Cubo Ai Plus 1080p HD Smart Baby Monitor with Wall Mount, $215 Delivered (RRP $329) @ Cubo


The price advertised is $230, but you can get $15 off for signing up for their newsletter, or just use the code here.

Note that they have a number of different mounting options, and $215.00 covers just the basic wallmount. There's a 3 mount kit that includes a freestanding mount, mobile mount, and crib mount. That's a little more expensive but the code brings it down to $334.00:

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  • stick to a Tapo C210 or similar for less than $50

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      Completely different product with different feature sets for a completely different use case. Not a direct comparison

      • +1

        Just offering an alternative to overpriced baby monitors

        I used the tapo since newborn

        It also does have some baby monitoring features, crying, motion detection.

        Plus you can just use it as a normal camera later on.

      • It’s not that “completely different” like you said, the C210 is actually much clearer and comes with baby crying detection + motion detection which are the key features for a baby cam anyway. Not to mention only 1/4 or the price so you can buy multiple C210

        • Yes and there are even cheaper cameras than the C210 with lesser image quality if you'd like to go even cheaper. I'm sure you could get by on the C210 just fine, but there are many features that set the Cubo apart as a purpose made baby monitor.

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            @Arty.R: I’m saying that those “extra” features you mentioned don’t justify the premium price for such a low 1080p image quality. But it’s up to each one to determine what they perceive as value and desirable features. I’m just saying that C210 is not that “completely” different than this one because in the end they are both just a camera at their core.

    • Uk version is $39.31 at the moment for Black Friday, though would need an adaptor. It's advertised in this link as a baby monitor…

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    I just got this for my newborn and 6 weeks in its great. However, if you have an old ipad or something you want to use this on, the app wont work on older devices that cant have a certain level of software. However we use my old andriod and its amazing. The best thing is the notifications with facecover. It detects it really accurately and actually last night, it alerted us that our daughter had pulled something up to her mouth.
    Defintely get the proper stand. Its annoying that its $$ but you dont want this to be bound to your wall, as makes positioning hard. Also, babies will face the light, and to avoid flatspots you want to move it to the other side of the crib to make them change the way they sleep.
    Its nightvision is also fantastic, and being able to check it anywhere is great. However if does use wifi, so if your connection sucks, then thats an issue.

    • Did you get the smart sleep pad or not yet? Hoping to hear a perspective on it

      • No, cause we were lent a Snoo. And apparently that will cause an issue. Although it might not. TBH i would like the sleep pad for peace of mind, as i get paranoid and go check on her to hear her breathing at least twice a week.
        If anyone has experience with the combo of pad + snoo that would be great to know

  • I am pretty keen on this but can't wall mount in a rental….
    Also still waiting on hopeful $150 deal again…

    • -1

      3m strips to mount to the cot direct ;)

  • Get from Amazon instead of direct. Better warranty procedures

  • Went through a few baby monitors till i got to the Cubo, definitely the best, just works.

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