is great price

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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    No deal with the 256gb version?

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    Bloody hell, when did Amazon go from $39 to $59 for free delivery?

    • +7

      They did it mid 2023 when they up their prime membership cost

      • +3

        Jeff Bezos must be going through tough times to almost double the price. That poor guy.

        • +1

          He lost $150 billion in his divorce, so…

    • +1

      I had the same shock too just now,
      as I'm not a Prime member.

      ( I don't like this idea of subscribing,
      but I had to join eBay Plus,
      for their FVF selling perks )

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    Any deals on the endurance version? Need for dash cam

    • +1

      you don't have to use endurance, i had an unknow brand card in the dash cam for over 5 years now, still no sign of dead. samsung should doing better.

      • What dashcam is that ie brand and model would be helpful.

      • +1

        Depends on camera I think. Our 4K cam lasts like 2 ish years before the card dies (non endurance).

        • +1

          Also, endurance cards have better grade NAND, which should handle extreme heat better. For my use case I.e. car parked in garage, 2 hours of driving a day; the EVO plus should last ~ 10 years. That's based on assumption of 200 PE cycle.

          Get endurance if parked in heat, or 24/7 recording is my recommendation

      • It is more a bet that an accurate advice. When thousand of dollars are involved, you won't to be 100% sure that you can count on your sd card for not displaying grey pixel just at the wrong time.
        This why, first get a branded for a trustful manufacturer. Then endurance if you want to afford even more safety.

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    Is this good for switch?

  • Can this be used in GoPro or DJI pocket ?

    • yes

  • +6

    Samsung's EVO series (white) are no longer the same like the orange colored EVO microsd card in terms of value to performance ratio as they now have Pro Plus and Pro Ultimate series. They might have improved the read speed but write speed seems to have taken a hit, durability/data integrity might be more of a concern as well. I'm not sure about the details but it has something to do with the 3D V6 NAND used for the manufacturing of these microsd. As usual always have a backup.

    • +6

      Yes these standard cards have been shrinkflated

      Comment from previous deal confirmed the blue PRO Plus cards have better quality NAND

      These cards are still OK for secondary phone storage but skip for anything intensive

      Are there any differences in longevity between (the white Evo and blue PRO Plus)?

      Yes. The white Evo card uses 3D v6 136L NAND, this NAND is infamous for 0E data corruption issue in late batch Samsung SSDs.
      The Pro Plus uses 3D V5 92L NAND, this one has no widespread 0E issue to date. I'd say the small difference of money well spend for perceived data safety, and also for peace of mind

  • Will this be alright for cameras like a7iii?

    • +3

      Yes and no.
      Yes you can use it with A7iii or any other DSLR. No as in, it's read write speed might slow you down.. eg: if you take high speed shots for a few seconds, it will take some time for the card to catchup to the pictures. No big deal for me, but for some it might be a pain.

      • Thank you. I'd assume it will be worse for videos

        • +3

          I've never had any issues on 4k 30, s-log 100mbps.. (on my A7C). Although I only shoot small bursts, maybe a few minutes at a time max.

          • @FrugalFranky: I'll probably just get the sandisk extreme pro then. Thanks

            • +3

              @Bjay: The SanDisk Extreme Pro performs almost identically to the Samsung EVO in a Sony RX100 VII, A7IV, A6700, A1. It is very likely it will operate the same in whatever camera you have because they use a proprietary protocol to achieve their advertised speeds which most devices will not recognise.

      • is it just for this card or for micro cards in general? thanks

      • In camera it operates at the same speeds as any other V30 card (including the full size SanDisk Extreme Pro V30 SD SDSDXXD-256G-GN4IN). If you want faster performance you need much more expensive V60/V90/CFExpress cards.

        Unless you are using the UHS-II slot (AND not shooting redundant) these cards operate at the fastest speeds that an A7 III will take.

  • Long shot but had anyone used a Samsung card on a hacked Vita?

    • Not quite a Vita but I have been using a 256 GB Samsung Evo Plus and 128 GB Pro Plus in my Miyoo Mini (game console) without any issues.
      Good performance and no complaints really!

    • Yes. Why does brand matter?

      • Reports have come back to not use them but the information is a couple years old.

    • +1

      I'm gonna guess you were downvoted by someone who doesn't understand why you're asking what you're asking, but for what it's worth I've been using a white Samsung Evo Plus 256GB microSD card (2021 models apparently) in my Vita 2000 since I picked it up last year and haven't had any major issues.

      • I have the original phat OLED version. Well if it's good for yours then I'll be getting one myself.

        128gb just ain't big enough these days.

    • +1

      Literally bought this exact one last week (overpaid) for my SD2Vita. No issues.

      • Sweet, that's good news for me.

        Vita is a killer with sd2vita.

  • Just ordered one, thanks.

  • Great price. Thinking of using these for my upcomming Sony A7R. Don't do burst and don't do video, but if I did the SD would only need a bitrate of 100Mbit/s. Need 2TB.

  • BOOM!

  • Just found an unopened 256gb from the last deal haha… Do I need a 512gb to sit in the drawer next to it 🤔

  • Showing for me as $45 now

  • now it's $45 , not sure I want buy at that price when I don't really need it, but I would've bought at $39

    • +1

      Back at 39

      • thanks i got one

        • Easy as mate, discounts ftw

  • She is back at 39

  • purchased for $39 will put in my phone thanks.

  • Still $39

  • Seems OOS for me this evening, only a $50ish option

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